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Gouenji X Mamera (AyasumiMamera):

Mamera's P.O.V

It was 31st May the last day of school before summer vacation. It was our last period and everyone was waiting anxiously for the bell to ring.

Endou was the one who most eager to get out of class, I bet he would run right through the wall any second!

You see us members of the soccer club have planned to go camping this summer! I am so excited!


At last the bell rang and everyone sprinted to the door with Endou in the lead however Gouenji stayed in his seat. I guess he doesn't like crowds.

"Stop right there! one more step and I'll make sure that you all get detention for the rest of the summer!" yelled an angry teacher stopping everyone from getting out of the class and ran back to their seats.

"I know you are all excited for your vacation but don't forget the homework you all have to do." the teacher said as she took out a stack of papers which had the list of homework.

She distributed it and allowed us to leave.

Again Endou was in the lead.

Gouenji still in his seat

I walked up to him and said "Aren't you coming Gouenji kun?"

"Yeah, it's too the crowd has lessen so let's go" Gouenji said with a smile

I blushed "He looks kawaii when he smiles"

-At Hibiki's Ramen shop- (Normal P.O.V)

Everyone was digging in their bowl of fresh ramen.

"More ramen please" Endou asked Hibiki for more.

"So I heard you kids are going camping" Hibiki said

"Hai! it's gonna be so much fun!" Haruna chirped "I'll bring my camera"

"Me too! the nature is just wonderful!" Mamera said dreamily

"Minna! we all will gather at the soccer field by the river bank tomorrow morning at 8 AM sharp" Natsumi announced.

"Hai!" everyone said in chorus and began chatting and eating.

Gouenji's P.O.V

I strolled down the street to the soccer field by the river bank with my bag pack where I saw everyone but Mamera, Endou and Fudou.

"Oi Gouenji! nice to see you came man!" Kazemaru greeted me.

"Hey, I don't see Mamera here" I said

"Nor is Fudou here, I wonder if he's okay" Haruna muttered thoughtfully.

"How come Mamera and Fudou are the first people to cross your minds?" Aki said teasingly making me and Haruna blush.

An angry vein popped up on Kidou's head "That bench-daring bastard better stay away from my sister!"

Haruna shook her head.

What is taking Mamera? I hope she isn't hurt or anything.

"Minna! Gomen! so sorry for being late!" I heard Mamera's voice call out to us as she along with a 'wet' Endou and Fudou came running.

"What took you so long?" Natsumi asked.

"Endou lives just across the street, Endou's mom saw me going so she asked me whether I could help her wake Endou up, Fudou appeared out of nowhere with an evil smile, threw a bucket of cold water on Endou and we came here" Mamera explained in one breath.

"So what are we standing here? let's go!" Kazemaru said as everyone went inside the bus.

They all reached the forest at around 5'o clock since the forest was quiet far away. They got of the caira van and were mesmerised by the beautiful scenery.

Mamera gazed at the scenery remembering the forest on the island in which she used to live on.

They hiked into the forest, found a suitable location and began to setup camp.

Endou, Kazemaru and Gouenji began to set up the tents, Toramaru, Hiroto and Midorwika went into the woods in search of wood.

Natsumi was busy complaining about the heat and some insects instead of helping the Aki, Haruna, Fuyuka, Mamera and Touko while Rika was busy cuddling Ichinose.

When they all were done setting up camp it was already nightfall.

They sat around the fire eating fish that were caught by Tsunami, Tachimukai, Toramaru and Kurimatsu.

"Okay guys! lets tell a horror story" Rika chirped.

The colours on Kurimatsu and Kabeyama's face drained away as they began whining and complaining but they were ignored.

Mamera had her eyes on a certain someone who was sitting right beside her without letting him notice.

Touko was telling them a horror story "Chiaki and Maron quietly crept into the room, but on what they saw in the room glued their feet to the floor... a man who looked like a walking skeleton if not for his eyes that were bulging out and waxy skin. He was holding a goblet in his and in the other hand... was a head which he squeezed to wheeze the blood out and into his mouth"


All most everyone screamed, especially Kabeyama who began to squeeze the life out of Kurimatsu. Mamera had her arms full as she embraced Gouenji without realising it.

He patted her back try to calm her down.

Mamera looked in to his eyes and instinctively turned away and began to blush.

"Okay guys, it's getting late time for bed!" Natsumi said as she dragged all the girls in to the girls' tent.

Next day in the morning:

The young campers went hiking in the forest with binoculars and cameras in their hands, backpacks, a canteen and a map.

Natsumi was busy making faces, Mamera though was really happy, cause the beautiful forest reminded her of her past when she and her mother used to hike in the forest.

