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Christmas was now over and Harry and Severus had had a great time. They strolled down Diagon Alley holding hands and looking at the Christmas windows. Harry had managed to get a few days off before Christmas to 'sort himself out' after his break up with Draco, during that he looked into all the accumulated leave that he was entitled to, (nearly a months worth,) and took it all in one go. Harry had decided that his love life was not the only thing that needed a shake up.

Severus had been very impressed with Harry's ideas for updating the textbooks in DADA. Just before Christmas he had spoken to his contact at the publishing house that had previously published his own Potion Papers and had a set of the books made up and bound as a surprise for Harry. What amazed Severus was that his contact had taken the time to look through the textbooks and he was so impressed that he had taken it to his Manager, who in turn had sent a contact for Harry with the set of books.

Two weeks into his leave in January Harry had made a decision. He had sent Hedwig off with an owl giving the Ministry two weeks notice. When he went back to work he would only be there for the day. Much to long in Severus' option but Harry felt that he could leave with a clear concisions if he finished the few reports that were left on his desk and collected his personal items.

Harry had worked out a revolutionary concept for the Wizarding World. The students were going to write their 'own' textbook. They would be using lever arch files and biro pens. Home work would he handed in on 'a4' paper. To start with Severus had been horrified, but after he had seen the adaptability of the items he had been impressed.

Harry's idea was that the students would have 2 lessons a week one practical and the other theory. During the lessons they would be taught the theory about several spells and their counter curses, their homework would be to write them up on the paper, if they handed in the home work they could participate in the practical lesson.

The folders that the students produced would contain all the information that they needed to pass both their OWLS and their NEWTS. Severus had chuckled deviously when Harry had mentioned removing all DADA textbooks from the library when it was revision time.

The more time that they spent together the more time that they had wanted to be together. They had shared some quite steamy kisses and some heavy petting but that was as for as things had gone.


That was until one rainy Sunday afternoon the fire was lit in the library. Harry was laying sleepily on a thick rug on floor in front of the fire. Severus quietly lay beside him and placed his hand on the patch of skin that had appeared between Harry's jeans and his shirt. Rubbing gently in slowly increasing circles Severus discovered that it made Harry purr in contentment.

Sleepy Harry opened his eyes and smiled. Reaching up a hand he threaded his fingers through Severus' hair and tugged gently. Severus leaned further forward and gently kissed Harry. Pulling back he smiled as he saw taking his lips away from Harry made him pout slightly. Reaching for his wand, and with a flick he made the rug that they were laying on wider and thicker, when Harry looked up with a question in his eyes, Severus said, "I am not as young as I used to be."

Harry chuckled as replied quoting an old saying, "you're as young as the man you are feeling!"

Severus smirked. "Harry, are you happy here?" He asked.

"You know that I am."

"Good," Severus replied.

Leaning forward he kissed Harry firmly and as they were both getting to the end of the air in their lungs he slipped his hand further up Harry's shirt and gave a firm tweak to his nipples. This caused Harry to gasp as the kiss continued.

Pausing for breath Harry looked up at Severus and nodded. Quickly pulling Severus back down into himself.

This time as they kissed Severus' hand went in the other direction.


Draco had not had a good Christmas. On the Monday after he had last seen Harry, he had turned up at the Ministry, dressed to impress. He had made reservations at the new restaurant that had opened in Diagon Alley. He knew that if he could just get Harry to listen that he would understand that what he, Draco, needed was the security of Harry being at home waiting for him – he was sure that after a while he would lose interest in other people but until then he 'needed' Harry.

The discovery that Harry had taken several days off 'to sort him self out' was disastrous. A quite word with a few contacts bought the news that Harry would no be back in the office for over a month. No one knew where he was – it was as if he had disappeared.

To make matters worse Draco felt terrible, he had an itch that he just could not scratch, the other symptoms for example, a headache, swollen joints and general irrational irritability all seemed to set in at different times. Where was Harry when he was needed! Harry always made Draco feel better; he would fuss over him and make him little biscuits and special hot chocolate.

