Finally, those stupid vampires arrive Mya thought. Rose was starring at the 6 vampires. They were just standing there until one came up at the girls. A vampire cover in blood all over her mouth and saliva dripping from it to looked at Mya and started laughing as if someone said a funny joke. Mya just had a devious smile and stared at her then that vampire saw how she was looking at her in the eye and got scared for a minute.

"Are you really in a good mood." The vampire said.

"Maybe, but may I ask, was it you that hurt this man?" Mya asked.

"And if I say yes, what are you going to do about it."

"Well I could do this." Mya popped out her sword in a split second she ripped her hand off, it was bleeding as hell. Mya turned around and saw how the vampire was surprise that she didn't see Mya coming towards her.

Mya and the other 2 girls are extremely fast. They have trained with each other, but of course Ruby and Rose couldn't beat Mya in any match only when she will let them beat her.

The other 5 vampires where scared now that they saw Mya kill their leader. Mya was angry at these vampires. She wanted to finish them all but they all had run away. Ruby and Rose looked at Mya as if they needed permission from her to go and catch them.

"Mya, they are getting away" Rose said.

"Well, what are you girls waiting for….Go and have fun, while I take care of him?" Mya said.

Ruby smiled and said. "Now you're talking I knew you were letting them have a head start….Lets go Rose." Rose and Ruby had disappeared into the woods chasing those vampires.

Mya turned around and saw the boy leaning against the tree. Mya seemed to notice that the boy seemed like if he had run away from home. He was breathing hard and was panting deeply.

"Excuse me, but are you alright?" Mya asked

"Yes I'm fine?" the boy answered

"Can I help you with something?"

"I need blood but I don't want to drink blood."

"Wait here…."

Mya went to go look for a rat. She was looking and looking and looking. Finally she found one and went to go take it to the boy.

"Here" Mya said handing the rat to the boy.

The boy saw the rat and grabbed it and took a bite out of it he was sucking on the blood and gulping on it to. Mya was watching him drink the rat.

"What's your name?" Mya asked.

The boy looked up to see Mya's face, he had his strength back. The boy saw how beautiful her face is , it was so pretty. He wanted to touch her face if was the girl he loved, but it wasn't.

"Zero" he said as he got up on his feet. He was 2 inches taller than Mya. Mya smiled and said

"I'm Mya."

"Look Mya, thank you for helping me but I have to go."

"Where are you off to?"

"I'm going to my hometown."

"Oh really me to….do you want to go together so you could have company."

"Don't you have to wait for you're friends."

"Yeah but, they will catch up to me."

"Mya, you sure do remind me of someone I know."

"Wait a minute, can I ask you something?" The boy stopped walking and turned around to face her. Zero nodded his head.

"Where did you get the name Yuki from?"

"What? Why do you want to know?"

"Yuki is a person I know well, sort of."

Zero's eyes widened and got a good grip on Mya's wrist.

"Are you trying to hurt Yuki because if you are I will hurt you?"

Mya tried to get away from him but he was too strong.

"Let go of me."

"Answer me!"

"Zero you are hurting me!"

Zero finally let go of Mya and tried to control himself. Mya was starring at Zero, why was he being like that she thought.

"I'm sorry, but please tell me what Yuki is to you."

"She is my little sister."

Zero's eyes widened more as he heard the news another one he thought. Zero was in deep shocked.

To be continued…..

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