Who are you to judge?

Summary: A year has passed and Hermione Granger, who had dessapeared just after the final battle comes back to defend the most wanted fugitive of the last battle, Severus Snape. It can be that this two individuals are connected? And how? Read to find out!

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Chapter 1: First Day

Hermione was just outside the main room of the Wizengamot, the big walnut double-door was closed and she deeply feared what would happen when she entered that room, full of men eager to judge everyone who surpass that path.

She took a deep breath, put her hands in that feared door and pushed, as she did the room that have been full of noises stop abruptly every eyes were on here, It had been at least a year since that fabulous Hermione Granger had been seen. It seems that old grudges die hard, it hadn't been more than five years since the same person who called her fabulous once called her almost the Grinfindore's whore, Rita Skeeter. She didn't want to think about it right now, so she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and proceeded to set down.

At least two foreign newspapers were there to record the history being written before the eyes of all witches and wizards from United Kingdom. Today was the first day of Severus Snape´s trial for the death of Albus Dumbledore and all his crimes us an active Death Eater during the second rise of Tom Marvolo Riddle, the wizard known as Voldemort.

The oddity of this said trial was this outlaw's specific location, this trial was more of representation of what should be and not a fact or even a fair trial, once is seen that Severus Snape's summons was made in three know paper indicating the location and time said absurdity would occur.

The bailiff, a short man, bald with some persistent white hair growing behind his ears, rose from his seat in front of a large door in the left corner of the room.

'All rise for the entrance of the Wizengamot's judges and the Minister of Magic', he announced.

There was always the monotonous ceremony of sitting down, first the Ministry, than the judges and in the end all the viewers of the trial. The main judge of the court raised from his chair in the centre of the room, with Shacklebolt, the new Minister of Magic sitting right by his side.

'Will the defendant please rise? Process number 1, the Ministry of Magic of United Kingdom against Severus Snape, for war crimes and the murder of Albus Dumbledore, how do you declares yourself?' he said in a thundery voice which resounded around the room.

While he had read he hadn't looked to the person sitting in front of him, after all, this man didn't deserved his care, but when the silence of the room became too much intense he inspected the defence bench and was surprised to see the war hero Hermione Granger alone, appearing even more fragile in her black robes with tidy hair than he could have ever imagine her to be. The truth was that he didn't know the girl, had never even seen her, had heard of her a bit, he quite liked her, or at least what he heard, they always said she was a good student in her years on Hogwarts, and that she was friends of the Boy-who-lived, so it was with great strangeness that she was there. Looking at the great room he could see some curious faces and some vicious, but for the life in him he couldn't understand why she was there.

'Miss Granger, I do understand the reasons of your presence here, since we are here to judge the murderer of Albus Dumbledore, your beloved Headmaster.' Looking around searching for the accused and finding 'Where is he?' his voice rang furiously through the room.

As she entered the room she could see all eyes on her, after all, it had been at least a year since anyone inside this room had seen her, one of the golden trio, one of the heroes who saved the world. As she walked to the front of the room her eyes passed through the people who were sitting quietly in the stocks.

There was Harry, looking quite ashamed, she knew why but didn't understand it, "why couldn't he step up, be more like the man she though he was?" she though with herself, and because of that, didn't have the slightest inclination to pacify his feelings.

At his side there was Ron, whose face was definitely red, possibly angry, maybe it was because he had the impression they would start to see each other once the war was over, but she had disappeared from sight. She truly didn't know why he had thought it, she did love him, but was the unconditional love of a brother and definitely not a love of a lover.

At their side was some member of the Order of Phoenix, Moody, McGonagall, Lupin and Tonks-Lupin — the married and happy couple, even though she hadn't been around them, she had read that they had a beautiful wedding and now a second baby boy.

Luna and Neville, her friends during school , and finally the Wesley clan, while she looked at them, she felt relief to see them all alive if not completely hole George had lost his ear, Fred his right leg and Bill had more than just a fair share of hair. Of course she knew they were alive, but after been part of that family, and been away so long, even if it was her choice to be, it give her some relief to see, to actually look them in the eye and see that there was still life in there.

As she had been daydreaming, she didn't catch what had been said, her body was working on autopilot standing when as told and sitting when was told, she just realized she had lost some word to the air when she heard her name been called.

'Miss Granger, I do understand the reasons of your presence here, since we are here to judge the murderer of Albus Dumbledore, your beloved Headmaster. However you are not allowed to stay in this place.'

She could feel her rage rising, but exercised her recent discovered relaxing technique, she had just been though by Buddhist woman two months ago, and had been completely useful, so she took a deep breath, closed her eyes, relaxed her muscles and opened them again.

'I'm not here to watch this trial, your honour, in fact, I'm here to represent the defendant, unfortunately Severus Snape is in a hospital bed at this moment, and will not be able to attend this court, however I do have a proxy giving me the power to appear before this court in his name.' She said in the calmest voice that has ever left her lips.

'With all due respect, I don't have any argument against it, It will be quite useful to demonstrate how much this trial is fair having a person defending his interest, even more so a war hero. However, I protest the fact that he is not here in this court. The defendant must came forward and present himself to the authority to respond his charges himself as every other Death Eater did.' said the prosecutor, a woman wearing black robes with a red band and a severe bun, her hair was of the most pure white, but Hermione wouldn't be fool by her motherly face, this woman was the most lethal prosecutor of the hole United Kingdom.

'Your honour, this case was already going to happen without him here, I don't see way it couldn't happen with only me here. Beside, Severus Snape is in a coma that not even the most renowned mediwizard could withhold. In addition in the case Ministry of Magic of United Kingdom against Godfred Goldenfish, the Supreme Court admitted his family to defend him while he was in the St Fiacre Psychiatrist Hospital, to prove his innocence.' Hermione stated looking right through the eyes of every judge in the court, showing she in fact did her homework and she wasn't there to play.

'Yes your honour, but we're not here to prove the innocence of established murderer. This court is solemnly working to formally prove his crimes, also, if this witch knows the whereabouts of this fugitive she has the legal duty to tell this court where to find him, even if he is to stay in the permanent yard in ' she said angry with this little girl who thinks she can just came in this court and pretend to play in adults games without getting burn.

'First of all, no one can be convicted before a fair trial. And secondly, I don't have a legal duty to say anything, and I'm actually bond NOT to say anything. His whereabouts is not going to be known now and never, if I have a say in this matter. This court can verify my proxy and accept me as his legal representative and continuing this trial.' Said Hermione, she was nervous, she expect it, to be coerced to tell them where he was. It was good that a long time ago, a time she didn't even remember very well, she did made an unbreakable vow to never say where he was.

'Do you have this said proxy here with you?' told the Minister Shacklebolt looking quite taken back by the turn of events and the slightest anger with the girl in front of him.

'Yes sir, here is a copy for the court, and the copy of the unbreakable vow registered in the Ministry of Magic.' she quietly said giving him the document.

'How is it that the Ministry didn't know about said vow?' Said Shacklebolt looking more and pinker, if it was even possible with his dark skin.

'It had happened a long time ago, Sir.' It was all she said, she wasn't going to tell a three years' worth story in the next ten minutes.

'This court will deliberate this document. This meeting is closed until nine a.m. tomorrow.' The main judge declared with authority.

It look like a strange force was keeping everyone in their seats with the exception of the judges, Minister and prosecutor who were already leaving, that seem to break the spell and so most the viewers started to leave whispering to each other. Hermione could feel the relief washing over her, they at least will look at the documents, she was dreading they wouldn't even let her speak. She turns around and was preparing to leave when a soft, almost afraid voice called her.


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