Fairy tales cliché: Cinderella, chapter 2

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Another night in the basement. Just like jade had threatened.

But it was totally worth it!

Artemis smirked, remembering the red- headed guy's expression.

She shifted in the blankets, and covered her mouth to suppress a scream when she felt something furry brushed past her legs.

Immediately sitting up, not wanting to go back to sleep for fear of having any…rats brush past her.

Trust her, once you hear those stories about little girls going to bed, and waking up in the morning only to find half of their faces chewed off because they forgot to clean their faces after that delicious chocolate, and the hungry (now full) rats found in a hole in her bedroom, you wouldn't be able to sleep either.

The next day…

Artemis was tired.

No, not tired. Try more like exhausted.

She couldn't go back to sleep after that rat in her bed.

So today, she was the walking dead.

With 2 detentions for sleeping in class.

"Artemis! Where were you? I didn't see you at your locker!" Artemis' best friend, Zatanna, (her dad was Italian. Sue her!) walked up to her smiling.

"That's probably because I was in it, taking a 3 minute nap." She sarcastically replied, adding a yawn for good measure.

"Oh. The rats again?" Zatanna replied sympathetically.

Artemis nodded.

"What did you this time? Or was it still from last time when you 'accidentally' dropped a bucket of paint, you were going to use to repaint jades room, on her and her date?"

"Well, I had to do laundry, and there was this red head guy that was sort of cute…"

"Ahh…" Zatanna nodded her head in understanding. "Do you know his name?"

"No. I was too busy trying to find a way to embarrass jade." Artemis stated.

"That's too bad. Well, I could help you find him."

"No. he was cute, from the back. I couldn't really see his face. Besides, how many red-heads do you know? Anyways, we have to hurry so we can get to math!" Artemis said, and to make her point, the bell rang.

"Alright, but don't think that this conversation is over!" zatanna threatened, and walked away to her math class.

Artemis bet to herself that zee, zatanna, would forget by the end of the day. Zatanna was too….busy…with the raven haired kid. Richard Grayson, but as he insisted other called him, dick.

Making her way to class, artemis bumped into some kid.

"here, take this flyer for the celebration dance! We're handing them out early, so don't worry about not having a dress!" a cheerleader gave Artemis a flyer, whom stuffed it in her book bag not even bothering a look, then walked away briskly.

"Ms. Crock, unless you want another detention, I suggest you hurry up." Mrs. Shickelfridzcno (pronounced: shicK-ul-frid-iszsh-no) yelled.

"Yes Mrs. Schickel- skitchel-skitsel-"

"Just get to class!" the teacher said exasperatedly, slamming her classroom door behind her.

Artemis shrugged, grinning, and walked back to class.


"So…how about Friday night?" someone came up behind him.

"sorry, but I have a date." Wally was used to people randomly coming up and asking him out. So this was his automatic response, unless he actually liked the person.

"Seriously, wally? Do I sound like a girl? I am not gay!" Wally turned around and came face to face (no, not kissing face to face) with Roy harper, his best friend, next to dick Grayson.

"Oh, hey Roy. I thought you were Allison, or Abby. They keep stalking me, and it's getting on my nerves."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Roy dismissed it with a wave of his hand. "So are you on for Friday night? Dick is coming over with some movies, and I'm bringing popcorn, and other foods. All you'd have to do is bring some drinks- and no beer or any type of alcohol." Roy added seeing Wally about to ask.

Wally pouted.

"buuuut… you can't come if you have a date." Roy smiled inside, knowing Wally would do the 'brothers before others' (I know that's not right, but I don't remember anything else like that except bros before ho's, and I don't like that version so much) speech.

Roy was right.

"-so I have to come."

"Ok, suit yourself." Roy shrugged as if he didn't care. (Secretly, he did)

"But I do have a date tonight."

"Yeah? With who?" Roy smirked, betting it was that Jamie girl Wally had been eyeing for the past few days.

"jade." Roy widened his eyes.

