"Kami, what's the matter?"

"I sense 4 large power levels heading towards the planet at this very moment."

"Who are they?"

"Their probably the race called the Sayains."

"What's so special about these Sayains?"

"These beings are very powerful, and live on training and fighting all day. They take over planets to sell and/or make new homes for races that have no home or have the highest bid."

"How come there are only 4 of them coming?"

"Because their home planet was blown up by some unknown force. We need to get everyone ready because this is going to be one of the hardest fights we've ever fought."

"How much time do we have to prepare for them?"

"I estimate we have about two years to prepare for people who have power levels over 9000."

"Want me to go get everyone to the lookout as soon as possible?"

"Yes, I'll go tell Mr. Po Po to gather everyone up here, and you go find all the dragonballs so they are protected from the enemy."

"Yes master."

The Female now flew off the lookout in search of the dragonballs. The young teenager first had to find Bulma for the radar.


As the yellow cloud scooped down she jumped on top of it and flew off towards West City. Her black raven hair wiping past her. The turtle hermit sign on the back of her gear.

The young heroine's name is...


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