Who are you to judge?

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In Daisy´s Catacomb they all met Hermione.

'Why are you so angry? Your aura is so bloodily red! And I definitely see some angry Bucconidaes around your head…' Said Luna bending her head slightly.

Hermione always knew she was always a little bit crazy but perpetually insightful.

Cap 4 – Defending Snape

'Why don't you tell them, Harry?' Was all she said.

Harry sighed, he knew he had to say something, tell them the truth. He had never back out from a fight, he wasn't going to chicken out from this one now. This was, is his friends, more so, a friend that he already had abandon once, he wasn't going to disappoint her now.

'It wasn't going to help in anything. Assisted suicide is still considered murder by the Wizengamot Court. I thought Snape wasn't going to like to have his private live and deepest secrets been revealed to every single witch and wizard in a frustrated attempt to prove his innocence! Even more so as he disappeared and no one knew where he was'

'That's why I'm not going to use this defence!' She said, raising her voice for the first time in the night.

'Uou Uou Uou! What are you two talking about!' Said Ron, a little bit stunned with the course of the conversation and even more with the tone of voice of his missing friend.


How said it was an afraid McGonagall and continued in the smallest voice Hermione heard the powerful witch talk 'What are you two talking about?'

'Right.' Harry thought, now is the time when everything blows up. 'There are some evidences that Snape didn't actually killed Dumbledore voluntarily'

'Some? Really Harry is that what Aurors called it now?' Retorted Hemione.

'What are you saying boy? This is Snape we are talking about! The one that betrayed Dumbledore and the few from the Order that trusted him.' Mad-eye Moody said looking to McGonagall.

'He didn't betray anyone. He was asked by Dumbledore himself to kill him. It's bit complicate, but basically he saved my life by killing Dumbledore.' He said with mixed emotions, guilt, betray, sadness...

'It isn't like that Harry, Professor Dumbledore was already dying when he was killed, and you know it! It was merciful! He was already in so much pain.' Said Hermione, letting drip from her voice a little a sadness for the man.

'What are you two saying?' Said Remus.

Hermione than looked through the table. McGonagall was almost crying, Mad-eye was as always skeptic, Tonks was devastated, The Wesley's were us stunned us their youngest Ronald.

Wizengamot, November 18.

They were again all reunited to the final speech on the trial of the wizard Severus Snape.

The same big walnut double-door was there, in front of Hermione. And she knew today was everything or nothing.

It was it!

She had to make through the deep, restrict heads of the hole Wizengamot.

In her life, since some time ago, more precisely 2 years ago, so much had changed. She wasn't a little girl anymore, afraid of what was coming, with a courageous hope for the light, the type who would go to hell and back for the ones she loved without looking behind.

Now… she was a woman with responsibilities, she would go to hell to save the ones she loved? Yes, she already was there, but now she knew she had to come back. She had people who depend on her. She couldn't let them down. She needed to survive, she needed to win.

Now she had more to live than when she left the house she lived all her live behind with not a single speak of dust, when she erased her parents mind.

Leaving her musings behind and taking a deep breath she opened the door. It seemed that every single soul was waiting for her to come inside the room from this very door. And beside that, if it could possible, there were more people in the overcrowded chamber, wizards, witches, goblins and even house-elfs than the day before. They were all there to see the missing one from the Golden Trio to defend the most hated men in the Wizard History.

Once inside she went to the defence table, open her small purse and started to take flask after flask of shining pearl cream, where each had a different stopper, ones where white and small, others red and just like that, stopple after stopple, it went with the rainbow colours, it was a system she had created to know from each person they belong to, without putting names.

When she was taking her papers from the small purse she was startle to see that not only Harry Potter but many of the members of the order where stepping down from the stocks and where coming her way and sat quietly behind her in the chairs reserved for the defence. She gave them all a small smile and continued with her task. After finishing, she rouses her head and looked to the higher table waiting to the Judges to come.

Right on time, the same short and bold man rose from his seat in front of a large door in the left corner of the room. 'All rise for the entrance of the Wizengamot's judges and the Minister of Magic', he announced. He said while opening the large door.

The always monotonous ceremony of sitting down started, first the Ministry, than the judges and in the end all the viewers of the trial.

