He was still out of practice with his crutches and tripped three times on his way towards the engine room.

Taking a deep breath he knocked on the right hand wall.

Simon asked warmly "Good evening, may we talk?"

He heard a loud crash and he assumed that Kaylee had dropped one of her many tools.

She was up from the engine floor in a instant.

He saw she was wearing a satin yellow and pink colored tank top silken yellow daisies were sewn all over it.

The top hugged her body perfectly, her light brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail stray hairs stuck to her face which was drenched with sweat and grease from the heat and humidity of the engine.

Kaylee looked so beautiful it nearly took his breath away.

Her face was flushed a deep crimson.

She cried irritated "God Simon, bùyào tōutōu duì wǒ zhèyàng de!"

Simon was instantly horrified that he had scared her.

What a great way to start a conversation Tam! Simon scolded himself harshly.

Before he could say anything, her face softened when she saw the immense regret in his eyes.

She pushed her hair back and went over to him.

Kaylee put her right hand on his right shoulder.

Taking a breath she said worriedly "Simon what are you doing up here, you should be in bed with a wound like that you need to heal not to be climbing all over this gorram ship!"

Simon ducked his head in embarrassment.

He took another breath and replied sheepishly "Kaylee I'm so sorry, I don't mean to scare you."

Kaylee exhaled and answered edgy "It's all right I'm still a mite jumpy on account of all the business with, you know...him."

Simon nodded his lips pressed tightly together, he knew that the "him" meant Early.

He raked his left hand throughout his hair nervously for few seconds.

Simon took a breath.

He said apprehensively "Kaylee, I came up here tonight to, it's just... I well I just got done speaking to River and she said that I should talk to you since we.. well.. since we haven't really spoken since.. well since before.. Early and well I thought I'd check in on you and see how you are."

Her face turned tight with anxiety as soon as he mentioned Early's name but it soon became soft with warmth.

Kaylee snaked her right arm around his waist and led him over to her hammock.

Both were soon settled her head on his chest his right arm wrapped softly around her waist.

She looked up at him trustingly.

A few minutes passed.

What should I say now? She must still be horribly upset it's only been four days for goodness sake! I really shouldn't of visited her I should of just gone to my bunk! Simon thought conflictingly.

Once again he raked his left hand throughout his hair nervously.

Slowly Simon started to unwrap his arm from around her waist.

He said awkwardly "Perhaps this was a mistake it's too soon I'll just go to my bunk and leave you time to yourself...to be with Serenity."

Simon started to rise, but Kaylee gently but firmly pulled him back down beside her again.

Reluctantly he rewound his arm around her waist and to his surprise she leaned her head back down on his chest again.

Kaylee looked up at him and replied warmly "No, please stay Simon I want you here."

Simon nodded and said softly "All right if that's what you want."

Kaylee nuzzled against his chest and replied relieved "It is, you really need to give yourself more credit doc, you are a very good listener."

He looked at her and said reassuringly "Kaylee you don't have to tell me what happened in here, I don't expect you too."

Kaylee gave him a incredulous look and replied slightly annoyed "Simon didn't you hear anything I just said? I just told ya you were a good listener, now hush up and let me tell ya my story!"

Simon said warily "Kaylee please there is really no need for you to-"

Kaylee cut him off with a tender kiss on his lips, she brushed his lips with her right forefinger.

She smiled softly and replied gently "Now not another word out of ya until I'm done all right?"

Stunned into silence he nodded weakly and tightened his grip around her waist.

Kaylee took a breath and said frighteningly "I didn't hear him come in, he was like a ghost so quiet, he said he would rape me if I didn't do what he told me, I was so terrified I didn't know what to do, I wasn't thinking, I told him were River slept, oh Simon I'm so sorry so very very sorry!"

With that she buried her head in his chest he could feel her warm tears wetting his shirt.

Simon just stroked her back and whispered comfortingly "Sssh, it's all right I know all of it and I understand."

Kaylee looked up at him her eyes red and swollen.

She said disbelievingly "You do, how?"

Simon continued to stroke her back and replied softly "When he held me hostage he told me all about how he had tied you up and he threatened me almost the same way."

He sighed and said warmly "I'm truly sorry Kaylee I didn't mean to upset you I know how important this room is to you and I didn't mean for you to re-live the experience you had here."

Kaylee replied simply "It's all right don't be sorry I feel a whole lot better, I think that by tellin' you all of what he did to me that I can finally feel safe in this room again."

Simon squeezed her softly and said encouragingly "That's great I'm glad."

Kaylee smiled and replied sweetly "Yeah me too."

With that she kissed him full on the lips, using his arms Simon lifted her up so that she was sitting directly on his lap.

She ran her hands throughout his hair while he gripped her tighter around her waist.

After a few minutes wrapped up in a each other they pulled apart flushed faced and breathless.

Kaylee grinned and replied astounded "Nǐ shì zhēn de zài jiēwěn!"

Simon smiled and said lovingly "Right back at you."

They were soon wrapped up in each other again.

A few minutes later they came up for air.

Once again they were both red faced and breathless.

Kaylee tenderly kissed his forehead and said wryly " Doc I never thought we would get this far, but I'm happy we are now, I love you, you know."

Simon gathered her to his chest and replied passionately "I know I'm happy as well Kaylee, I love you."

Kaylee pressed against him and asked suggestively "Think we can do more?"

With the utmost reluctance Simon pushed her away.

He said frustrated "I'm afraid not my leg still hasn't healed fully yet and if we do what you are thinking it may be damaged beyond Zoë's ability to repair."

Kaylee giggled.

She then straddled his lap once again.

Kaylee wrapped her arms around his neck pulled him close to her and asked seductively "We can still kiss can't we?"

Simon nodded and replied ecstatically "Yes we sure can as much as you want."

Kaylee smiled and said lovingly "Well doc kissin' will have to do until that leg of yours is healed but once it it is watch out cause' I'm gonna rock your world!"

Simon laughed and said passionately "I can't wait, I love you Kaylee Frye."

Kaylee pulled him even closer and replied intensely "I love you, Simon Tam."

With that the couple continued to kiss reverently

Simon was glad he came to check in on Kaylee.

If I didn't I would be experiencing this amazing blissful love I defiantly need to thank River tomorrow. He thought happily.

Simon then continued to give himself over to Kaylee.

Mandarin Translations

Nǐ shì zhēn de zài jiēwěn- You are really great at kissing!

Bùyào tōutōu duì wǒ zhèyàng de!~ Don't sneak up on me like that!