Mamera spotted a Blue Morpho Butterfly flying in the air and she ran after it wanting to take a picture of it and sending its picture to her dad maybe.

Mamera finally stopped and found the beautiful butterfly resting on the flower took its picture and then she realised where she was; she was standing in a flower patch with a waterfall near by. It looked stunning.

She stood their for a while.

Only coming back to reality when she heard someone call her name.

She turned to find Gouenji panting.

"Gouenji!" she said

"You-took-of... So-I-decided-to-follow-you but then I lost you..." Gouenji explained.


"It's okay, let's head back to the others"

They walked into the forest looking for their friends but fate didn't want them to reunite with their friends.

After several hours past, it began to get dark.

Mamera had a guilty feeling inside her if she hadn't ran of chasing the butterfly; she and Gouenji wouldn't have been lost. She shivered as her eyes began to water.

But the cold was reduced when she noticed something warm on her shoulders. It was Gouenji who took his jacket off and placed his jacket on her shoulders.

She gazed into Gouenji's onyx eyes with her icy blue ones who gave her a warm smile.

It was now completely dark and the rain began to pour on them. Within two minutes they were soaked till their very skin.

"Look there is a cave near by" Mamera said pointing

They ran their with Gouenji covering Mamera with his jacket preventing her from getting wet.

The cave was cramped, they were barely able to stay inside.

"Hey we could..." Mamera began but trailed off"Never mind it's nothing"

"What is it?"

She blushed then resumed "I up on you..that way we both will be able to stay dry"

Gouenji's face crimsoned "sure"

She looked at him but slowly moved closed up to him and rest her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat, her face all red but it redden even more when he wrapped his arms around her.

Strands of Mamera's light blonde hair tickled Gouenji's face on which he lay a gentle kiss, she never felt.

A strong warm tingling sensation arose from both of their stomachs,with a strong sensation in their bellies they soon found themselves drifting away into dreamland.

They woke up next morning and crawled out of the cave. "Ohayo" Mamera said and he said it in return.

They found some fruits, ate it and headed out to look for their friends.

They walked for a quiet a while till they reached a cliff, they were so high up that everything below looked like scribbles but really gorgeous.

Mamera's eyes began to water as a tear rolled down her cheek

Gouenji saw it "What's wrong?"

"I-it's all my fault. If it wasn't for me we wouldn't have been lost in this forest"

"Hey, it's all right. It ain't your fault. Please stop crying" Gouenji said sympathetically as he wiped a tear of her cheek.

She blushed.

They gazed into each others eyes.


A bear approached them. Gouenji pulled Mamera behind him, defending her.

"Don't move, don't even breathe till it goes away" Gouenji muttered and she obeyed.

The bear moved closer and closer till it was only a few inches away.

They were suffocating from holding their breaths, finally running out of their gasped for air indicating the bear that they were alive and the bear pulled his claw up swiftly and flung his claws at Mamera.

The claw instead of hitting Mamera it ended up clawing Gouenji's arm. He clutched his arm as blood streamed down from his hand.

Mamera gasped and helped Gouenji stand up. She was filled with rage, found a soccer ball in her bag and tossed it inthe air, kicked it yelling "Summer Heat"

The ball rammed the bear into the tree and it lumbered away.

"Gouenji-kun are you all right? I'm so sorry..." Mamera apologised with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Gouenji wiped her tears away with a compassionate smile "I told you, it's not your fault. I will protect you no matter what! even if it costs me my life"

Mamera's face crimsoned.

She embraced him, digging her face deep into his chest and Gouenji hugged her back trying to calm her down.

"Hey guys! your friends are here!" they heard a bold male voice.

"Gouenji! Mamera! are you guys okay?" Aki asked as she along with the others ran to them.

"How did you guys manage to find us?" Gouenji asked with one eye shut due to the pain

"With the help of Errol the hawk" Tobitaka said pointing at the hawk on his shoulder "He belongs to the forest ranger Diego Chiaki"

"Your friends were really worried you know" Diego the forest ranger said "I was on duty when I saw your friends. Now let's get you guys checked up by the paramedics I called"

The paramedics took Gouenji and Mamera in the ambulance, the paramedics bandaged Gouenji's arm while Mamera had a few scratches but nothing serious.

They gazed into each others eyes. "Shuuya kun, arigato ne for saving me" Mamera whispered with a smile

"Well, you were the one who saved me"

She just smiled.

"Mamera" Gouenji muttered

"What is it?"

"I love you" he said with his cheeks pink

"G-Gouenji-kun... I love you too" She replied as Gouenji pulled her into a kiss which she returned compassionately.

They broke the kiss and then Gouenji kissed again on Mamera's sweet lips compassionately.

End Of Story

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