The last of the children were taken through the gate to the Delta site with the elderly citizens of the town, this only left the younger citizens to go next through the stargate to the Delta site. But many of these young men and women were the ones who worked with Prometheus in his laboratory and facility on a daily basis and in a way were responsible for the construction of allot of the Goa'uld weapons and devices that left this world. It became apparent that many of them weren't going to leave their tech behind for the Goa'uld to salvage even from the rubble of their destroyed homeworld. But now that they also knew that their grandfather was willing to leave with them Connor could only guess they were making sure he didn't change his mind which he had to admit was very admirable even when he knew Prometheus wanted them all gone in case something he didn't foresee happing with his plan happens.

Connor watched as the old Goa'uld literally out of nowhere kicked his grandson in the ass as he tried to help with some adjusting to a booby trap he just set up. Followed by him screaming at the young man in what was probably ancient Goa'uld

"If I needed your help, I would have asked for it, and If you have the time to bother me then you and the others must have boxed up the entire lab and facility for the Delta site already, and I won't need to worry about it when I'm done here."

Sai rubbed his ass as he said

"sorry grandfather."

An went to go back to boxing but was stopped by Connor who said.

"Why did he do that to you I mean you all have said he isn't like the other Goa'uld, but that was very…"

Sai put up his hand to stop Connor from finishing the thought he was about to say and said.

"Do you have elders back on earth?"

Connor looked at the young man and said

"I did, but they passed away a few years ago."

Sai bowed his head and said what looks to be a small prayer before returning to Connor's gaze and saying

"Sorry for your lost, Captain Connor but when you did have elders tell me you didn't occur their wrath every once in while when you tried to do something for them when they didn't ask or if they were upset about something. And, in turn, your helping only manages to get underfoot when there was a bigger problem on the way, or they didn't get angry slightly it's not a Goa'uld thing like you may try to make it into sir, it more a parental thing. Of a man being forced into a situation, he wasn't prepared for, and he adjusts to it. I mean think about it Connor if he was acting like other Goa'uld he'd would've never touch me to punish me he would've used a device on me, and he didn't. He only physically struck me, and that was only once and believe me if we live to see tomorrow he'll be miserable for doing that much. You may have heard him shout at me in a Goa'uld dialect, but all I heard was my grandfather's fear as he feels time running out for us all and his own doubt in his skills and faith in all that he has done won't be enough like it was back then. He is also angry at us grandchildren for inheriting his stubborn streak, which makes us not want to leave him alone here no offense with you and your team but more so with those things over there."

Sai shook his head to make a motion gesturing towards the prisoners.

Connor looked at the Goa'uld and Jaffa prisoners who were still tied up they were also fitted with devices that prevent their snakes from jumping from their host or out of Jaffa pouches. Prometheus had told Connor as he put them on the prisoners they had been developed for To'kra agents. To question them easily as it also prevents the symbiote from committing suicide of itself or host. An at the time he didn't really feel that bad making that device with how his relationship had ended back in the day with the to'kra but now they were coming in handy with their enemies now as well, so there was a silver lining.

Connor was listing to his radio as his team told him about the citizens bringing loads of crates of tech to the gate. Connor got his team to dial earth and to get the okay from Coronel O'Neal on the tech going through to the Delta site. Once they had that the crates were ready to be sent through along with a majority of the technicians to make sure everything was secured and safely put away upon their arrival. All of the technicians who would end up going were unhappy about the fact they were being forced to go and leaving grandfather behind this is when Sai was the one who gave the order by saying.

"Grandfather doesn't need us all here to help him because in the long run we wouldn't, and god forbid they show up, and we had to do a mass exodus, and because of that, we delay our grandfather's plan even a fraction of a moment. And that was enough time for them to realize what he's had done and they manage to escape so you all must go to the Delta site now, please. I'm going to stay an help grandfather as I'm his first subordinate and so will Jasmine and Jade. We are all the heads of the departments, and in our own way it is our jobs to see grandfather's work has no errors and assist where we can without getting underfoot."

Sai look at Conner after saying last bit which made the soldier laugh a little, as he remembered what happened the last time Sai had got in his grandfather way. But to Connor and Sai let out a shy of relief, As the younger citizens did listen to Sai and followed the crates through the gate to the Delta site. As Sai had wished with little to no argument, which meant when the time came now, and the motherships arrived it would be only Connor and his team that needed to get through the gate and Prometheus and his three family members. Sai and the rest walked back to the city to find that Prometheus and see how they could help him.

