Here's my submission for the CCOAC OC challenge!

My chosen character: Jennifer Jareau

My assigned OC: Cecilia Montgomery – a team member's sister (not JJ)

AN – My first challenge! Little nervous... I did my best with the "toddler speak." I based it off of my four year old cousin... anyways, enjoy! Oh, and all italics are thoughts :)

Chapter 1

Cecilia Montgomery sat unnoticed on the edge of the BAU bullpen, watching the agents interact with one another. The banter between the muscular one, Derek Morgan, the quirky one, Penelope Garcia, and the down-to-earth one, Emily Prentiss, was entertaining to say the least. However, one agent in particular held her attention frequently. Dr. Spencer Reid, her older brother. Not that he knew she existed. Heck, William Reid didn't know she existed, his own daughter! Cecilia's mother told Cecilia how William had abandoned Spencer, and how she didn't want the same fate for her little girl. Cecilia was interrupted in her thoughts as a new agent walked into the bullpen. The blonde had an easygoing, but focused demeanor. Cecilia managed to get a look at the blonde's ID, and discovered that the agent's name was Jennifer Jareau.

"Hey, Spence!" Jennifer said, heading to Spencer's desk. Cecilia was incredulous.

This Agent Jareau has a nickname for my brother? She thought to herself.

"Hi, JJ!" Spencer said happily. Their eyes met.

Cecilia was floored. The moment their eyes met, it was like a tidal wave of emotions made itself known. The frontrunners were most certainly love and longing.

Oh, my god. They LOVE each other. But they're afraid of breaking the rules. This will not do. I'm going to have to intervene if this keeps up.

"We have a case." Penelope said, ending the moment. The agents went into the conference room at the top of the stairs. Two more agents joined them. Cecilia recognized them as the famous author David Rossi and the ever stoic Aaron Hotchner.

As Penelope Garcia presented the case, Cecilia couldn't help but be amazed at what these people saw on a daily basis. She knew she wouldn't be able to handle it, the bodies, the gore, any of it. To make things worse, this case involved children. By the looks on the agents' faces, cases with children affected them too. She did notice that JJ and Agent Hotchner seemed to be affected more. Unable to stand any more of the horror, Cecilia slipped out of the conference room and into Agent Hotchner's office, she saw many awards and trophies, most of them in marksmanship. On his desk, however, was a picture of Agent Hotchner and a small boy, at a birthday party. Cecilia realized that Agent Hotchner had two versions of himself; tough-as-nails Agent Hotchner and doting father.

What about the boy's mother?

Cecilia was interrupted once again as the briefing seemed to be over, as all of the agents left the conference room, except for JJ. Curious, Cecilia went in to hear JJ talking on speakerphone.

"I'm sorry Henry. I know you wanted to go to the park this weekend."

"It otay, mommy. You an 'Pence haf to get the bad guys. We go when you come bat [back]." a child's voice came through the speaker.

"I love you, buddy. You be good for Grandma Sandy, okay?"

"Otay, Mommy. I wuv you. You tell 'Pence I wuv him too?"

"Of course, bud. I've got to go now. Bye."

"Bye Mommy."

JJ has a son! Who is obviously familiar with Spencer, but doesn't call him Daddy. Hmmm...

JJ hung up the phone, feeling a presence by the door. She turned around, but there was no one there. As JJ left the conference room, Spencer walked up to her.

"How did Henry take it?"

"Pretty well. He knows we have to catch the bad guys. He says he loves you, by the way."

"I'll call him later. How is he doing with everything else?"

"Better. He doesn't mention Will anymore. He kept having nightmares about the day Will put me in the hospital, but they're few and far between now."

"How are you doing?"

"Day by day, Spence. You of all people know that even though bruises fade, the injury still exists."

Well, that complicates things. She's guarded because the last guy she was with beat her up. My brother, ever the gentleman, is willing to wait until she's ready.

Agent Hotchner came into the bullpen and said

"Wheels up in ten."

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