My Little Pony

(Okay, I'm probably WAY to old (okay… I AM way to old) to be writing a story about My Little Pony, but I've been watching the show recently (again, way to old ) and had a random idea. And after looking at the season 2 episode summaries, no, I did not mean to copy of the plot line of the last two of the season hope you enjoy it though!)


Dark clouds swirled across the sky, threatening to bring a violent storm and obscuring any light from moon and stars

A lone stallion, black in color of coat, mane and tail flew around a bend hooves pounding out an urgent rhythm , wings tucked close to his body as he galloped. One however, lay slightly limp as if bringing it any closer would bring unbearable pain. His ears lay back against his head, face set in a determined expression. With a broken wing, he had to depend on his foot speed, which nearly matched his wings speed.

However, he had been going for hours, and the guards behind him had switched with the last Fort he had passed, so they were fresh and fit to go, and gaining on him. He had already been through a few skirmishes, and his body showed signs, deep cuts, bruises and crumpled feathers.

"Get back here you heathen!" They had to be close if he could hear their shouting, he allowed himself one look over his withers, and gritted his teeth, putting on an extra burst of speed. Cries of 'Traitor', 'heathen', 'lousy heap of horse flesh', and various other insults followed him. He knew he could stay ahead of the earth ponies and unicorns long enough to get to where he needed to go, but was he was listening for now were the Pegasai. Those would spell his doom. He had a few minutes on them as they had to prepare more to fly than the earth ponies or unicorns, not to mention the cliff faces and trees left them little room to maneuver close to the ground.

Moonlight, beautiful moonlight broke out momentarily from the thick dark clouds hanging overhead, encouraging him to look up, as if it were a sign of hope, before his face fell. He could see them, higher than he expected, and so he hadn't heard them. He swore mentally and pushed himself as hard as he could, and reached deep into his reserves of strength. He HAD to reach Equestria! He couldn't fail now!

The pony burst from the woods in a flurry of leaves, his hooves leaving the ground momentarily before thudding back down and pounding on, the guard's right behind him. Before the moonlight vanished, the Pegasai were able to spot him, and dove. He looked above and behind him in turn, panic setting in. He'd never make it…

Red eyes turned to the cliff up ahead. Death or torture… he didn't like either choice, he had to try to lose them. He set his face and charged, turning along the cliff face at the last possible second and racing along it, losing many of the guards in the process, a few falling to their deaths, or to be levitated to safety by a unicorn. The Pegasai were harder; almost impossible to lose. He kept his pace, even as he noticed one diving at him, crashing into his side and sending him reeling over the edge of the cliff, his one good wing flapping out instinctively, desperately, to right himself, the other unable to even unfurl. Eyes wide with fear, his body tumbled towards the rocks below, and he watched his death draw ever nearer to him.

Up above, the guards gathered at the place where he fell, leaning over and hardly even blinking when they heard the crash. They waited, and watched, and once the moon peeped out for a moment once more, they saw him in a circle of leaves, having crashed through part of a tree, not moving.

"Come on, no one could have survived that fall, let alone a Pegasus that couldn't fly" Muttered one Pegasus. An earth pony nodded.

"Agreed. The threat is nullified, lets report back." The group of darkly colored ponies turned their tails and headed back the way they came at a more leisurely pace, laughing amongst themselves at the death of the one they had chased down; speaking of what a fool he was, that a lowly squire, a messenger, could stand up to their king: Midnight Rain.