Warning this is going to be crazy and you might lose a few IQ points. But don't worry they might come back. That being said lets go to the start of all this crazy. Oh and feel free to drop idea's. They will be much appreciated. And this is prologue is told by Star.

"This is stupid." Pietro complained as he switched off the TV. Fred lumbered into the room and flopped down in the chair next to the couch.

"What's stupid yo?" Todd asked coming into the room and jumping on Fred shoulder. By now Pietro was up and pacing around the floor. What got them was he was still visible.

"I'll tell you what stupid. The X-Men. Their faces are plastered all over the world. All because of their stupid movies, cartoon and animation. We were in all of them and yet we don't get anything. Well I won't stand for it. Don't people ever think about us?"

"Was that a thea….theo…theretic… hold on."

Todd hoped down and in two leaps got to the closet and grabbed a dictionary. He slowly flipped through it trying to find the difficult word. It went on for minutes before he grew irritated.

"You dumb book!" He yelled and threw it through a window.

Lance, who happened to have come in and was standing in front of the window, got up from the floor and glared at the small toad.

"Watch where you throw things!"

Todd nodded and jumped behind the chair Fred was in.

"You know what I know just what to do."

Everybody stared after Pietro after he ran through the front door. A nano-second later he stuck his head back and called out to them.

"I'll be back in a little bit."

The boys had to wait an hour before he returned with a girl slung over his shoulder. He set her down and everybody stared at her.

"So how is she supposed to help us get famous?" Todd asked while he slowly approached. Pietro grinned and just shook his head.

"Alright, and why does she have rope in her hair?"

The strange girl fingered the orange rope in her long brown hair before speaking.

*Sigh*"One 'cause I like it, two 'cause if I'm ever in a fight I can easily rip it out and strangle the person who attacked me. Duh. Oh and I'm Kat by the way."

Todd nodded and flinched when she stuck out her hand. She smirked and put it back in the pocket of her long denim skirt. She started bouncing on her black high heels while she looked around. The skull on her black long sleeve shirt glittered with her movements.

"Do you guys have any Mountain Dew?" She asked suddenly looking at each boy in turn.

Lance looked at Todd, who looked at Fred, who looked at Pietro who suddenly grew pale..er.

"What no Dew? Pie go to the store and get me some Mountain Dew. How do you expect me not to call the cops if you don't give me my Dew?"

Pietro raced out of the room again and Kat stared at the dumb struck boys and they stared back at the pale girl. He came back seconds later with a small bag that he threw at Kat.

"Really one regular Mountain Dew? Oh but you got me gum. You're forgiven."

Pietro smiled at her and then pushed her down onto the couch.

"Right so we need your help to become famous in our own way. Any ideas?"

Kat thought for a moment before grinning at the trio in front of her and the one beside her.

"She looks creepy when she smiles yo." Todd said backing up a bit.

Kat glared at him before sighing again and fixing her gaze on Pietro.

"We could make a TV series about you. With the X-men and Acolytes having some parts in it. Since you guys did get in their movies."

The boys shared a look then began laughing. Kat jumped up and growled.

Toad started quivering and whispered to Pietro, "Is she a mutant?"

Pietro shook his head no as Wanda walked through the door. She stared at Kat for a few seconds before asking, "Who's the ugly cow?"

All of the boys jumped back from said 'ugly cow' while she smirked and stated, "That, dear Wanda, is called your reflection."

Wanda's eyes widened before she too smirked. They walked toward each other and slowly circled around. Their eyes narrowed once they finally stopped and it was Wanda who broke the tension, "Who do you wish was dead?"

"Magneto, of course. Now what's the best color match?"

Wanda didn't have to think before saying, "Mid-night black and Scarlet; or as a wider version Black and Red."

Both girls smiled at each other before complimenting the other.

"I like your glove." Wanda said and Kat looked down at her black and white fishnet glove.

"Thanks I like your hair. You know you should grow it out. That way when you're fighting somebody your hair can fall into your face and you'll look even creepier."

Wanda nodded before heading out the front door. Kat turned back to the astonished boys.

"So Pietro since you thunk'd of this you get to write the outline for the first episode. So get it done."

Kat turned to go back home when Toad spoke up, "Wait you're from the south shouldn't you have said get'er done?"

Kat whipped back around her eye twitching. Reaching over she got a pillow and started beating Toad with it.

"I…Hate…Stereo…Types!" She yelled in-between whacks. Toad whimpered as Pietro and Lance pulled her off him. Pietro took Kat to an extra room and locked the door. Kat punched the door before asking Pietro to go and get her another Dew. Downstairs Toad sat beside Lance and out of the blue said, "But Kat speaks with an accent how is that a stereotype?"

Lance shrugged before walking to the kitchen to try and find something to eat.

Well there is the prologue. Up next Pietro's episode.