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Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, I do own the Idea for this poem though.

-For shadow

Without you no one would ever know what to expect.

Away, away they all went

Into the night they disappeared

I am cold for they left us here

Alone in the cold night air

They give not a care

In the woods right outside side town is where I am

Brother is near me my little sweet lamb

But they are in the house passed out too drunk to care

I hear something like a tear

So close yet so far

That's how they are

Away they went but stay did I

Too numb to move

The pain has went

Brother's unconscious near me

But I hang on and on

Slipping, but a voice I hear call

It'll be over soon they say

I only get an ominous feeling not one of relief

He whimpers

I turn and yell

Distracting the man from continuing what he does to brother

He looks at me

Then at the forest

I hear a growl close

Eight voices at most

Several from afar

He leaps at me

Great pain has come

I see his head

It blocks what's wrong on my arm

Still I feel some great harm

I'm not sure what's going on

But, that is where the pain comes ton by agonizing ton

I hear another whimper from younger brother

It could not be from any other

A louder growl

Then the man is gone


All consuming, not plain


No choices

They're fading

A scream breaks through


The darkness

It is so heartless

Still it comes



Then nothing at all

No call

This time

This won't last

I can feel it