A/N: This takes place after they run Katniss up a tree.

"Where are you going?" A hand grips on her arm and Clove turns to see Cato glaring down at her. He's obviously still upset over not being able to kill Katniss right away. It was an easy shot, Clove thinks. She could have made it with one of her knives, but Cato wanted to be the one to kill the Girl on Fire.

"I'm going to pee." Clove shrugs away from his hold. Her eyes dart back to the bushes where beyond they've set up camp. She looks back at Cato and asks coolly. "Why did you follow me?" She wonders if he still doubts her abilities. If he doesn't trust her. The first sign of betrayal from him in Clove's eyes and he's dead. She's already annoyed by the way he's so friendly with the District 1 girl.

At first Cato shrugs. He places his hands on his hips, glancing upwards to the sky in a brief moment, then his blue eyes are back on Clove. "The others are still out there. That District 11 boy. You shouldn't be sneaking off alone."

"I wasn't sneaking!" There's an extra bitterness in her words to mask the surprise she feels. Cato cares about her safety. He doesn't want her to get killed. Not yet anyway. "Besides, like I said, I'm just going to pee. I didn't think I needed to make an announcement about that." Clove's voice lowers as she continues to speak. Cato's right. Even though they are the Careers, even though as an alliance they are strong, there are still things out in the woods to be feared. She supposes. Clove's never spent a lot of time out in the great outdoors.

Cato laughs softly, but he's not smiling. He stands there watching Clove. He does not make a move to go.

"So… do you want to come watch me pee?" she asks after a long pause.

"Do you want me to?" he asks. A cheeky smirk appears on his lips.

Fighting back the urge to laugh, and thankful for the darkness that hides the blush in her cheeks, Clove shakes her head. "No." She makes a face of disgust and walks off into the bushes. Glancing over her shoulder once, she can see Cato is still standing there, watching her disappear into the shadows. "Don't look!" she hisses.

Cato turns around and Clove disappears.

When she's back from peeing, she meets up with Cato in the same place she left him. For a moment, neither say anything, then she says, "Thanks."

He shrugs and in silence they head back to the others.