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Alex was the most trouble. She constantly reminded him he had drank her blood, no matter how many times he apologised. Alex looked after him though, she wound him up, but she looked after him while Tom was away at work. She tried her best to be annoying and get on Hal's nerves, but ultimately she made sure he was well, and recovering.

Her tea wasn't a good as Annie's but it was tea none the less. Her attempts at dinner were not as perfect as Pearl's and were often microwave meals she had rent-a-ghosted from Tesco's. Hal couldn't fault her for trying though.

Alex was rarely here now a days, she minded him, under Tom's strict instruction while he was at work but Hal was getting stronger and no longer needed to be watched around the clock. So Alex went off to search for her body, and discover her unfinished business most days. Strangely he missed her being around. At first he couldn't wait to get rid of her, it sounds awful considering the part he played in her death, but seeing her stuck forever in the clothes she wore for their date, made him feel guilty. Now he wanted her back. She made him laugh, when she wasn't winding him up. She read to him, even though she complained about the books Hal liked. He even missed it when she made him watch Holyoaks.

The last time they spent a good few hours together was a good day. It was warm outside, and it was a Thursday. The sun was hitting the back of him, making him feel a little bit sick, so Alex closed the blinds.

"Mornin' gorgeous" She chimed, clearly making fun of him.

Hal knew he looked awful, though he had no reflection, he knew he would have dark rings around his eyes, his lips would be chapped and his skin would be paler than usual.

"Fancy some breakfast?" She called from the kitchen.

"Just tea, please" He croaked.

He was nearly there with his recovery process, a few more days of feeling and looking awful and he'd be on the mend. He would start to get a lot stronger. He watched Alex as she boiled the kettle, but she didn't grab two cups like Annie would, she never made tea for herself. Hal was slightly disturbed by how unaffected Alex was by her own death. She had been slightly confused at first and rather angry and then nothing, she was just the same as she had been when she was alive, loud and boisterous. Hal suspected it was front though, because he could have sworn he'd heard sobs late at night when she thought the boys were asleep.

"Here you go." Alex came through the double doors of the kitchen, with a cup of hot tea in her ghostly hands. Alex unbuckled one of the straps around Hal's wrist.

"What? What are you doing?" Hal was nervous, she couldn't release him, why would she release him? what was she doing?

"Calm down! I'm only freeing ya hand " Alex grinned, and Hal looked confused. "Oh come on, ya can drink a cup o tea by yaself! Ya don't need a straw, it's silly!" She started to fee a his arm too.

Hal took the cup, it was hot, very hot. He placed it too his lips and smiled. Alex allowed him a slight bit of independence, a tiny bit of freedom. Tom would hit the roof if he knew. Tom would say that Hal could free himself with that free hand, and escape. Tom would be very angry indeed because Tom knew what vampires were like, but right now Hal felt slightly human, he didn't want to escape, he wanted to stay here, it was safe. Alex still hadn't forgiven him for drinking her blood, he knew that, but she was starting to trust him a little bit. She was starting to accept him.

He knew Alex was scared of him. After all he had called her some horrible things, and showed her the old Hal many times during his detox. Alex pretended not to be bothered, but he could smell the fear on her.

Though while Hal sat in his chair now, staring at the walls, waiting for Alex and Tom to return. He didn't think back to that happy, sunny Thursday afternoon, no. He thought back to a cloudy Saturday morning. When he wasn't as strong and he had a distain for Alex being in the house.

He felt awful that morning, a unprovoked rage sitting in his stomach, rising slowly. Tom had got up, and made him some breakfast. Though Hal did not eat or utter a word to Tom, he just stared.

"Right Hal, I've gotta go na" Tom said while putting on his coat "Alex will look afta ya, call if need me"

"Will do." Hal's tone was blunt.

"Alrite mate, see ya later" Tom was used to Hal's mood swings by now, but Alex was not. She would argue with him, and scream at him and call him out on his less than gentlemanly behaviour.

