Chapter 2-Cake

Kaho took out 600 yen from her pink wallet and hesitantly put it on the school supplies counter. "Um, I'd like to buy a new pair of gym shoes" The lady looked at her questionably. It was a bit weird that a student would be buying a new pair in the middle of the school year. She sighed inwardly. 'There goes the money for the strawberry cake'.

"Hino?" A cool but worried voice spoke. Even without looking, she knew that big-brother like voice.

"Tsuchiura-kun" Kaho said trying to smile, taking the new pair in her hands, she saw the puzzlement in his expression. "What's up? Buying new gym shoes now?"

"Uh...the strap on my old ones broke!" she said hoping that her hesitation didn't make the lie seem even less believable.

Tsuchiura immediately noticed the lie in her voice. 'If you say so' he thought to himself. The lie only made him more curious as to what really could have happened.

After waving goodbye, Nao and Mio were next to her in less than 5 seconds, worried expressions also evident in their faces.

Lunch time...

Hino Kahoko sighed once again for the nth time today.

"Are you okay, Hino-san?" Mori asked after Nao and Mio just finished relaying what happened.

"What a pain, to think there are fan girls that would go that far" Amou said annoyed that they would scoop to such a level. "That's just dirty" she added, she tightened her grip on her camera.

"Ne, Kaho-chan, maybe you should tell Tsukimori-kun about this..."

Hino was about to protest knowing that Len would say hurtful and harsh words to those girls. "Tell me what?" A voice said.

Without thinking, she blurted out, "You know, about those fa-" she cut off realizing who the voice belonged to. "L-len"

Len approached her, an expensive looking lunch and a paper bag in his hand, probably bought at some restaurant or hotel, his eyebrows raised in an arrogant manner, clearly declaring that Kaho shouldn't even attempt to hide things from him.

"What is it that you should tell me?" he asked in a firm voice, he wasn't the type of person being kept in the dark, particularly if it involved Kahoko and him.

"Ah, we were supposed to have lunch today" she tried changing the subject. She could feel his patience snapping...

"You didn't answer my question" he said in a composed voice, trying to hide how annoyed he was. It just gave more awkward silence. Kaho's group of friends tried to think of a way to lessen the tension.

"You know...they say the breeze is cozy today" Amou remarked. The rest gave her puzzled expressions. Nao being the first person who got it.

"Yeah, the rooftop is a great place to enjoy the wind!" she supplied, both she and Amou sweatdropped.

"You two should go there" they said in unison, laughing sheepishly.

Len turned his back to them, for a few seconds Nao and Amou thought they had said something unhelpful and unnecessary, but then Len said in a barely audible voice, "Let's go" he said taking the lead.

Kaho simply nodded in reply, as she walked behind him. He stopped and stood frozen, making Kaho wonder if she had made him even more mad. But when was beside him to catch a glimpse of his face, he started walking again. She smiled to herself. Len was sweet in his own way.

At the rooftop...

Knowing that Len was waiting for an answer from her, "S-sorry Len, it's not like I'm hiding anything from you..." she began. He wasn't looking in her direction but the way he suddenly shifted in sitting position when she began talking, was a sign that he was all ears.

"I just didn't think you'd need to know about something so trivial..." 'If I were a girl who liked Len, I wouldn't want him to have a bad impression " she thought. saving the face and pride of Len's fan girls.

Len took her right hand and she couldn't help but stare into his light-honey eyes which seemed in deep thought about what she said. "It's up to me to determine whether it is a trivial matter or not" Kaho blushed lightly at the contact, Len's eyes were focused on her, the intensity apparent in his gaze. His face drawing closer to her...


That stopped both Len and Kahoko midway. Her pink blush turned into a deep crimson red. She bowed her head, trying to hide her face with her bangs. 'How embarrassing'

Of all the times her stomach chose to growl, it just had to be now, when she was with the Mr. Prim and Proper Len Tsukimori. She hesitantly opened one of her closed eyes to peek at Len. 'Please don't be annoyed...'

Both of her eyes, opened to their fullest when she saw that Len was actually trying to supress a chuckle. 'L-len is laughing?'

She could see that he was struggling not to laugh and she pouted. She simply observed him for the next 15 seconds, the chuckle slowly turning into a small smile. Len extended one of his hands, holding the paper bag and putting it on Kaho's lap.

"This is..." she looked inside and her eyes were filled with delight. "A strawberry shortcake!" she immediately noticed the aroma of strawberries as she stuck her face in the bag.

Len coughed. "It's from the shop that you wanted to go to." Kaho continued to stare at the cake, just when she was being all sad today that she wouldn't be able to try this cake, since she used what she had saved for the new gym shoes she unexpectedly had to buy.

Kaho smiled. "Arigatou, Len!" she said beaming a smile at him, making him smile a bit in return.

As she was about to take the first bite, she noticed that Len was staring at her, so instead, she placed the fork in front of his mouth. "Say Ah!"

He tried not to be embarrassed by the closeness of both her hands and her face to his own. "I don't really like sweet things" he protested. But Kaho persisted as she closed the distance between them, without even noticing, one of her legs were nearly intertwined with his own. He blushed harder at the contact.

He stood up from his sitting position, trying to get away from her to hide his blush. As he stood up, he didn't notice that he had dragged Kaho's leg with him, she who was out of balance, fell on top of him. Len couldn't help but smell her shampoo, her hair a mess. Her other finger was still holding the fork with a piece of the shortcake.

His eyes couldn't help but travel to her lips, a light pink color, she probably put her favorite lip balm on them, which only accentuated it more, her red cheeks and the nape of her neck, a teasing invitation.

"Gomen" she said as she was about to get off of him. He immediately grabbed one of her hands, holding her hand in his own, as he slowly took the cake on the fork. Smiling a bit, she was about to ask how it tasted, as if reading her thoughts, Len pressed his lips on hers, allowing her to taste the cream on the cake and crumbs left on his lips. Intoxicated with the taste of her favorite cake and Len's lips, she found herself breathing heavily.

Len playfully licked her lips, the sudden action, caused her to slightly gasp, allowing Len entrance into her mouth, she could feel more of the strawberry on his tongue.

Due to shortness of breath, both of them pulled away, trying to catch air. She smiled as Len stood up, extending his hand, to help her, she immediately took it as Len wrapped on his arms on the small of her back, the other placed comfortably around the back of her neck. She buried her face in his chest feeling contented.

It didn't matter that she was being bullied by Len's fans, after all, she was still Len's girlfriend and this was a side of him that those girls would never see.

She happily walked back to the classroom, but when she came nobody was there yet. She looked at the clock, she was 5 minutes early. But clearly, someone had already entered the classroom even before she came inside. From the moment she entered the classroom, she noticed a chair that stood out, she instantly recognized it as her own. Her table was covered in flour mixed with cracked eggs. While her table had sugar and whipped cream on them. On top of the flour was red food coloring in the shape of strawberries. Another note was on the table.

"Eat and lick this, flirt."


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