This is a series of one-shots with Hikaru, Kaoru, and the gang. Mostly the twins though! :D This story is dedicated to Vampireninja101! She requested it, so here it is! Enjoy!

"Oh Haruhi~!" Hikaru said, rather creepily, poking his head around the corner of the club room.

"Haaaaruuuhiii~!" Kaoru said in an equally creepy voice. Haruhi looked up from her text book and saw the little glint in their eyes. Haruhi tossed the book to the table next to her and tried to run out of the room. She was able to reach the door, when the two devils grabbed her waist and pulled her back.

"Come on Haruhi," began Hikaru.

"We are going to play a little game!" continued Kaoru.

"No! Guys, I want to work on the homework! I need to pass my test so I can maintain my 'A'!" Haruhi yelled. The twins pulled her into a dark room and soon screams were heard.

~With Tamaki and Kyouya~

"Did you hear that?" Tamaki said, stopping in mid-step and turning to see if he heard correctly.

"What?" Kyouya asked.

"That scream. It sounded familiar..." Tamaki mused. Kyouya turned to fully look at him. "Where is Haruhi?" Tamaki asked. Kyouya looked at Tamaki and pushed his glasses closer to his eyes.

"I believe she is studying in the library." Kyouya replied. Tamaki nodded, but wasn't convinced.

"All right." He mumbled.

~Honey and Mori~

"Was that Haru-chan~?" Honey asked looking around. Mori stopped walking and shrugged. "Takashi~! What if Haru-chan is in trouble~?" Honey asked, jumping off Mori's shoulders. Mori looked at him and continued to look around.

"I don't know." Mori softly replied.

"MY LOVELY HARUHI! DADDY IS ON HIS WAY TO SAVE YOU!" Tamaki screamed as he ran passed Honey and Mori. Honey laughed and jumped back on Mori's shoulders.

"Let's go Takashi~!" Honey said, pointing to the club room. Mori ran after Tamaki and Honey laughed with joy. Kyouya calmly walked behind them and smiled.

"I wonder what those two devils did this time. Maybe I can steal some pictures." Kyouya said.

~Back with the Twins and Haruhi~

"You guys! I don't want to wear that!" Haruhi screamed.

"Don't worry Haruhi! It's only for a little while!" Kaoru said.

"Yeah! And we're only going to take photos!" Hikaru said. They took Haruhi out of the closet and sat her on the chair. Haruhi looked at what she was wearing and pouted.

"Keep that pose!" Kaoru said taking pictures. Hikaru grabbed the other camera and did the same. Haruhi went from pouting, to angry, to stubborn, and looking away from the camera. The twins didn't care, it made her look even more amazing!

"MY LOVELY HARUHI! WHAT HAVE THOSE TWO DEVILS DONE... To... you..." Tamaki said busting through the door. He laid his eyes on Haruhi and froze. She wore a strapless pink dress with frills at the bottom. Her torso was covered in bright red roses and black laces kept the dress together in the back. Honey and Mori ran in behind him and stopped.

"WOW~! Haru-chan looks so cute~!" Honey said. Mari nodded in agreement and Kyouya walked in behind them, secretly taking pictures.

"Awww... they ruined our plan Hikaru." Kaoru whined.

"Yeah... Don't worry, we always have next time!" Hikaru said wrapping an arm around Kaoru's shoulders."Hey boss?" Hikaru said, turning to Tamaki.

"You should really clean up that blood coming out of your nose." Kaoru finished. They walked out and Tamaki looked at Haruhi and at the twins.

Then back to Haruhi.

Then the twins.

He then settled with the twins.

"You bastards!" Tamaki yelled running after them. The twins busted out into a sprint and laughed.

"Haruhi? I thought you were going to study." Kyouya said. Haruhi got up and picked up her book.

"I was but the twins interrupted me." Haruhi said heading toward the closet to change back.

"But the library was empty, Haru-chan~!"

"It's usually full of people when I go." Haruhi said opening the door.

"Well, yes that's true, but today is a half-day. Everybody went home." Kyouya said smiling inside.

Haruhi froze. 'I could have avoided this?' Haruhi thought.

So there it is! I have a total of three stories! Under the Weeping Willow (My very first one! Still progress!), Mysteries (Which is adopted), and this one! I hope you enjoyed it Vampireninja101! And everyone else! Love you all!