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Cap 3 – Meeting at Daisy's Catacomb

Hermione had just reached out the small and private room in end of the main corridor. She had come earlier to work on her opening speech on the trial, she needed a good one, strong one to have any hope to win this war.

She set down, and started to spread the paper on the table making her organized mess when she heard someone behind her, at first she thought it could be Margaret but she knew better than to come behind Hermione, so this only leave someone.

'Hey Draco, what are you doing here? I have a meeting with the Order in about 30 minutes.' She said, while looking at her watch, it was becoming a nervous twitch, but she couldn't help it, her world was spinning around the clock in this last few days.

'Hey, easy! I know they are coming, godfather taught me right, after all. I've just… mom wanted me to give you this.' He stopped and gave her four little bottles with a shining white viscous liquid. 'They are our family memories, I know they aren't much, but… maybe they could help?' He asked unsure.

He was saved by this girl, this brave, persistent woman a long time ago. She had made, force him to learn to be human. She had once, when he was weak, hurt, torn between what who to believe, hold his hand, caressed his hair, as you do with a small child who hurt her knee. She had held him while he cried his heart out, and most important, never, ever she had thrown it in his face. After that they became friends…family.

'Thank you Draco. I will use everything I can. You saw the trial?' She asked accepting his offer, picking the bottles and putting on the table next to her notes. 'I've been revising my opening speech. Do you mind looking thought it?' She knew she was writhing well and the memories that she already had and the ones he gave her would be very good in the defence, but he was a smart man, was studying the Wizengamot laws. He wanted to make a difference, to chance lives, to make a better future. And she knew that he would, some day.

'As if you needed to ask for it.' He said while extending his hand to pick the papers and starting to read it. 'Clever, I like the approach you are giving, smart. It will be difficult to fight back this, but I would put this part in the end, it will give more credibility and suspense.' He said, while highlighting some paragraphs. And soon they lost track of time and were startle when the door opened.

As soon as the door opened more than fifth wands were draw, all from the outside of the door. And soon they were flying close to the ceiling and everyone who lost their wands was awestruck.

'I think it's my time.' Draco said and disappears with a pop.

'Here we don't point wands to others human beings.' Hermione said calmly as she sat down again. 'Would anyone like a seat?' And as she said it, her papers started to organize themselves and more chairs appeared for thin air.

'You became quite a witch since we last saw you.' Said Ron a lot annoyed with her power demonstration, her friendship with Draco turn coat family of the century Malfoy.

'And with some untrustworthy friends, not to say worse.' Said Moody, one eye looking closely to her, while the other scanned the whole room, obviously looking for any trap. They were so predictable, it was a surprise they had won the war. Was she like it when they first talked, she wondered.

'Do you want to ask questions or just make assumptions? Because my time is worth much more then to listen you disregard people I care about.' She said becoming more and more agitated.

'You used to care for us, not for Malfoy!' Said Ron almost yelling.

'I still care for every one of you, which is why you are here. I just see them us friends as well, they helped me when I need the most!'

'But we could have helped you too!' Mrs. Wesley said, in a heartbreak voice.

'You couldn't! You wouldn't! It's just...' She said, thinking how her life would be if nothing that happened had happened. 'Look, why don't you seat and I explain why I'm helping Severus Snape.'

'Not Professor anymore.' Asked Ginny, really looking at her, seeing how older she looked, how tired she seemed, and that is when she noticed that Hermione really seemed older, not in like she had been though a lot, but as is you had more birthdays! 'You looks older!'

Hermione smile a little, the first one of the entire night. 'Because I'm older.'

'No, I mean older than you should be!' Said Ginny again, and know they all started to really look at her face and see what they were talking about.

'Because I'm. I'm 22 years old.'

'That impossible! You should at most have 20 and a half!' Said McGonagall, calculating in her mind the time her pupil had used the time turner.

'Not impossible, just difficult to achieve, and definitely bad for my feminine ego.' She said laughing again. She didn't know she had missed them so much, but she had and now has so much to take care of, that she don't have time to acknowledge it.

'You used a time turner!' Said Remus, more and more surprised with what was unfolding before his eyes.

'No, it's impossible. They were all destroyed!' Said Tonks. She knew it, she had seem them all been destroyed!

'As I said before, not impossible, just difficult. Not all of them were destroyed, I had a special one, giving to me by a specific person.' She said calmly.

'Dumbledore.' Said Harry.

'Yes.' In a matter of seconds her face changed, her eyes hardened, her smile faded, her body language screamed rage, disappointment, disbelief.

'Why are you so angry? Your aura is so bloodily red! And I definitely see some angry Bucconidaes around your head…' Said Luna bending her head slightly. Hermione always knew she was always a little bit crazy but perpetually insightful.

'Why don't you tell them, Harry?' Was all she said.