Sherlock Fanfiction:

John sat down opposite Harry in the booth she had chosen.

They hadn't spoken for a few months – not since she gave him her old phone to keep in touch. The meeting had come about in what John could only describe as the most... disturbing of circumstances.

Harry had been sitting at home when she had decided that a talk with John was far overdue and she should stop beating around the bush and just call him.

That was the last thing on John Watson's mind at that particular moment.

He and Sherlock had been lying in bed when John's phone had gone off. Being the closest to the bedside table, Sherlock had leaned over and without looking at the caller's name had picked up and immediately opened with;

"Hello, my name is Sherlock Holmes and I'm currently answering the phone of No. 1 sex-god Doctor John Watson for he is currently incapacitated by my side"

Sherlock grinned broadly at his new lover who fought the urge to laugh out loud.

"... John?" Harry had whispered, shocked, into the phone.

"Who is it?" John had asked as Sherlock paled at whatever the caller had said.

"Er... Um... It's Harry"

John lay there, stock still and silent.

"And from the shock in her voice, I take it you haven't told her about... us yet" Sherlock replied.

"No" John gulped, "That I haven't"

So after a brief apology and some serious 'I'm your older sister and I have some serious talking to you to do about boyfriends and phone etiquette' from Harry, John had agreed to meeting her at a nearby Coffee shop the following morning.

"So... How serious are you?" Harry said, desperate to ease her brother into it yet at the same time needy for answers.

"I love him" said John quietly.

"Well... I'm happy for you Johnny!" smiled Harry warmly, "You haven't really had anyone serious since you were shipped abroad"

"But Sherlock's different..." was John's only reply.

Harry could tell John wasn't willing to go any further into the conversation so chose to lead them away.

"So... The sweaters are a new development since I last saw you! How did they come about?" She tried to keep the element of 'grabbing at strings' out of her voice but with a conversation-starter like that it was hard.

"That" said John, "Was an experiment of Sherlock's involving a spatula, some of Mrs Hudson's knitting needles and a sheep... You don't really want to know the rest – it was a little messy"

Harry's eyebrows shot into her hairline.

"After that, Sherlock seemed to become a little fascinated with it... So much so that Mrs Hudson decided the best thing to do was to confiscate the needled and knit me some jumpers herself!"

Harry frowned.

"I don't quite follow you..." she said slowly.

"Well, let's just say even I was getting a little concerned for the welfare of the sheep and the state of out apartment!"