Hello there. Yes I see you there, reading my author's note. Just to let you know, this story is an imagined reality in which the Union lost the US Civil War and the South won. None of the events portrayed following the conclusion of the war actually occurred and none of this is canon. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Sam McClaine could see everything. Everything was outlined in shades of blue and white. But right now, he wasn't paying attention to that. He was looking at the figure in gold, on the other side of the city. He could see him because of the goggles on his head, which focused and unfocused with minute hydraulic pressure. Sam's friend and fellow Assassin Leon Davies had developed them for him. It used small levers attached to both his index fingers to increase or decrease the pressure around the lenses, forcing them out or in, thus acting as small telescopes.

Slowly, Sam stood, pulling his grey hood up around his head. In addition to wearing the lenses, he also wore a metal mask roughly formed to the line of his jaw. It was made of a single piece of metal and covered his mouth and nose, with small breathing holes for the nose approximately where his nostrils would be. Sam wore a graphite colored button-up dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a button vest colored a shade lighter than that. The only touch of color on Sam's outfight was the red ascot he wore around his collar. The hood was part of the dress shirt. He also wore fingerless leather gloves for which to climb, workers' slacks, and a pair of leather boots. He had Double Hidden Blades, each with its own Hookblade in place of the standard blade. And to his back was strapped his sword, Excalibur. One of the legendary Swords of Eden.

Sam jumped off of a large five-story bookbinding company, spinning to grab the ledge before he died. He had to protect the president. The figure had just begun walking off toward the White House. However, without a cushioned landing, he had a hard time getting down. So, instead of a Leap of Faith, he used another innovation developed by Leon, the Hook Dart.

Settling, he whipped his left arm around and the eagle-shaped hook from his Hookblade flew off toward the opposite building, fifteen feet away. It impacted with a solid thunk, embedding itself a half dozen inches in the red brick masonry. Tentatively, then with greater force, Sam pulled the metal chain coming out of his bracer. It was solid. Letting go of the bookbinding building, he swung down. About halfway across, he shot his right arm out, firing the other hook back at the bookbinding shop. As it impacted, he yanked the other out of the building he had first shot it at, a small, sleek steam engine attached to his back quickly winding it back up. Using this system, he quickly reached the cobblestones below. With the sound of a piece of wood hitting another, he landed, pulling his hooks back into his bracers, which were made of leather, held together with iron fasteners and spare cogs. He stood and fixed his hood, which had fallen down around his shoulders.

It had been 30 years since the fall of the Union. After the secession of the southern states in 1861, and the loss of the war four years later, the United States had split into seven separate nations. Thirty years of constant war and death and turmoil. In thirty years, the great United States, victors over the British Empire, could not hold itself together, and it had suffered for it. But the ruins of the States had allies. The British, for one, were allied with them. They were not bitter about their defeat. The Native Americans also supported the President, if only to avoid further conflict on their land. And, as always, the US had the support of its French allies. In addition to those, it also had the support of the Republic of California, and the Grand Kingdom of New England. Their enemies were the Confederate States of America, the Confederation of the Mississippi, and the Duchy of New Jersey.

Sam set off in the direction of the White House, unsheathing his Hidden Blades as he went. Despite the Assassin philosophy of only interfering to stop Templars, but Sam couldn't let this one survive. The President was his father.