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Liv paced back and forth in her room, finding herself with too much extra energy. A medium sized canvas messenger bag sat at the foot of her bed; in it were the clothes she was taking back in time along with money, a pair of heels and the knife Two-Bit had given her. She'd wanted to take back a photo with her for sentimental reasons but it would be difficult to explain exactly what it was if she got caught with it.

Liv sat back down on her bed with a 'humph!' She'd been trying to get to sleep for hours but she was too excited. Nerves were racing up and down her spine as she fidgeted with her hands, unable to sit still.

She was dressed in her normal pajamas so that if her father checked on her, as he was known to do, he wouldn't find her in some odd 1960's dress, if he did he'd probably have a heart attack, considering the clothes she'd found in Messer's mom's attic weren't exactly appropriate. Messer disapproved, he thought she should sleep in one of the dresses so that they would be prepared.

Liv grabbed the bag and shoved it under her covers before determinedly marching out to the living room where her father sat in his favorite chair. Liv pulled her sleeve down to hide her injured knuckles from her father, wanting to avoid an explanation.

Pony look up at his daughter as she entered the room, "I thought you went to bed early," he said suspiciously.

Liv shrugged, "I can't sleep."

Liv took a seat in the chair beside her father. In Pony's hands was an old worn paperback. Liv knew exactly what it was but asked anyway, "What are you reading?"

Her father smiled, it was an old familiar smile that made Liv grin along with him, "Gone With The Wind," he told her. Liv felt a deep pang in her chest when she recalled the note Johnny left in the other copy she'd found, the one that was now hidden with her albums.

Liv smiled and took a deep breath and leaned back in her chair, motioning for her father to continue. Pony did, reading the book aloud for Liv like he did when she was younger. Liv found herself nearly drifting off to the soothing sound of her father's voice.

Realizing that now would probably be a good time to make her exit she bid her father a good night and left the room.

When she entered her bedroom she threw herself down on the mattress. She had barely mumbled a prayer before she was out.


Liv strode into the airport with the confidence only achieved when one knew where one was going without needing to be told. She caught up with Messer lounging on the uncomfortable airline chairs, their ghostly pals were nowhere in sight.

Messer looked up when he saw her coming, "Liv! Where have you been? I've been waiting for, like, hours! Letsgoletsgoletgo!"

Liv smiled, Messer had the enthusiasm of a young child on their first visit to Disney Land.

Liv gripped the canvas bag that she just noticed was slung across one shoulder. She stared at the door; a sense of foreboding mixed with excitement at the prospect of the looming adventure mingled in her chest.

Nodding to Messer the two approached the door cautiously, well Liv did at least. Messer flung the door open and Liv flinched at the bright light that assaulted her retinas. Messer's hand gripped her wrist tightly as he flung both of them through the door and into the world beyond.


Liv stumbled into the darkness; the first thing she noticed was the smell. The stench of anxiety that filled the airport was replaced with the unmistakable scent of fresh, cold, night air.

Messer came stumbling out beside her. Liv listened to leaves crunch under his feet as he moved through the darkness.

"Where are we?" He hissed.

"Hell if I know, that's' your job," Liv muttered back.

Messer took a few steps forward before muttering, "Ah-hah!" Liv didn't know what got him so excited; it was all pitch darkness to her.

"We're in the woods by the park!" He told her excitedly.

"What? What park? The one by my house?" Liv asked.

"Yeah, the one with the fountain!" Liv's stomach dropped with dread.

"The fountain? Where they try to drown my dad?"

Messer didn't have time to answer before she was off, sprinting to the source that her troubled mind.

"Liv!" Messer hollered after her.

Liv spotted the fountain through the trees coming to an abrupt halt at the tree line. Messer caught up with her quickly, he was huffing and puffing and Liv felt a split second of guilt at making her friend rush after her.

Messer grabbed her arm and yanked her back into the cover of the trees, "They're not there!" He told her, for a second Liv was terrified that it was too late, that they had missed the fight and Johnny and Dally and Bob would die all over again (or technically for the first time), but when she looked closer there was no tell-tale blood stain on the dirty cement, nor were there any signs of a recent scuffle taking place.

