Chapter 5 of Cinderella

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Everyone knew the saying, "curiosity killed the cat."

So maybe entering the outside behind the bookcase was not the best idea.

What if there was a killer, or a kidnapper hiding in one of the bushes?

Well, Wally didn't care at the moment, for he was too entranced by the garden in front of him.

There were rose bushes, and flowers of every kind all around, being hidden by a ring of many looming trees.

He stepped on something solid, looked down, and saw a flat rock. It was one of many, part of a path, leading to a small jasmine plant that was climbing up the leg of a gray stone bench next to it.

Immediately next to the bench was the pond. There were water lilies, and lily pads, one or two fish and some stones surrounding it. The pond was being fed by a small thin stream; which went through some very small rapids and cascaded down a 4 inch waterfall.

But what entranced him the most was the once golden, you could tell by few parts that still shone through, now gray, angel statue. It was rather hard to see her, because ivy and other plants climbed up her. She was holding a sword in her hand, ready to strike an invisible foe.

Wally blinked, stopped staring, and decided to explore.

Just as he took his first step into paradise, he heard a grunt, then a shatter.

Darn it! I knew this was a bad idea….


If you asked Artemis how to describe her sister, she would need only one word.


You couldn't use any other words to describe the monster she called her sister.

Artemis might as well disagree and let jade ruin her college chances, with what she was going to do.

So she did what she always did when she was mad, or troubled.

Beat up stuff. And one tree had been her unlucky choice.

Unfortunately, so was the glass-blown hummingbird feeder she had hung up on it.

It fell to the ground with a shatter when she kicked too high up.

She watched the pretty blue globe fall to the ground, then shatter.

She bent down to pick it up. As she did though, one shard cut through her skin.

She yelped and pulled back.

Angry at herself for letting that happen, she started kicking the tree even harder.

Anger finally subsiding, she went over next to the angel, and sat down behind her, idly picking at some roses climbing up the side of the statue.

She plucked one off, and looked at it, and began humming some tune she'd heard when she was younger.

So lost in her own little world, she didn't hear someone in her garden.

"h-hello?" Artemis froze up, and pulled her knees up to her face, trying to make herself invisible.

"hello? Is anyone here?" the voice asked again.

Getting bored of just sitting there, she decided to do something.

"go away! I have…a knife I'm not afraid to use!" she looked at the thorny stem of the rose. If the attacker tried to do anything, she scratch his eyes, then kick him (or her) where it really counts.

She heard some pattering, and then figured that the person left. She smiled, and then got up, deciding it was time to go, and brushed the dirt off of the bottom of her skirt.

Still holding the rose in her hands, she took a step around the statue.

Unfortunately so did someone else.

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"OWW! My nose!" Wally cried out. At the same time he heard a surprised yell also. He rubbed his hands over his nose, in attempt to make it stop bleeding.

"Watch where you're going, idiot! You made my nose bleed!" someone yelled, but it was sort of muffled.

"I'm not an idiot! Youwere the one that ran into me! And you made mine bleed also!" he yelled, shutting his eyes tightly, hands holding his nose.

"No! You were the one who-…. wait. What are you even doing here in the first place?" he blinked, clearing his vision.

"Well, what would you do if you saw a hole in the wall that lead outside to a garden?" He answered, rubbing his eyes with his free hand.

"Not go in." he heard a scoff.

"well you obviously went in. you're here now, aren't you?" he smirked, then looked around, his vision back, looking at where he was in the garden, momentarily forgetting the voice.

"Yes, but I came here first, so this is technically mine." He snapped his head towards the voice, only to see a girl with long blonde hair, holding her hand over her nose.

He remembered seeing her from somewhere…..

"Hello?" she asked, putting her other hand on her hip. Wally had apparently been staring too long.

"Sorry." He shook his head blinking. Then he put on his most charming smile. "hey. I'm wally." He stuck out his free hand. She just raised an eyebrow.

"I'm leaving." She started walking away, but then turned around on a second thought.

"By the way, you should really leave before I shut the shelf on you. Or not." Wally stood up and followed the girl out.

"So what's your name?"

"Why should I tell you? How do I know you're not some…murderer waiting to get inside to kill me?" The girl said boredly, kicking the cupboard shut, as her hand was busy holding in the blood.

"Well, I can't tell, because your hand is hiding your face. And how do I know you're not evil, either?" He said.

"Well, would you rather I take my hand off, and bleed all over you?" she asked, turning around ready to leave.

"Why would you ruin this?" he smirked, waving his hands around his body. But his expression changed. "But seriously…I think I have seen you before…" he trailed off.

