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"Kindle, do you want to go play on the monkey bars with me, Jamie, and Carlos?" Logan asked his new friend nervously after James introduced them all to him. Even if Logan already knew who Kendall was before. But Kendall didn't need to know that. And neither did James or Carlos.

The shy little blond shifted his pretty green eyes from his worn-out old Vans to his pretty, chocolate-eyed new friend before nodding hesitantly yet eagerly at three sets of dancing brown eyes, varying only in shade. Kendall was still shocked that these three pretty boys were talking to him. Of course he'd noticed them before…how could he not? He would never admit it to anyone, but he'd always dreamed of being their friend.

But now, his dream was coming true, and for the first time in his rather sad 7 years, Kendall was smiling. Genuinely. Not that fake kind that his face had grown so used to – the real kind. The kind that Kendall was seriously beginning to doubt the existence of.

"Sure Logie," Kendall replied, but not without a blush at this nickname he'd instinctively given to this lovely boy he had just formally met. He could have sworn he saw the pale brunette genius blush. But he was most likely seeing things.

And Logan? Well, Logan just couldn't believe he was blushing right now under the intense emerald gaze and slightly flushed, angelicly innocent face.

Especially at a nickname he'd always hated his mother using. But it felt different when Kendall used it. Almost…right.

"Well, let's go guys! Stop just staring at each other! I wanna climb the monkey bars!" Carlos shouted, crossing his little arms and stamping his foot for emphasis. Not necessarily angrily, but not necessarily enthusiastically either. Only the cute little Latino of the group understood why he was so upset about Logan and Kendall's staring contest. He was upset because he thought Kendall should be staring at him with those fascinating eyes instead. He didn't know why, but he really wished he was. Or he wished that Logan was looking at him the way he was currently looking at Kendall with those slightly-creamed coffee eyes.

And James? Well, James just got tired of the little love triangle forming in front of him. Yes, he knew what a love triangle was. It happened all the time his mommy's soap operas. Though he would swear to his dying day that he had never watched them with his mommy. Especially not on their old blue sofa while eating freshly baked cookies. So what did fearless James do to break it up?

He grabbed Kendall's little hand and pulled him to the monkey bars.

Partly because there was something about the feel of the lovely blond boy's hand in his.

And partly because he didn't like the way Carlos and Logan were looking into those shiny green eyes.

He wanted to look into those eyes. And he wanted Carlos and Logan to look at him that way.

Kendall was blushing again. These boys seemed to make him do that a lot.

It's a good thing daddy can't see this… he thought as James pulled him to the monkey bars.

But Kendall let himself forget about his scary daddy and focus on the pretty, tall, brunette boy with catlike eyes holding his hand. It felt nice. Tender and gentle almost. And that wasn't something Kendall was used to.

When the quartet reached the monkey bars, Carlos, always the daredevil, decided to show off. He was trying to balance on the top bar – like he'd seen those people in circuses do in their tight, sparkly little outfits with that giant pole. But Carlos always thought the pole was unnecessary. So naturally, he thought he could balance on this bar without it.

Unfortunately, the adorable little 9-year-old had always been notoriously clumsy. If only his little Converse-clad left foot hadn't slipped.

Carlos was just lucky that his James was quick on his long, hockey-trained legs. If it weren't for his tan best friend's arms quickly enveloping him and breaking his fall, Carlos would have gotten some serious boo-boos. And then Loganator would have lectured him, telling him he should be more careful…and probably scold him for not wearing his helmet that day.

And for a split second, Carlos almost wished he would've hit the ground. Most people found his genius friend's lectures incredibly boring. But Carlos wasn't most people. And he loved them. It showed him that the pale brunette boy cared. And he liked that Logan cared about him.

But that was only for a split second. Because Carlos loved the feel of his fearless best friend's arms around him just as much as he loved Logan's lectures.

And he also loved the way that Kendall had one of his perfect little hands protectively on his usually helmet-clad head, repeatedly asking over and over if he'd hit his head, if he was alright, if he needed anything.

Carlos loved that his friends cared so much about him. And he cared just as much for them.

And Kendall? Well, Kendall just loved having someone to care about other than himself.

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