"So…where are they?" Liv asked.

Messer made a sound of impatience in the back of his throat, "I think we're a day early, remember that's what Johnny told us might happen?" Liv didn't actually but she refused to voice her ignorance, "I think, I think it's late." Messer muttered.

Well, duh, Liv thought. She could've figured that out. She could hardly see five feet in front of her. She turned to inspect Messer, there was just enough light to see his face and notice that something was missing, "Messer! Your bruises! They-they're gone!"

Messer lifted his hand to his eye, and where ugly purple bruises had taken up residence on his face earlier that day there was now only smooth, unbroken, creamy caramel skin.

He touched his skin cautiously, expecting there to be some type of tenderness but there was only the slight pressure of his fingers, "Wow, you're right!"

Liv rolled her eyes, "Uh duh!" She said, "Didn't Dally tell us the bruises would be gone? Or was that the airport lady?"

Messer ignored her comment, "How's your hand?" He asked.

Liv had completely forgotten her own injury, mostly because she couldn't feel a thing. She lifted it to her face and scrutinized it; her skin was as pale as ever, no bright res gash mauled her knuckles.

"Huh," she said, "neat!"

Messer now rolled his eyes at Liv.

Messer sighed, "Alright, that's really cool but now I think we need to find our home base." Agreed, her body was feeling strangely tired. Maybe traveling through time took up a lot of energy. She remembered Dally telling them about and abandoned house on Picket Street. Messer turned and set out in what she assumed was the right direction.

"Wait!" Liv called. Messer stopped and turned around. He watched Liv dig through her bag for a few moments until she pulled out a wicked looking black switchblade.

Liv flipped it open and slashed the air a few times until she felt comfortable holding it. It was too bad she didn't get any lessons on how to use it properly. Oh well, she figured, how hard could it be? Point, stab, rip, tare, blood. Right.

"Where did you get that?" Messer appeared as awestruck at the blade as she had been.

"My uncle Two-Bit gave it to me!" Liv announced proudly.

"That's Two-Bit's blade? The one he carried when he was a kid? The one Dallas Winston used?" Messer practically vibrated with excitement.

Liv grinned, "Cool, right?"

Messer smiled then raised an eyebrow, "What are you going to do with it?"

Liv shrugged, "I figured I'd get it out in case we ran into anyone on the way to the house."

Messer eyed her disapprovingly, "We're not here to kill people, Liv! We're supposed to be saving them!"

"It's just for protection! You don't have a blade?" She asked skeptically.

Messer sniffed, "I do. But I know how to use mine! Put that thing away!"

Liv rolled her eyes, "It's just in case, better safe than sorry!"

Messer rolled his eyes but realized that he would not win this fight, Liv was obviously fascinated by her blade, "Alright, whatever. C'mon Batgirl."

The walk was quick; the house was near the park. Liv was happy when they reached the front door, realizing that she was still in her pajamas. The house wasn't much, one bedroom, bathroom small kitchen and living room. There was a quaint porch but she doubted they could use it, no need to broadcast their use of the abandoned house.

Liv set her bag down in the bedroom, Messer decided that as the man he should take the old couch in the living room. The bed was far from glamorous, the blanket was rotting and the pillows smelled like moth balls but it was a roof over her head and besides, Liv didn't plan to be here for long.

Liv laid down on the mattress, exhaustion taking over her body. She guessed it was around 2 am, but if her real body in her real time was asleep why was she feeling tired? She contemplated the confusing pieces of time travel that she knew about until finally her over worked brain drifted off to sleep.


Messer lay on the couch, his eyelids drooping. He'd wanted to stay awake and keep watch but somehow his body seemed to realize that it was 2 am in this world. He quickly lost his battle with the sand man, not even his excitement at the idea of meeting his idols tomorrow could keep him up.

Messer smiled; an awesome new friend, and an amazing adventure ahead of him. He knew it'd be dangerous but he felt confident that he was ready for anything!

Hey I hope you like this chapter. Guess who they're meeting tomorrow? Guess! You're right! THE GANG!