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The match had gone just as planned, for the most part Phil kept Kane and Daniel occupied while she stood on the apron and watched; taking all the time she wanted to observe Kane and the way he moved. He was truly grace in motion, there were little to no wasted movements as he worked and his unitard left little to the imagination.

When Phil accidentally knocked into her, she gave the biggest and most wide-eyed terrified look she could before haltingly climbing through the ropes. Kane stood in the middle of the ring his head tilted towards the side as she approached and after a moment she smiled and began skipping around the large man until she came to stop behind him. In an imitation of him she cocked her head to the side and when he whirled around she leapt into his arms and with out any hesitation kissed him.

The feel of his hand just laying lighting on the underneath of her thigh sent excitement thrilling through her and she gave her all in the kiss. Unlike the kiss in the locker room Kane did not try to participate; he stood stock still as she licked and sucked on his bottom lip. Around the ring the shocked silence broke and there were cat calls and wolf whistles that echoed loudly through the arena. After a few moments she broke the kiss and dropped down, a slight smile on her lips as Kane looked at her and then tagged in Daniel and left the ring.

She didn't care after that and once Daniel stepped through the ropes she backed up until she tagged in Phil and from there the match ended quickly with Phil getting the pin. She took a seat on the mat and looked u the ramp, noticing that Kane was still standing there staring at the ring in shock with his hands on his hips. She cast a look at Phil and he was looking between the two and shaking his head with a grin.

The ref cleared the ring shortly after and she all but skipped up the ramp and into the back; the smile on her face not diminishing as she licked her lips, savoring the bite of cinnamon she found there. Around her talent and crew alike were whispering to each other and she turned a smile to them all as she headed back to the women's locker room. All around her the Diva's traded glances and would look at her for a split second before dropping their eyes back to their bags. Rolling her eyes she changed quickly and shouldered her bag; shaking her head at them before leaving.

The hallway didn't offer and respite from the curious looks and to amuse herself she'd jump at some random individual and laugh as they'd yelp and move away as if she had rabies. A loud thump sounded from somewhere further and she tilted her head as one of the costume designers came flying past her; her eyes wide and scared looking and babbling about crazy monsters and only trying to do her job.

The skip appeared back in her step as she headed down that way, smirking when she found Kane's gear ripped in two on the ground and the large man standing wrapped in a towel in what had to be his new locker room since he'd completely destroyed his first one. Leaning against the frame of the door she took a moment to admire the muscled expanse of his back before she tsk'ed, inwardly laughing as he startled and turned to face her.

"Now what did that poor outfit ever do to you?"

Kane opened his mouth to answer but snapped his jaw back shut and just glared at her before turning his back to her. Amused, she pushed away from the door frame and pressed up against Kane's back, her hands drifting over his sides to rest on his hips and play with the top of his towel.

"Perhaps it was because if was suffocating you? Suppressing something that so...desperately...wanted out to play?" Her voice dropped down as low as she could get it as one hand ran down Kane's hip and then over to brush against the front of the terry cloth. "See Kane, control can deprive you of so much..." She moved from behind Kane to kneel in front of the large man, her hands running up his long legs and under the towel that was starting to tent.


Kane's voice was ragged and she looked up with a grin as she curled her fingers around the nearly hard shaft and began to stroke him slowly. She tilted her head to the right and watched a battle of emotions run across Kane's face before he shed the towel and batted her hand away with an airy snarl. Pouting she sat back on her heels and looked up at him; the concentration on his face nearly painful to watch. Taking a risk she leaned back in and drug her tongue over the engorged head, licking away the shining bead of precum that had welled forth before sucking the head into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it, running the flat of her tongue over the sensitive veins on the underside.

Cursing violently Kane jerked away, the head pulling free of her lips with a wet pop and grabbed his towel; rewrapping it around his waist before snatching up his gear bag and locking himself in the bathroom. More amused now than before she sat there for a moment, the salty taste of the large man lingering on her tongue.

With a smile larger than before on her lips she got to her feet and retrieved her own bag, casting one last look at the shut door. It was going to be fun to be the chaos in the large man's controlled life, and she couldn't wait to see him completely uninhibited for what had to be the first time in a long time.