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Harry and Severs walked out of the Cafe hand in hand. They paused to look at the Christmas windows just like others couples had been not long before when Harry had been wishing for someone of his own. 'Christmas wishes do come true,' he muttered to himself. Severus had heard and smiled softly.

Together they walked towards the Chinese in silence, when they arrived they opted to sit and have a meal there instead of a takeaway. As it was just the two of them they found themselves seated in the corner shielded behind some large pot plants.

Over the meal they talked about what they wanted to happen Harry would move into Severus' house and stay in the spare room until they were ready for their relationship to progress. As they lingered over the last of the wine, disaster happened.

Harry reached over the table and touched the back of Severus' hand asking him if he was ready to go. Severus turned his hand over and gave Harry's a gentle squeeze. As they sat there, the door of the restaurant flew open and in came the Patel twins with Lavender Brown gossiping as ever.

'Well I had heard that it's passed on through sex, that's the only way you can get it.'

'Really – are you sure, I had heard that it was from kissing as well.'

'All depends on what you have been kissing,' all three of the girls gave a dirty laugh.

Harry paused in what he was about to say to Severus to listen at what they were saying, with small frown on his face.

'Of cause tomorrow I will have to start the rounds letting every one know that there is a possibility that I might,' at this the girls sniggered, 'have been in contact with some one who had sex with a muggle with an STD.' The girls cackled. 'I could hardly have told them tonight; they wouldn't have let me play with them. It is not the fact that I 'might' have it that is the problem – it's the itching that gets to me.'

Harry had know frozen, quickly he tried to pull his hand away from Severus but Severus wouldn't let him, looking up he saw that Severus was watching him and listening to the girls as well. He placed a finger to his lips indicating that they should continue to listen.

'Who are you going to tell first?'

'Well I suppose that I should work backwards – starting with tonight there was Pansy of course, then I had Blaise and Justin, I missed out Draco but I had him 2 days ago. We had a private session in his office before he had to rush home to 'Precious Potter'. What a spoil sport.' They heard this just before the girls moved forward to be served.

Harry was now beginning to panic, Severus could see that Harry was about to run away from him. He moved his chair around to sit beside Harry, leaning over he whispered in his ear 'even if you do have this, we can still make a go of a life together, as we weren't going to rush into being intimate it changes nothing. I will not let you go over this.'

Harry looked at him is disbelief, 'really,' he whispered back, Severus nodded, 'lets wait to hear if there is anything else to hear before we go OK?' Harry nodded.

After being served the girls went back to where they had been standing before.

'So who do you think gave it to you then?'

'Well I think it was one of the muggle lovers or half bloods, who else would be so common.'

'Personally I think that it was Seamus, remember that he said he was away for a week, but someone saw him here in the Alley.'

'How many people do you think that he has slept with?'

'I heard him bragging that the only person that he hasn't slept with is Potter.'

'I wonder if he will get it - after all Draco is just as much of a slut as Seamus.'

'The trick to beating the disease is to find someone who can develop a cure...' The girls quickly left as their order was called.

Harry looked at Severus and said 'I really need to get out of here.'

Severus nodded and put some money on the table and helped Harry gather his things. When they were out side Severus asked 'if you hold on I will apparate us home.' Harry just looked at his hands as if he couldn't bring himself to touch Severus. 'Harry, even if you have it, and I think that I know what they are talking about, it is only passed on through sex.'

Harry nodded and sighed, 'I just feel so unclean.'

Severus nodded, 'If you let me I will scan you when we get home, alright?'

Harry held on as Severus apparated them to his house. On arriving Severus led them into the study and poured them both a drink. Harry was shaling slightly when he asked, 'can you scan me please, I can't wait any longer?'

After a couple of waves of his wand Severus replied, 'you do have it – but quite mildly it hasn't taken hold yet. I have several potions that will get rid of symptoms and then detoxify your body. Who have you had sex with recently?'

'Other than Draco no one, I thought that you understood that.'

'I am sorry, Harry, I just wanted to make sure – you will have to tell Draco that he has given this to you.' Harry nodded.

'Let me get you those potions and then you can get settled in your room.' Again Harry just nodded. 'Harry,' Severus said, 'everything will be OK, I'm sure that this has been quite a shock for you. But by tomorrow your body will be free from this disease and everything will be fine. Please don't give up on us yet.'

At the desperate note in Severus' voice Harry looked up, 'I won't give up if you don't,' he pulled Severus towards him and wrapped his arms around Severus waist. Severus put his arms around Harry's shoulders and hugged him close. They stood there for a moment.

'Let me show you to your room then I will get you the potions. They won't be pleasant but when you wake in the morning other than an ache you will be alright.' He smiled down at Harry and kissed him on his forehead.