She squinted at him. "You know….I think I know you…after all, how many red heads do I know?" she smirked, then face-palmed herself.

"Duh!" she smiled, remembering, then turned around and kept walking. "See ya!" she waved her hand lazily behind her.

"Wait! What's your name?" he called out, rushing up to her. "Besides, you can't just leave! I have to get out of here!"

"You don't know the name of 'the annoying little brat' I quote, your girlfriend calls me? And sucks for you." She said, now turning.

Girlfriend….jade….annoying little brat?...aria? Alejandra? Yeah…

"yeah, I know your name…Alejandra." He smirked thinking he won. She just raised her eyebrow.

"That's the best you could come up with? Woow…." She turned again.

"That's not your name, Allison?"

"You know…just because you keep guessing doesn't mean I'm going to tell you. Here's your stop, wally."

"That's not fair!" he whined, crossing his arms, still following her.

"Zeus, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Hermes. My names is one of them, use your Greek mythology. Figure it out, genius." With that, she left wally in thought.


After her encounter with wally, she left to her lockers to collect her books for her next class.

"so, who's the boy?" she looked to her left, and saw her friend standing there.

"hey cam. No one, just…a boy."

"oh. So….how's it goin?" he smirked. "obviously fine." He said, looking at her, and not so much in a good way.

She frowned. "I don't know why I still hang with you." She shut her locker and started walking to her class room.

"obviously cuz I'm such a-"

"annoying person. Now, go away. I have to go to class." And with that, she left.

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With a bit of studying, wally was able to figure out that the girl's name was artemis.

He had to find her, so he could boast in her face about how awe-

"sup man?" his thoughts were interrupted by roy.

"Nothing, much. Just thinking about-"

"A chick?" Roy cut him off, thinking wally was such a player. But then again…so was he….BUT this was JADE!

"Yeah. Mysterious person, she is…she gave me a riddle, instead of her name! Though we have met before…"

"Yeah? Well, what's her name?" if Roy could get Wally to fall for this girl…then he could get jade... and win-win situation!

"Is she hot?" he asked Wally another question.


"Hey guys." Wally was once again cut off by dick.

"Hey dick." The boys greeted.

"What's up?" he said, noticing that the boys were in a conversation before he interrupted.

"well wally here was just telling me about this ho-"

"-pelessly in love girl with me!" Wally cut off quickly, glaring at Roy.

Dick just raised his eyebrow. "…ok..." he shook his head. These two….

"So keep going." He motioned with his hand.

Roy turned back to Wally. "So did you catch her name?"

"She gave me a riddle!" he said disgustedly, then smiled. "But nothing gets past me! I figured it out. Her name is Ares!"

Dick, having studied Greek mythology a few years back just stared at him.


"-and how can he say that? After all, we've been through practically everything together!" zatanna threw her hands up in exasperation. "Sometimes, I just want to punch him." She mimed punching something.

"Oh, Zat-" artemis reached out a hand to comfort zatanna, when she felt a tap on her back.

"Artemis. Come. now." Jade said, fake smiling, grabbing artemis's arm, squeezing it with her nails.

Artemis winced from the pain, and excused herself from zatanna.

"You have a week left." Jade hissed, and then left right away. Artemis glared at her retreating back, and then turned around to go back to zatanna.

Instead, she was met with a hard chest. Backing up, she said, "Watch it!" She turned around to go to her next class, which she might as well go, because the bell had just rung.

"Still as grumpy as this morning." Then she heard a chuckle. She turned around to glare at whoever said that, and saw the red head, Wally.

"What do you want?" she asked, glaring. "I kind of have to get to class, so if you could just hurry up…" she crossed her arms.

But before Wally could start talking, a flyer was shoved into their faces.

"Come to the celebration dance!" a cheerleader shoved a flyer in front of artemis's face, who took it, and shoved it into her book bag, next to the other one in there. "By the way, I'm single, just in case you're wondering…." The cheerleader shot a smile at Wally, then pranced off, interrupting a couple being…busy….

"So I just wan-"again, wally was interrupted for the third time that day.

"MRS. CROCK AND , I SUGGEST YOU GET TO CLASS, BEFORE YOU EARN YOURSELF A PRETTY DETENTION SLIP!" Mrs. Shickelfridzcno yelled at them from across the hallway.

"Looks like we'll have to talk later." Wally said, smiling.

Artemis snorted, and then walked away. "If you can find me."

"challenge accepted." Wally smiled, then walked off.

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