Chapter one

The town of Ponyville was as bustling and colorful as ever. Ponies bustled about, making purcahses, calling to those trotting the streets to try and sell their wares. Admist all this bustle, was a pale yellow Pegasus moving through the crowds.

"Alright now little ones, that's it." The soft-spoken Fluttershy was walking backwards through town, leading a small group of motherless ducklings across the road. Today was a big day for them; it was their first trip to the pond! She hadn't hatched many nests, but they had all worked out. Any pony that passed simply moved to the side of the road, this being a usual occurrence, but the animal she was leading usually changed. The pale yellow pony glanced up as the little ducklings froze in fright as Rainbow Dash flew overhead, chasing away clouds. "It's alright little ones, nothing to be afraid of." She smiled, turning back to the ducklings. She had them calm again after a few moments, and continued on to the pond, sitting happily as the six little birds swam for the first time.

"Wow, they look great, Fluttershy." The Pegasus looked over to see Twilight Sparkle relaxing in the shade of a willow tree with a book as usual. She smiled and trotted over, lying beside her friends.

"Thank you, Twilight." She smiled. "They were very well behaved on the way here."

"Well that's good. But why not use the pond near your cabin? Isn't that a little closer?"

"Oh yes, but this is the place that most of the ducks and other birds visit. So I wanted this to be their first place, so they can get to know where it is and the other creatures that come here."

"Well I suppose that's a good idea then." Twilight said. "They certainly seem to be getting along with the rest of the animals here." Both looked over to see the ducklings swimming about with another group of ducklings, the mother of that brood keeping an eye on them.

"Oh, I'm so happy!" The Pegasus smiled happily, clapping her front hooves together. "So, what are you reading there?"

"Oh! This? It's a new book I got about the different countries bordering Equestria." The purple unicorn said, turning the book for Fluttershy to see and flipped to the table of contents. "There's Dragon country, Draconia. Rarity would love it there, there's so many jewels I don't think she'd ever want to leave. There's the country in the Sea, with the Sea Ponies in it."

"Oh, Caballia? I don't think I've heard of that." Fluttershy said, pointing to another name, one unfamiliar to her.

"Oh, that's another Pony kingdom like the Sea Ponies. It's across the mountains, so there's not a lot of interaction. Princess Celestia does meet up with their king now and again though."

"Oh, that's so wonderful! I wonder what it's like there!"

"Well, we can see. Here, let's look it up, I haven't gotten there just yet." Twilight said, her horn glowing, and the pages flipped to about the middle of the book. The chapter opened with an image of the ruler, Midnight Reign. He was dark in color, nearly black, with a deep blood-red mane and deep violet eyes.

"ooh… He's scary looking." Fluttershy said, cowering a little, her wings flaring up over her face a little.

"The Princess says he's stern, but fair. He's well respected and rules well."

"Well that's good. It's always nice to not judge just by the cover of a book." Twilight nodded in agreement, and flipped the page to images and descriptions of the castle. They lay together reading, and enjoying the afternoon sun, soon having the six fuzzy ducklings cuddling between them.

As the sun lowered in the evening, the girls looked up.

"Oh my, I better get these guys home soon." Fluttershy said, standing and nudging the ducklings awake. Twilight stood as well, levitating her book into her saddle bag.

"Here, let me help. Spike asked me to leave the library to him so he could do his chores."

"Thank you so much, Twilight." Fluttershy said happily. They proceeded back to Fluttershy's, talking as they went, the ducklings walking between them. They reached her home too soon, but twilight bade her good night and trotted off for home as the Pegasus put the ducklings down for the night. "There, all comfy." Fluttershy smiled. She trotted over to Angel, and made sure he was tucked in before heading to bed herself.


(I already feel like I'm moving too fast x.x broke this chapter up into smaller ones so nothing happened all in one chapter x.x new to the show, the characters, and everything. Gonna be awhile before I feel I can get anything right.)