"Jade Nguyen? That jade? Or jade Klimmox?" Roy really hoped it was the latter, because secretly he'd been crushing on jade Nguyen. (Not sure if her last name is spelled right)

"Jade Nguyen." Wally smirked.

"b-but I thought you said she was too…bratty."

"Said. Past- tense."

"Hey there, you two! Talking about me?" jade seemingly popped out of nowhere.

Roy and wally jumped, but Roy was the one who exclaims his feelings.

"WHAT THE-" ringggggg

It was at that moment the bell chose to ring, interrupting everyone's conversation and sending them off to class. (has that ever happened to anyone? It happened to my principal while he was talking on the intercom. It was hilarious!)

"you're lucky the bell chose to ring right then and there. Mrs. Whats-her-name would have given you a detention." Wally smirked, walking off to class with jade under his arm.

Roy just glared at their backs.

Tonight after school…

Artemis had another date to ruin today.

Don't blame her! It's much more fun than doing her chores!

"I'm home!" artemis announced, stepping into the house, and running into her dad.


"Artemis. 2 detentions? You know what that means." Her father said darkly, reaching for his leather strap he kept tied to his belt just for situations like this.

"NO! It wasn't my fault! It was-" smack.

Artemis let out a small whimper, but nothing more.

Her dad had taught her, the hard way of course, that when she screamed while being punished there would be more punishment.

"One-" smack, groan. "Hit-" smack, whimper. "For each detention-" smack, mmff… "Extra as a warning."

"get started on your chores right away."

With that, he left a red, sore, bleeding Artemis standing there.

She reached into her book bag pulling out a first aid kit, touching her face tenderly, and went to the bathroom.

She pulled out the alcohol, dabbed it on softly, then pulled out the almost empty bandage package, and stuck some on (with a lot of effort).

Hearing the bell ring, artemis figured it was the date.

She walked over to the door, swung it open not bothering to eve look at the visitor.

"your date is in the living room. Try not to break the couch with your…sessions… it was hard enough fixing it the last time." She mumbled, pointing the way.

"ummm…what? Excuse me, but I'm just here to deliver this package." Artemis snapped her head up to see a mailman standing there awkwardly.

"oh! Yeah. Right. Thanks!" artemis took the box, seeing it was addressed to jade, from victoria's secret (I don't own that) and placed it on the small table next to the door.

She then started walking to the closet where all the supplies were stuffed.

Ding dong

"jade is in the living room. Give me a two minute warning before you guys make out so I can plug in my earphones."

"umm..miss? again, I am the mailman. I forgot to give you this package."

"ummmm…..yeah. sorry about that."

Inwardly, artemis was sad because all these good ripostes were being wasted.

She took the box (another Victoria's secret addressed to jade) and placed it on top of the first one.

Finally getting to the closet and taking the broom, artemis started sweeping.

Ding dong

"Jade is in the living room. When you guys watch romance movies tonight, let me get a bucket so if I need to throw up, I'll have it handy." she looked up to a voice.

"Umm…ma'am…just sign here. I forgot to ask you to sign release papers. And here's another box."

"Of course. Of course." Artemis fake smiled, handed back the clipboard, took yet another Victoria's secret box yet again sent to jade.

Setting the third box on the coffee table, Artemis grabbed the broom and started brooming.

Ding dong

Artemis swung open the door.

"Ok. Look. If you forgot another Victoria's secret box, I am calling the mail department to complain! And what is with all the Victoria's secret boxes? I'm pretty sure Jade didn't order black lacey th- oh. Now you come!" Artemis threw her arms up, at an amused red- head.

"so…black and lacey, huh?" the red- head smirked. She knew his name! wally.


Nothing that special.

Though his red hair was nice, and interesting to look at.

She didn't understand what jade saw in him. Just another conceited, over confident boy.

"Well, your face will definitely be black when I'm done with it, but I'm sure I can find some lace and staples around here somewhere." She said, still looking down.

"When you're done with it? What are you going to do? Kiss me to death?" artemis looked up and saw that he was grinning boyishly, and Artemis couldn't help but think it was maybe, just a little, cute.