The main judger this time wasn´t surprised to see her when he looked at the defence table, but did re-checked his glasses when he saw who were accompanying her.

'What is this? Some kind of a joke? Minerva, who can you defence the man how killed Albus?' Said the man. It seems the three of them had a history after all.

'We aren't always right Mathias.' And gave him a smile, and indulgent one, small and with a touch of sadness, remembering her treatment to the most courageous man she had ever knew. That was all she said, than lower her head and looked deeply to the table in front of Hermione as this piece of furniture had all the answers of the world.

He, as he lost the eye contact, bring his attention to Hermione.

'This court has deliberate about the documents presented yesterday and has voted unanimously to allow the proxy and UVR (Unbreakable Vow Registration) for sayed trial, BUT this scheme will not to happen again, and you young lady, will not be allowed to advocate in the name of any wizard again. This will be your first and last trial.' They weren't going to allow a muggle born to evade them so easily and leave unpunished. She had known this would happen but it didn't matter to her. Actually she hopped to never set foot in this dammed room.

'But this is completely unfair!' Said Harry in a burst of rage not even he knew he had in side of him.

'Mister Potter, you can be the boy-who-lived but here you are just another wizard and are not allowed to act like this. Here is not the Diagon Alley that you can scream all you want, we, from this court, demand respect from all the viewers, including the most famous ones!' His face was becoming more and more reddish and there could be seen a vein popping in his forehead.

'But' Hermione could already see the end of this catastrophe if Harry didn't shut up.

'Mister Potter, one more word and you will be escorted out from this chamber!' The most reasonable Wesley, Ginny pulled Harry down and with a "puff" sound he was seated again in his chair.

'Now that everything is settled we can start.' He said and pointed to the accusation table where the nicely looking woman set with a smile that clearly said "Little girls shouldn't play with fire if they don't want to get burned" Sincerely Hermione was beginning to hate this lovely grandma.

Hermione was writing everything that she though relevant that the prosecutor said. It seems that just minutes had passed when the judge said that it was time for her to present her defence.

'It seems a little bit difficult to see me, Hermione, muggleborn, defending Mr Snape, a person that you all see as someone how hated everything that was muggle. I have collected, in the last 2 years evidences that prove this theory wrong. That is why I had asked to be brought to this court a viewsive. '

Then she pointed to a small globe the size of a fist that seems to be made of liquid glass. It floated in the middle of the room. And it was the answer to the question of many viewers.

'But it's impossible!' Said the prosecutor. 'This type of magical object has been instinct since the 15th century!'

'It was given to me 2 years previously, and it has been in my possession since then. I must warn you that it is a valid object since it has belong to the Wizengamot's last Chief, Albus Dumbledore, and it was given to me by lawyer when it was read his testament.' Said Hermione, knowing they would try and don't allow her to use such object. The memories she had were the strongest part of her speech.

'And so, I have brought many memories that will assist the defense. For those who doesn't know this object' Now she was talking to the viewers who would also see the memories. 'It let all the ones in a room to see the memories brought to it. But it doesn't allowed it to fell the felling or hear the thoughts of the owner of said memories. It basically late you see and hear what happened in said place and time.'

'I object you Honor.' Said the prosecutor. 'It wasn't approved this object to be used during this trial, how can we be sure she didn't manipulated it?'

'Are you suggesting that a Hero from the last war, is trying to deceive the Wizengamot Court with an object that belonged to Albus Dumbledore?' Said the Main Judger.

'Of course I'm not implying anything wrong with the last owner of said object, I'm just saying that hoe can we be sure that it is the true object?'

'I would know if it was the right object. It passed by my hands to many times.' Said the Main Judger. 'Give it to me Girl.' He said as he extended his hand.

'Of course you Honor.' Hermione said as she gave it to him. After a few seconds, that to her seemed more like hours, he gave it back to her.

'It is a legitimate object. It has belong to Albus Dumblendore, who gave it to Hermione Granger. This types of objects gain a new layer of magical signature as it passes to another owner. That said it will be allowed to be used. Ms. Granger, you can start with the presentation of the memories.'

And so it begins, had thought Hermione.