I cried writing this. I'm sorry but Mayday Parade is really powerful okay? ;n;

Hikaru walked toward the old fountain and smiled at it, sitting there and remembering a few things that happened there years back.

"Hika-chan~! Kao-chan~! I need your help~!" Honey ran over to the twins and they turned their attention to their sempai, wondering what he was doing at Ouran.

"What's up Honey?" The boy answered at the same time.

"Haru-chan is yelling a Tama-chan~!" The small blonde ran past them and they followed closely behind. Haruhi was rolling her eyes as Tamaki was crying on the floor and he pleaded her not to leave him.

"Haruhi? What happened?" Kaoru asked, his elbow resting on her shoulder on her left side and Hikaru doing the same on the other side. Haruhi wore her bright yellow dress, seeing as this was their last year and her secret was out.

"I told him that I was leaving-"

"SHE'S LEAVING ME!" Tamaki screamed and he stood up, running to the fountain a foot away and jumping in. "LET ME DROWN!" He screamed more as he tried to kill himself but Mori took him out. Kyouya watched Tamaki closely and he shook his head, sighing heavily at his best friend.

"CAN I FINISH SPEAKING!?" Haruhi screaming at Tamaki and he broke down crying again. Haruhi sighed, frustrated by the whole scene they were causing and she rubbed her temples. "I'm going this weekend to stay at the little village my mother is buried. I need to get away, for a bit." She spoke. Tamaki stopped crying, looking at her; tears still staining his cheeks.

"Oh." Was all he said.

"Nice one, boss." Hikaru grinned and they sat around the fountain like they would do when they didn't have club activities.

Hikaru smiled, getting up and walking down the halls. He closed his eyes, knowing where everything was and how it looked. He rounded the corner, seeing the familiar doors and he pushed them open, using almost all his strength. No flower petals flew out, no bright light was there, and no noise was made except for the occasional mouse squeak.

He closed his eyes again, feeling the warmth spread throughout him and he smiled. He could almost hear the echo of the word, 'Welcome' from the host club, knowing that was the last welcome he'll hear. He looked around, seeing chairs thrown everywhere, the couch busted, tables flipped and broken, and glass scattered around.

Hikaru chuckled, seeing the chair that Haruhi used to sit in when she was part of the host club. He remembered her walking in and freaking out about everything and everyone. How she tripped and how she knocked over the vase, causing her to pay us for it. Hikaru sat in the chair, closing his eyes and smiled at the memories.

The Halloween night they all got scared and ended up losing.
The weekend he and Haruhi went out on a date during Spring.
When Honey was dragged out by the lake and Mori went out to find him.
When Kyouya had his first day off.
The time Honey got a bad cavity.
Or when physical exams where happening and they needed to protect Haruhi.
Especially all the times Tamaki grew mushrooms.

Hikaru chuckled, opening his eyes and instead of seeing the old, dirty ceiling, he saw the clean one. He looked around the room, seeing it just like it was 70 years ago. He gasped, standing up and seeing his outfit. He wore his old uniform, instead of the jacket, jeans and shoes. He looked around, looking for his cane but he couldn't find it.

"Hikaru?" He heard the familiar voice and he turned, seeing his brother. He didn't have wrinkles, and he looked healthy, like he never had the cancer that killed him almost 12 years ago.

"Kaoru?" Hikaru spoke in his young voice. The two ran at each other, holding on to each other tightly and Kaoru grinned.

"I missed you brother." They separated, both grinning.

"I missed you too." Hikaru spoke.

"About time you join us Hika-chan~!" Honey pranced in, holding a plate of cake in ne hand and Usa-chan in another.

"Honey!" Hikaru grinned, seeing his old friend. Mori joined in, followed by Tamaki, Kyouya and finally Haruhi. They all sat around talking about old times when Hikaru realized something.

"Wait a minute, you all died years ago. Why are you guys here? Why is everything normal? Why am I young?" He asked. Kaoru smiled at his older brother, gently grabbing his hand.

"Brother, you died in your sleep here as you walked through the halls. But don't worry, your children will find you soon." Hikaru looked down, tears coming out of his eyes and they group stayed quiet.

"You said your goodbyes, right?" Kyouya spoke.

"Before I left." Hikaru spoke up, clearing his throat. "I felt like I needed to." He looked at the group and they all smiled at him. "Thank you for watching over us and greeting me."

"No need to thank us." Kyouya grinned.

"Yeah Hika-chan~! I remember being in a car, a blinding white light and I shut my eyes. When I opened them, I was here alone~." Honey spoke. Hikaru remembered getting the phone call from Mori saying Honey died instantly from the impact of the semi-truck hitting his car.

"When I died, from pneumonia, Honey was here to welcome me." Kyouya smiled, pushing his glasses closer to his face.

"Those two greeted me when after I gave birth to my first child." Haruhi spoke.

"Then when my heart stopped during a Kendo fight." Mori said.

"After our kid grew up, I was alone. I died of loneliness." Tamaki spoke up, smiling at the floor.

"And I was last with cancer." Kaoru looked at his brother.

"And me when I fell asleep." Hikaru whispered.

The group talked endlessly about many things. Never running out of subjects to talk about. The host club family always said they would be together. And they are.

I cried so hard I'm so sorry! D':