"If you are talking about kissing you with my fist, then yes. Although, thanks for the idea of me killing you."

"what happened to your face?" he said, looking concerned, reaching for one band-aid.

"Uh…the…uh…the stairs! You should watch out for the 5th!" she laughed nervously, and peeked to see if he bought it.

"Wally! You're here! Great! Did you bring the movie? I just love the notebook! Don't you also love it?"


"Anyways. Artemis. Chores. Now!"

"Right. Well. Your packages of black lacy tho-"

"Just send it to my room!" she cut in glaring.

"Ok!" she turned around and went upstairs with the boxes.


Artemis left with the boxes, and jade and I were alone.

"Black lacey underwear?"

"Wally!" she squealed so high my ears hurt and slapped my shoulder playfully. It annoyed me, too.


"do you want to watch the movie now?" she said in a normal voice.

"shouldn't we fin-"

"good choice wally! Movies should always be watched first!"

Half way into the movie…


If you asked wally one word to describe the movie, it was torture.

Pure torture.

(no offense to anyone who likes the notebook, I have never seen the movie, and this is just a boys perspective. And I am not being sexist, this is just wallys p.o.v)

So deciding to kill some time would be going to the bathroom.

"uh, where's the bathroom?"

"hmm?" jade raised her head from his shoulder to look at him.

"the bathroom. Where is it?"

"oh. Down the hall to the right."

"ok." Wally got up too soon, realizing he forgot to ask jade which hallway.

Deciding to find out on his own, he ventured deeper.

After all, how big can this house be?

30 minutes later…

He was lost. No kidding. He had been roaming the halls, and he really had to go. And he forgot where the living room was, so now he was extremely lost. There were so many halls, and doors….

It felt like everyone's favorite nightmare with the never ending hallway.

He walked past a door, and heard some movement. Thinking he could ask whoever it was in there where the bathroom was, he opened the door.

There was artemis, with her long ponytailed hair, kicking the crap out of a punching bag.

Wally thought it was ho- interesting.

After a few minutes of stalkerish watching, wally took a look around the room.

There were mats all over the floor, a treadmill, a pool (a pool?), training dummies, punching bags, a wall filled with shelves of pads, weapons and various other things, a bike, and there was a rear door by artemis.

"I could call the police and let them know there is a stalker running around, or let jade know you were watching me." Wally snapped out of his thoughts and blushed.

In front of him stood Artemis, skin glistening with sweat.

"What makes you think I was watching you?" he snorted. She was the annoying (but kind of hot) younger sister, of his girlfriend.

"You came here 10 minutes ago, and if you want, we can check the security cameras." She crossed her arms, as if daring him to defy her.

"You have security cameras?"

"noo, we just like to hang black magical boxes that take pictures randomly around. Of course we do!"

"Ok, but I came in here to ask you where the bathroom." Wally said remembering his problem.

"How did you end up in the train- gym? The living room is on the other side of the house." She pointed, cocking her head.

"well, I kind of got lost-"

"ARTEMIS! ARTEMIS! GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW!" Wally heard a man call from an intercom on the wall of the training room.

Two seconds later, the intercom buzzed again.

"artemis, where's wally? You better find him or else….you can go to your lovely bed room downstairs with your friendly roommates!"

She froze, eyes wide.

"Crap!" she whispered. She grabbed his hand, and frowning.

Here, wally blushed.

"follow me! You got me into trouble! Arghh…not the basement again…"

"you sleep in the basement? With a roommate?"

"no! we have 4 floors, and then the basement. I …usually…sleep upstairs! Yeah, and jade's cat….feriluce….annoys the crap out of me, so sometimes…..i sleep next to him!" she tried giving him a convincing smile.

Shrugging, he walked with her, still looking at her bandages.

"by the way…we never actually met each other. Hi, I'm wally, and I go to gotham academy. I am in ninth grade." He shook her hand.

"I'm artemis. same school, same grade."

"then how come I've never seen you before?"

"probably different periods." She shrugged, but continued walking.

"so, uh, how about the bathroom?"

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