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Usui's POV

I opened my eyes, expecting to be dead. But I wasn't or at least I think I wasn't. I looked around, seeing a machine beeping next to me and a card on the table. I sat up, carful at the sudden pain that hit me and I grabbed the card.

Thank you for giving us Lily back. We were slowly losing hope in finding her. We hope you get better and get back up quickly. With much appreciation and love, Lily, Marissa, and Jake.

I smiled at the card, knowing Lily was back with her family. The door opened and nurse walked in, looking at me. "About time you wake up Usui. You have a few guests waiting for you for the past week. Should I bring them in?"

"Please, and thanks." I told the nurse. She smiled, walking back out and a few seconds later, I heard people running over. Hinata, Yukimura, Kanou, an the Idiot Trio ran in, staring at me like I an illusion. "Are you guys going to stand there or are you going to come and explain this all?" The six walked in and crowded around the bed. "Where's Misaki?" I asked, looking to see if he was coming.

"She went to the cafeteria with Sakura, and Shizuko. She's fine other than a few stitches she had to get." Yukimura said.

"What happened?" I asked again.

"Well, when the guy stabbed you and you pushed him away, Hikari somehow came back and shot you. She would've shot you in the forehead if Yukimura hadn't ran in and pushed her, instead she got your side. Kanou had pinned the girl down and I had the man on the ground, blade against his throat." Hinata explained.

"It wasn't long until the police came and arrested everyone. The people who were in the basement are home and safe thanks to us." Kanou finished.

"Yep!" The Idiot Trio grinned. "We did an amazing job!" I chuckled at the group that stood in front of me.

"Thank you guys. I wouldn't have gotten this far without you guys." Hinata grinned, shaking his head.

"It's no problem Usui, Misaki means a lot to all of us." He smiled.

"We care about the president too much to just let her go without an explanation." Yukimura answered.

"Usui!" Sakura ran in and happily grinned at me. "You're awake! I thought you wouldn't wake up!" I chuckled, seeing Shizuko, and Misaki walked in. My eyes landed on Misaki and she blushed, looking away.

"It's been a while hasn't it?" I chuckled.

"Yes it has, a week already." Shizuko calculated. The group stayed for a while until little by little they all left. Misaki was the last to stay with Sakura until she fell asleep on the chair.

"Thank you." My head turned to look at Misaki and she was looking at me intently.

"It was nothing. Just helping." I smiled. Misaki smiled a little and she looked at her hands.

"So, I'm your girlfriend?" She asked. I never took my eyes off her and nodded.

"Yeah, we've been together for a while." I answered. Misaki looked up at me and I smiled softly at her. She blushed, looking away.

"Always such a perverted alien." She mumbled. I was able to catch it and leaned closer.

"You remember that?" I asked her. She made a confused face before looking away.

"I don't remember much, just a bit." She said. I reached for her face, pulling it to me. Misaki clenched her eyes closed and I chuckled. I softly pressed my lips to hers. Soon, her lips moved a bit with mine before I pulled back. Misaki blushed madly, looking away.

"Stupid Usui." I couldn't help but grin at the fact that I had her back.