But as they got closer to the city Connor and Sai both spotted Prometheus, He was standing near a hillside close to the city then they saw him touch his gauntlet and as he did the stones and dirt seem to fade away and disappeared revealing a tunnel and walked inside not paying attention to who was around.

Connor looked at Sai and said.

"Do you know what is in there?"

Sai shook his head no before he said

"I never knew that my Grandfather had something out this far, but until yesterday I never knew he had a suicide plan either so it could be anything... But maybe it's a hiding place of one of his weapons for his trap."

Connor nodded and said

"Maybe, let's go see what is there."

Connor and Sai followed and soon found themselves in a huge chamber and inside of it they saw a what looked to be a gun system based off of the tollans defense network. Connor didn't think this would do much as Goa'uld shield tech had advanced enough that the Tollans had been defeated by the Goa'uld. But then he saw it sitting in the center of this massive system it was something so rare he never dreamed he see one on this planet the system it was all being powered by a single zero point module at its heart. And if Prometheus had made this one alteration, the soldier started to believe it was possible this old goa'uld had or must have made other changes from the type of projectiles this system normally shoots out maybe even the firing rate. That is when the two of them caught sight of Prometheus's feet hangout from beneath one of the larger Lazer systems he was very close to where the zero point module was connected. Connor decides to clear his throat, so the old man knew they were there and as he did he almost immediately wish he hadn't as several sighting lasers painted him and Sai. Both men became statues as their hearts began to beat little faster but before anything truly bad happen Prometheus had shot out from beneath the area he been working screaming something, but it wasn't in Goa'uld it was in Asgard, and Connor only knew it because he heard the word once and he knew it meant.


Prometheus than turn on the two of them as the lasers went away and said

"why in the hell would you two follow me in here? Didn't you think maybe the old man might have something that has a lethal temperament encase other goa'uld or some unwanted guest followed me into this place he hid with a holo-device."

His eyes glowed a dim golden color as he was and for the first time, Connor had to agree the old man had cause to be pissed at them both they could've gotten themselves killed, but they also needed to know about this.

"We wanted to see what was in here?"

Prometheus gave both men a stern look only old age could teach Connor thought, and then Prometheus said.

"Well this has been my life's work since the beginning, When they brought me here all those years ago, I've been taking pieces from projects or asking for extra material when I could. But also using the ideas from other things they had me come up with to help in this defense system construction or let's be completely honest, this thing is a meat grinder it's way more overpowered than a normal defense system. Because of all the work they've given me over my time here, I've had the chance to merged about seventy different pieces of tech from a dozen worlds into these upgraded five Tollan heavy weapon stations after the fall of Tollan, and they brought me hundreds of them to tinker with. This project started off as many things over the decades whatever I could scrounge up and sometimes what I could lie to get…. Like the Zero point Module which is the key, I actually found that here in a temple and took it and hid it from the other goa'uld because if they had known I had it, they would've wanted it to power something of their own and this day would possibly never of come. As the module has ninety-seven percent charge, it will be used to power the system but also It going to supercharge the weapons shells before rapidly firing them through the Goa'uld shielding. It should work since I built their shield generators that all motherships use, and when they enter the satellites network, the satellites will begin hacking into all of the motherships systems and keep altering the shell piercing frequency until all the ships are gone by keeping the defense system up to date. An if any try to flee the five guns will go into annihilation mode and will cause the five guns to overlay for a wide spectrum burst to take out all engines on remaining ships instead of taking the time of destroying them. All the while system will be drawing power from zero point module and sending it back into it until it finally implodes on itself. An that will trigger the secondary device I was installing when you came into the chamber. The second device will take that energy release after it been triggered and cause a black hole to form at the source of the implosion. That will grow ten to the eighty-fifth power and once it is big enough will suck in the remaining ships as well as ripping this planet apart before it collapses in on itself, and this can be done thanks to the fact that the goa'uld left me in a dead sector of space. So even if the black hole doesn't collapse it won't hurt anyone other than goa'uld investigating what had happened to my family and me."

It was terrifying that this Goa'uld had planned this out and had been willing to even die this way, but Conner and Sai had talked him out of it. Now part of him wondered if he would live to regret it, but those thoughts would have to be for another time as the alarms started to sound a warning signaling that the first mothership had crossed into the system but stopped as it was waiting for the rest of fleet. Prometheus looked at the two men and said.

"Sai and you too Connor go and make sure the computer is still running in my lab while I finish up here."

The two young men went to do as the old man had asked and Prometheus went back to work and climb under the gun as he went to hook the secondary device to the module.