No one knew who had started the infection, even under Veritaserum Seamus had been strenuously questioned and still nothing came to light.

Some of the so-called cures and old wives tales that the group also shared with each other seemed to make the symptoms worse. The only known and reliable cure came form St Mungos. Not many had been brave enough to take the cure because of the 'other' things that were involved.

It would seem that whoever had invented the cure had a very perverse sense of humor. Any one who went in with even a suspected case of the STD had to fill out forms detailing their sex / love lives for the previous six months. They were then tested under Veritaserum to ensure that no one had been left off the list. Then letters were sent out to everyone on the list saying that they 'may have come in to contact with someone with an STD,' urging then to get in contact with the hospital as soon as possible.

Apparently the documents were all cross-referenced to try and work out where it came from.

The only thing worse that he degradation of the forms was the cure its self, apparently the potion came in various strengths according to the requirement of the patient. According to Lavender Brown who had braved the 'cure,' only to become a social pariah, had said that the series of potions felt like they were burning the disease from your body inch by inch.

Draco had been determined to get Harry back until he had quite by chance seem Harry with Severus, in the new year, they were walking down Diagon Alley slowly taking their time looking in the windows of the shops. If that had not been bad enough they were holding hands. How could he do that to him – didn't Harry know that he was better off with Draco. Draco had surreptitiously followed them home.

That had been several weeks ago and Draco had just discovered that Harry would not be returning to the Ministry at all. That was why Draco was now standing on the doorstep of Severus' house debating what to do.

Getting into the house had proved to be easier than Draco imagined it would be. He had put silencing charms on himself and quieting charms on his feet – so if he walked over something that should have made a noise - it wouldn't. Carefully he drew his wand and moved further into the house. The wards had not been a problem as they recognized him as Severus' godson.

Silently he followed to murmur of voices that led to the library. Peering through the gap were the door had not closed properly he gasped aloud. There was 'his' Harry being spread out feasted on by 'his' godfather.

Harry and Severus were unaware that they were being watched. Severus had felt that someone had entered the house but he assumed that it was one of the house elves running errands. Focusing back onto Harry he slipped his fingers from the hot tight channel.

Looking up into Harry's eyes, he asked, "are you sure?" Harry reached down and gently touched his face. He nodded, "yes, Severus, I want this – I want you."

Slowly he moved over Harry and slowly slid into place. It felt like he was home.

Reaching out to touch Harry caused ripples of anticipation to flow between them. Gradually the speed increased as they reached the top and Severus reached down to pull on Harry he whispered, "I love you."

Harry's eyes flow open and he smiled. "I love you to, Severus Snape."

At their exchange of words a soft glow appeared around them. Severus caught it out the corner of his eye. Looking back to Harry leant down and said softly, "Harry James Potter, would you do me the honor of bonding with me?"

Harry could barely concentrate on what had been said. Eventually as he crested the peak of his orgasm, he replied "Yes, Severus Snape, I will bond with you."

The soft glow around them got brighter and brighter as magic her-self accepted their declaration. From this time forward they would be each other's all and everything.

Severus collapsed on top of Harry, when they had both recovered Severus asked Harry, "do you know what just happened?"

Harry shook his head.

"We are now bonded – by magic herself no less." Severus grinned, looking at Harry he continued. "Are you ok with that?"

"More than anything," a sleepy Harry replied cuddling closer.

Severus shook his head and changed a near by cushion into a blanket that would cover them both before lying down and cuddling up with his new husband.

'There would be plenty of time later to explain what had happened.' He thought.

Slipping his wand back into his pocket, Draco quietly turned and walked to the door. When he reached the street he paused; a silent tear slid down his pale cheek. Harry is truly gone, he thought. Unfortunately, he concluded the old adage was true, you really don't know what you have until it's gone. With that thought he quickly walked away, he spared a thought to St Mungos – he wondered if the hospital was still open.


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