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Chapter 2

The jet ride was uneventful, save for a little turbulence. JJ was glad, though, when the jet finally touched down. She had felt like she was being watched the entire way.

Stop it, Jareau. There's no one there. Keep thinking like this and everyone will think you've lost it. Stop talking to yourself!

JJ made her way off the plane and into a waiting SUV. As the team arrived at the precinct, Hotch gave the team orders.

"JJ and Emily, start working on a preliminary profile. Reid, start working on the geographical profile. Rossi, set up communication with Garcia. Morgan, come with me to the latest crime scene."

As the team set about their tasks, JJ once again felt like she was being watched.

This is ridiculous. Stop being paranoid!

What JJ didn't know was that Cecilia was standing directly behind her, unseen by everyone.

Cecilia laughed when she saw JJ look around to try to find who was staring at her.

If she could ever see me, we would have a huge problem. I'm surprised that Agent Prentiss hasn't noticed me as well... she must be distracted by something.

Suddenly, Emily ran from the room they were using as a command center and into the bathroom, with JJ worriedly following close behind. Cecilia followed and was met by the sight of JJ holding Emily's hair as she was violently sick.

Poor Emily. Thank God I can't smell.

Finally, Emily seemed to have expelled all of the contents of her stomach.

"Em, what's going on?" JJ asked

"Jayje, I..." Emily seemed at a loss for words.

"What is it Em?"

"I'm pregnant."

I would call that a pretty big distraction. This team seems to ooze drama.

JJ couldn't believe what she had just heard

"You're WHAT?"

"Pregnant, Jayje. You know, knocked up, bun in the oven, pregnant."

"I know what pregnant is, thank you. I have a kid at home. I'm just... shocked. I didn't know you were dating. Who's the father?"

"Well, at least I know you'll approve of him. You did tell me to go out with him on several occasions. I'll give you a hint. He has an accent to die for!"

"I have no clue who you're talking about!"

"JJ, it's..."


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