He heard Alex come down the stairs, she seemed cheery, and that only made Hal more aggravated.

She walked straight past him and into the kitchen.

"Tea?" She called

"No." Hal replied, bluntly in the same tone he had spoken to Tom in.

"Suit yaself" She chimed.

Her happiness seemed to ignite the unprovoked rage in Hal, making it bubble to the surface at an alarming rate. Watching her stood in the kitchen, putting the radio on and washing up, he wanted her to leave. She put away the dishes in the wrong order, and often left them to drip on the work top. Something Annie never allowed, something Pearl would have a fit over. He studied her intently, frozen in time in a dress. A dress she hated because it was girly, a dress he hated because it was constant reminder that he had once took her on a date, that she had died because of him. He looked at her face, studied her features. She looked happy, humming along to the radio. She had put make-up on for their date, she looked beautiful, she would look that way forever.

"Sure ya don't want some tea Hal?" She called over the radio.

"I said, no thank you." He spoke through gritted teeth.

"Alright, come on , what's your knickers in a twist, eh?" She came through the double doors of the kitchen and began to search for the television remote on the cluttered coffee table.

"Don't put the television on." He growled.

"Er why?" She was still looking for the remote control, she had moved her search to down the sides of the sofa.

"Because you watch awful programmes, mindless drivel that drives me insane."

She found the remote. "Ah-ha!"

She flicked on the television, and scrolled though the channels.

"Did you not just hear what I said?" Hal was looking at her with utter distain.

"Yeah, I did." She didn't look at him, her eyes were fixed on the television. "And as far as I'm aware there's nothing you can do to stop me."

She sat on the sofa, flicking through the channels until she found some American soap opera. Hal knew she wasn't interested in the show, she was just watching it to wind him up.

"Turn it off."

"What's the magic word?" She chimed, she really knew how to irritate him.

"Listen you insolent bitch, I have told you turn it off, and you will listen to me."

Alex ignored him, she knew ignoring him made him worse.

"Annie would listen to me, you know!"

It was a low blow, Hal knew Alex hated being compared to Annie. Hal had compared her to Annie so many times.

"Annie made drinkable tea too, and she cleaned the place, she didn't leave it looking like a pig sty." Hal was angry now, for no real reason at all.

"You swan about the place like it is your own home, well it's not. It never will be.Tom doesn't even want you here, we put up with you. He feels sorry for you. I don't know why, You make mess, you don't do anything properly, you are a nuisance, God why couldn't it have been you that went instead of Annie? why can't we have Annie back? Swap you for her, yes that would be excellent." Hal spat.

For once Alex didn't react, Hal thought she was ignoring him on purpose.

"Are you listening to me? Do you need me to repeat myself?"

She stood up, turned of the television and looked Hal dead in the eyes, that took courage he must admit. She had tears welling up in her own eyes, and her jaw was shaking slightly.

"No, I've heard enough." And she rent-a-ghosted out of the room.

Hal can't remember much after that, he didn't want to. Guilt racked through his entire body, he was the reason Alex lived here, he was the reason she had nowhere else to go. She was untidy and her tea wasn't always up to scratch but she was alright really. She was just a constant reminder of what a monster Hal could be, and monsters he associated himself with. He forced himself to think of that sunny Thursday afternoon. When she made him watch Holyoaks and freed his hand so he could drink his tea. He reminded himself of her smile and her laugh and her voice when she was happy. He hoped Alex would stick around a bit longer, because they needed her around here. Tom did want her, he enjoyed her company. She wasn't motherly like Annie, she was more a big sister to him.

Though at the same time, he hoped she'd complete her unfinished business, because she deserved rest. She deserved to cross over and leave this God awful situation behind her. But Hal's own selfish needs wanted her here, because he didn't want to say goodbye to another ghost and watch them wander through their door. A door he would never have for himself.