Fairy tales cliché: Cinderella

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So as the title says, this is Cinderella, from this time-ish, young justice style.






New pot


It had become a pattern to Artemis. She was on her hands knees cleaning big and little pots and plates in the basement.

Tired, she leaned back on her knees and blew some hair out of her eyes. She looked around the basement. It was dark, dank, and dirty. And she was pretty sure there were some rats living by the bed in the corner.

Yes, you heard right. Bed. This was her part time 'room'. If you can call it that. She scoffs, and remembers the first time sleeping here, how scared she was, of all the sounds, and how cold it was. She shivers, remembering.

Then a voice snaps her out of her thoughts. "ARTEMIS! I need you up here, NOW!" she groaned and slowly got up to her feet.

It was her sister, jade, who was always bugging her to do her chores.

She walked up the steps in her bare feet, staring at her hole ridden shorts.

She was greeted at the top of the stairs by jade, who was applying on make up by looking in a compact mirror.

Artemis watched jade, waiting for her to tell her what to do.

Although she was sorely tempted to smash jades hand that was holding the lipstick onto her face.

She snickered.

That would be funny!

But then that would mean either another night in the basement, or getting beat by her dad again.

He always treasured jade over her the most. Jade had long, beautiful thick black hair, and slanted black exotic eyes, like hers. Her skin was tan, and she had full lips. So all in all, you could call jade pretty.

Her thoughts were interrupted by jade snapping her compact mirror shut, noticing artemis there.

"finally! You should really get in shape. Anyways, I need you to clean the living room. My…science partner…. Is coming over." And by science partner, she means date.


"good. Call me when he arrives." And with that, jade rushed to the bathroom to most likely curl her hair.

Artemis went back down stairs, grabbed the cleaning supplies, and climbed back upstairs. She started brooming the floor. She let her mind wander, as her body went on auto pilot after having done this so many times.

Today was a Sunday night, which meant tomorrow meant back to school, which equaled more homework.

She groaned.

was so uptight, and he wasn't scared to hand out detentions.

"artemis," someone breathed on her. She jumped and turned around, only to see her dad, frowning. "what are you doing? You still have the dishes to clean."

"yes. But jade wanted me to clean the living room for her…science….partner when he comes over. And you always tell me to do what jade says because she's older!" she found herself reacquainted with her father's fist.

"don't. use that tone with me, little girl. Finish up with this, do your normal chores, and then start cleaning the garage, as an added bonus." He walked off, with artemis glaring at him, gritting her teeth.

"don't. use that tone with me, little girl. Finish up with this, do your normal chores, then start cleaning the garage, as an added bonus." Artemis mimicked. She walked over to the kitchen, filled up the bucket with water, poured in some soap and started mopping.

Who'd be the lucky guy this time? Artemis mused, absent mindedly mopping the floor. Maybe it'll be that one jock guy, # 23. jade had brought home more than once. Yes, artemis had kept count of the boys. Right now, it was 41, if he hasn't come by before. Now she started drying the floor. Or that one cute brunette…though he most likely got eliminated when he kept burping. Maybe that one blond-


The doorbell rang, and Artemis peeked out the window, seeing someone standing on the doorstep.


"ANSWER THE DOOR THEN!" she called back.

Artemis quickly picked up the cleaning supplies, and shoved them in a nearby closet.

She hastily walked over to the door, while retying her pony tail.

"Hello?" On the door step stood a red head with stunning green eyes. That was the first thing you noticed.

"Oh! The mail man." She joked. He just looked at her strangely.

"I was joking. But let me guess. You're jade's da-"

"Jade's friend! Her friend." Jade cut in between them, stepping in front of Artemis.

"Artemis! Stop being so rude, and let the boy in!" jade smiled flirtingly and rolled her eyes. "Sorry about that. That's my younger sister, Artemis. Artemis? Don't you have something to do?" that was her cue to leave, and do her chores.

"yeah, yeah. Well, enjoy your…date." She smirked and left, going back to the basement.


He had been partnered with, jade for science class.

It wasn't that unexpected.

The most popular guy, with the most popular girl.

So here he was, standing on the front of her door step, ringing her doorbell.

The door opened, revealing a girl, a pretty girl, none the less. He didn't think he saw her in school. Maybe he has the wrong house?

"hello?" he mentally kicked himself. He was known for being smooth, and all he can say is hello?

"oh! You're the mail man!" was she serious? Did he have a mail suit on or something? Well. That explained why he hasn't seen her before. She must've been held back!

Then her face changed from a surprised expression, to a smirk.

"I was joking! But let me guess. You are jade's da-"

"jade's friend! Her friend." Jade cut in between them, stepping in front of the girl. "Artemis!" ah… so that was her name. really…unique. "Stop being so rude, and let the boy in!" jade smiled flirtingly at him, and rolled her eyes.

"Sorry about that. That's my younger sister, Artemis. Artemis? Don't you have something to do?" jade turned to Artemis, giving her a look.

"Yeah, yeah. Well, enjoy your…date." She smirked and left. She had a sense of humor, with a lot of sarcasm. He liked that.

He followed her with his eyes. Jade noticed, and grabbed his hand.

"well, are we going to start, or what?" she smiled, and led him to the living room.

"if you want to." He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows a bit. She giggled, and sat on the couch.

"well….we can work on the homework….later…" she smiled and leaned to him. He closed his eyes, and leaned in closer.


Finally done with the dishes, Artemis walked upstairs to get jade's laundry. She wondered how the date was going. She bet they were already kissing. Or, on a 1% chance, which meant jade didn't like him, they were actually doing whatever her excuse was for him coming over.

Crossing through the living room, her bet was right. She smirked, and decided to be the best sister in the whole world.

She went to jade's room, grabbed the dirty laundry with a special little something.

Then artemis walked back to the living room holding up the surprise.

"well… I don't want to interrupt, or anything, but are these cold wash, or warm?" artemis held up the ugliest pair of underwear in front of jade and her friend.

Jade blushed and snarled, about ready to rip her sister to shreds, and the boy looked disgustedly at the object in artemis hand.

Then she smiled. "well, artemis. maybe you should stop getting out underwear mixed up." She walked over to the laundry basket and pushed it over. All of jade's clothes tumbled out onto the floor.

"oops! Clumsy me! I guess you should clean it up and not interrupt me again!" she said fake cheerily, then walked back to the sofa sitting next to the boy.

"now, where were we?" she purred. (not an intended pun)

Instead the boy pulled the science book out of his bag and said, "page 37."

Artemis grinned under her hand.

Mission complete.

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