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Hi. Haha! Okay, purely a fic made out of boredom. I re-watched La Corda D'oro again hoping for inspiration to write the other story that I made about it. :P Sorry this is what happens during summer when you have nothing else to do but think of wild plots that could have actually happened to the La Corda D'oro series :P

Chapter 1-Note

She had a hunch that this would happen right after they started dating, I mean it was actually surprising that they managed to restrain themselves from the moment that they found out about Tsukimori Len going out with the so-called "plain and boring" Hino Kahoko.

As she and Len walked the school gates, she immediately felt the glaring eyes that nearly wanted to pierce her heart right out of her chest. She nearly stumbled trying to stifle a yelp of fear. Luckily, Len was there to catch her, immediately putting a hand on her waist to support her. She lightly blushed at the contact.

"I keep telling you to look where you're going." Len said annoyed but flashing a small smile at Kaho's clumsiness. He knew that those were one of her trademarks. "S-sorry" she said nervously as she felt that those eyes weren't only glaring now, they were on fire. She had to keep herself from making her teeth chatter. "What's wrong?" Len asked sensing that she seemed a bit uneasy and nervous. He unconsciously looked at his watch.

"Kaho, we're right on time, there's still plenty of time before the first bell." Remembering that she was always worried that she would come to school late, which frequently happened the first few days after they started going out, he decided to pick her up but then he ended up staying about 30 minutes in their living room, having a cup of coffee. It was a great time to relax but then the both of them ended up running uphill just to get to school on time.

Gradually, Kaho learned to wake up earlier, but during one of his waiting sessions in the Hino's house, he saw a box, the label said, the ULTRA-MEGA GREAT WAKE-UP ALARM CLOCK. Apart from raising his eyebrow at the absurd name, it was pretty great that this alarm clock provided a solution to their running problems every morning.

"It's not that..." she trailed off trying to force a smile. Suspicious, Len thought. "You...you're not hiding something, are you?" He asked, his suspicion growing as he saw that she flinched from his question.

"Eh...why would I be hiding something, Ah, let's get to class..." she said pushing him lightly, while his back was to her, she took a glance at the lower left corner, without a doubt, she saw three girls, a blond, a brunette and a black-haired girl, their arms crossed with hostile expressions which were definitely aimed at her.

Ah, it's Tuesday today...she remembered after she saw some of her classmates already wearing their gym wear. "She turned her attention to Len who was walking next to her, probably willing to escort her until she reached her own classroom. "Len, we have P.E. for first period, I should go get changed" she said smiling, "You should get going to your class as well" Len nodded, but before leaving, he gave Kaho a peck on the cheek, whispering in her ear, "Be careful not to fall." She blushed at the intimacy, even after 6 months of dating she still wasn't used to this. She watched Len's retreating figure.

"You two are sure lovey-dovey" a familiar, mischievous said. "A-amou-san!" Kaho exclaimed, surprised, based from her remark it seemed as if she had seen the whole thing. That just made her blush beet red, her skin still hot from the contact. Amou winked, "I took a picture, I'll be sure to give you a copy"

"Geez, I can't believe you actually took a picture!" she said in a loud voice, pouting. It was enough that a few people passed by saw it, now Amou even had a picture. She sighed, imagining Len's possibly annoyed expression. An image of an annoyed and angry Len came to her mind, "It's annoying" he said in her mind, in his perfectly cold voice.

"A picture of what?" a curious but energetic voice inquired.

"It was a picture of me and Le-" Kaho cut off upon seeing the person who was asking. "Ah, Hihara-senpai, n-nothing..." she didn't need to tell other people about it, it was enough that Amou already knew.

"Good morning, sempai" she flashed a smile, 'I should just forget about it' knowing Amou, if they weren't friends, this would probably already be published at the school paper, but she knew that Amou respected her privacy.

"Good morning, Kaho-chan!" he smiled. Although, at the back of his mind, his curiousity still itched. 'Was she about to say a picture of her and Tsukimori' he remembered seeing from the school gates how Len had caught her from a nasty fall.

At the girls' locker room...

Kaho slipped on her socks. She went to her shoe locker to get her P.E. shoes. Her eyes immediately widened upon what she saw...

Mio and Nao immediately noticed their friend's troubled expression, "What's wrong, Kaho-chan?" Mio asked. They peered into her locker and shared her shocked expression.

Her shoes were immersed in dirt and apparently whoever did it wasn't satisfied and slashed it at the back, front and sides, making it completely unwearable. But even more shocking was the note that was etched on the cork of her shoe, in bold letters,

"Stay Away From Him".

Kaho gulped.


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