As Severus hurried to collect the potions he added a small amount of pain killer to one and a few drops of dreamless sleep to the other. He didn't want Harry to suffer with this cure. Harry was so trusting he hadn't even thought that Severus might not know what to look for or even that there was a cure. Maybe he didn't hear what had been said. Severus had been called in by St Mungo's to help with the epidemic that was coming with this 'free love'. He hadn't realised that his Godson had been involved until tonight.


When Harry awoke the following morning Severus had just entered the room carrying a tray of breakfast.

'Good morning, Severus,' Harry said.

'Morning, Harry, how are you feeling this today?'

'OK, better than I thought.' Severus smiled.

'Well if that is the case I have a suggestion, why don't we go out and spend the day getting to know one another. We can go anywhere you like do any thing you like just the two of us. I know that tomorrow you are going to work and that you are going to Draco's flat to get the rest of your things.'

'That's a great idea, can you scan me first please – I want to know that I am free from it.'

Severus waved his wand. 'You are clear,' he replied.

'Can we go to the zoo?' Harry asked as he went into the bathroom.

'Muggle or wizard?

Harry's head popped out of the bathroom, 'the wizarding world has a zoo?'

'Hurry up,' Severus said with a smile.


Having had a great day they returned home, Severus went to cook dinner for the pair of them; Harry decided that instead of waiting till tomorrow to get his stuff he would go now. Calling to Severus that he was going out he quickly left.

When he arrived at the apartment it looked like it had been raided. The furniture was overturned. Food and drink had been trodden into the carpet. Harry was so pleased at that point that he didn't live there any more. Quickly he gathered his things from the kitchen and lounge area, he took his pictures of the wall and stacked by the front door. Next he went to the bedroom, opening the door he was not at all surprised to see Draco in bed, and alone.

He switched on the light and quickly walked over to his wardrobe, with a flick of his wand everything was carefully folded, and was now packed in his bag. By this time the lump in the bed had moved and Draco was sitting looking at him with bleary eyes.

'You came back, I knew you would.' Draco said.

'Of course I am back – I had come to collect my things.'

First Draco started with pleading for Harry to come home, that this was where he belonged. Harry continued to collect his things. By now Draco was furious, he started shouting about how bad Harry was in bed and that no one else would want him. At this Harry gave a little smile. Draco smirked 'so you think that you have found someone new do you, some one to be your everything!' Harry just smiled. 'Well if that's the case I hate to disappoint you, but the only person you can have sex with is me.'

Harry faltered and looked at Draco, 'Why is that?' Harry said. Draco looked very smug, 'well you see it's like this there is this thing called an STD, there is a chance that I may have it – so you must have it, so you can only sleep with me.'

'How long have you known that you have an STD?' Harry asked quietly.

Draco froze realizing what he had just said. 'Well that's not what I mean...'

Harry turned to face him a breeze lifted in the room. 'Don't lie to me, how long have you known?'

'A couple of weeks,' Draco muttered.

'I had hoped that you hadn't known,' Harry muttered to himself. 'I hoped that even with this new life style that I had meant more to you than that and that you wouldn't be that much of a bastard as to keep a disease from me, or did you do it deliberately?' Harry wondered.

The gentle breeze was now whipping around the room. 'You knew and didn't tell me you're just as bad.' Draco yelled.

'I found out by accident after I left here last night, from a guest from your little party no less. Funny thing was she seemed to think that she gave it to you possibly at the private party that the two of you had in your office; she was the reason that you were late home. To think that I was going to tell you tonight after all that you had done.' Harry shook his head. 'NO more, if I ever see or hear from you again it will be too soon.'

With that Harry left.

He went straight home, 'home' he thought what a nice word; it had been a long time since Harry had thought of the apartment as home. Quickly walking into the kitchen he walked up to Severus and put his arms around him.

'I went to get my stuff,' he said. 'He knew, he has known for weeks. I think that he wanted me to get it so I wouldn't leave him.'

Severus turned in Harry's arms and rested his chin n the top of his head. 'It's over now,' he whispered. Harry nodded.

'Yes, I told him that I wanted nothing more to do with him.'

Severus smiled. It might be over for Harry, but Draco and his friends will have a shock in store when they realise that 'he' is the one who had developed the cure and the one holding the patent.

'After dinner can we get a tree?' Harry asked. Gently kissing Harry on the lips, 'Of course,' replied Severus.

Later that evening after dinner, after the tree had been bought and decorated, Harry and Severus sat close to each other in front of the fire drinking a glass of mulled wine.

'Do you have a wish for Christmas, Severus?' Harry asked.

'I have already got it.' Severus replied putting his arm around Harry

'I think that this is going to be a good year to come. What about you?'

'I could wish for nothing more.'


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Harry had that tingly feeling again as he had when he had walked out of the cafe the night before, this time though it felt even better. Yes it would be a good Christmas and an even happier new year because Harry had someone to be his all and everything and he was that to some one as well.