A/N: HET? Yes, yes it's Het. but don't fear my readers, it's not a long lasting influence. Seeing AJ snap just poked a sleeping Monster and we all know he's always looking for someone that he can make embrace the hate and with her mental state it was only a matter of time. Anyways, I don't own these people, I'm not making any money and if you sue you will only get my position as a 3rd shift tech support phone rep. Enjoy!

She ran through the backstage, her hair covering her face as warm tears tracked her smooth cheeks. The halls grew darker and darker the further she ran until her legs buckled and she sank down to her knees with a broken sob. She pressed her hands to her eyes as her body trembled violent under the onslaught of her sobs. She had no idea when it had all gone down hill; when Daniel had stopped seeing her as his equal and just another possession to him, but still it hurt all the same to hear that poison that was spilling out of his mouth each time they were near one another.

How long she sat knelt on the floor hugging her sides as she cried she didn't know but through the shuddering rasping noises leaving her body she heard the sound of footfalls and she looked up, wiping her eyes quickly and leaving a trail of mascara behind. The darkness seemed to triple the more she tried to stare into it, and despite pain and anger, fear welled up inside and she swallowed hard even as she spoke; her voice shuddery and frail sounding.

"Danny? Danny is that you?" She called out, pushing to her feet and still trying to see through gloom in a bid to make something-anything-out about who was heading her way. "Danny?"

Laughter sounded in the dark and she moved back until her back was pressed up against the wall, a hand pressed at her throat. The footfalls sounded again and she spoke up, trying to put some steel into her voice.

"Danny this isn't funny. I said I was sorry. I just want to-"

Her words died off when a figure stepped out of the gloom and with him an eerie red light that seemed to come nowhere and everywhere at once. The iconic red and black ensemble sent a shiver down her back but it was nothing like the sudden paralyzing fear that gripped her when she looked up into the masked face with its cold staring mismatched eyes.

"I'm not your Danny boy." He laughed and moved close, dwarfing her as he stared down, one hand coming up and laying against her throat almost reverently. "I seen what you did to Neidhart, AJ." He bent his head and whispered into her ear as his fingers curled slightly around the slender column. "Such fire, such hate, such unbridled emotion. You have so much potential."

As he spoke Kane's lips grazed her ear lobe and throat, the fear diminishing as something else started to lick at her stomach. Still trembling she brought a hand up and laid it over the hand that covered her throat; closing her eyes and turning her head just enough to catch Kane's lips briefly before the contact was severed. He laughed again and the hand that was around her throat moved up and caught the point of her chin; tilting her face up and holding her gaze, a grin stretching his lips in a sick imitation of a smile.

"Such potential." He brought his lips close for just a light fluttering touch, his warm breath ghosting over her with a light scent of cinnamon. "I can help you, teach you, and show you how to embrace the hate that's brewing inside of you." He finally took her lips, tasting her and pressing her harder against the wall.

"Yes, yes, yes." She panted ragged when he broke away, her hands coming up and fisting in his singlet as she licked her swelling lips.

He chuckled and moved back, looking her up and down before moving back in, his fingers once more curling around her throat as he held her gaze. This time there was no fear that shot through her, her trembling knees were calmed and the tracks of her tears were all that was left of her pain. She brought her hand back up and laced her fingers with Kane's her eyes dark and her lips set a determined line as she unfalteringly returned the eye contact.

"You're Chaos AJ; you have no control." His hand moved away from her throat and he ran his fingers through hair, letting the chestnut curls slip and wind around his thick fingers. "I can teach you control AJ, I can teach you to harness that hate you feel, that pain that is eating away at your mind and use it to hurt those that have hurt you, that have wronged you."

The hand in her hair pulled her close to him; her chest pressing against him as her hands lay flat on his stomach. He bent down and captured her lips fully, thrusting his tongue between her lips and tasting her fully; his hands grasping her hips and picking her up, wrapping her legs around his waist.

"I-I have control.." She gasped out when his lips left hers and latched onto her throat.

"Do you? You call that display of anger in the ring just a few moments ago control? You call begging for that worthless, spineless gutter rat, control?" Kane bit down on her pulse point, worrying it with his teeth and drawing moans from her even as he growled. "Control is staring everyone in the face and then bringing them to their knees without a shred of emotion or feeling. Control is ignoring what your body is telling you to do and doing what your brain has mapped out for you. Control is…control is the only true freedom. You either control or be controlled." He ripped her ring top from her body and let it fall to the ground, his eyes on her face even as he pinched and rolled her nipples harshly. "Control AJ is what I have of you right now and control is what I can give to you if you want it." Kane brought his lips back to hover just over hers as he kneaded a breast firmly, smirking as he murmured huskily just for her to hear. "Do you want control AJ?"

She chewed her bottom lip before straightening and growling back breathily; her hands now fisted in his hair as she savagely bit at his bottom lip and her eyes glittered brightly in the dim light.