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Cecilia could only watch in horror as JJ dove in front of Emily, the first bullet tearing through the blonde's chest. Thomas fires a second time, striking JJ in the abdomen. Emily fired her gun, and hit Thomas directly in the head.

"JJ!" Emily screamed, dropping to her knees beside the fallen blonde.

"Officer Down! I need a medic!" Emily yelled into her radio as she tried to put pressure on both of the gunshot wounds.

Reid and Morgan worked their way through the building, checking every room to see if they could apprehend Keegan Thomas. They had made it halfway down a hallway, when gunshots rang out above them. Emily's scream made their hearts stop.

Reid ran faster than he had in his life. He bounded up the stairs and past an officer carrying a young girl, who was thankfully alive. He ran into the room, and his heart shattered. Emily was on her knees sobbing, but that wasn't what shattered him. Emily was trying to stop the large amounts of blood flowing from JJ's body.

"NOOOOO!" He yelled, scrambling over to where JJ lay. He put his hands on JJ's chest, desperate to keep her alive.

"Emily, keep pressure on her stomach." He instructed, knowing that his voice betrayed his emotion.

Finally, a medic ran into the room. He bandaged JJ as best he could, then got her onto the stretcher.

"We need to move quickly. Who is riding with her?"

"I am." Reid said as her ran alongside the stretcher. As they climbed into the ambulance, JJ regained semi-consciousness.


"Hang on, Jayje. You're going to be okay. Just stay with me."

"Is... Emily... okay?"

"She's fine. You saved her."

"Tell... her... she... needs... to call... Clyde..."

"Jayje, it's okay. Save your energy."

"I'm... sorry..." JJ's eyes closed.

"JJ? JJ!"

The heart monitor connected to JJ emitted a single tone.

And Spencer Reid's world crashed down around him.

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