Author's Note: Hey guys, I'm home sick...You know, I do a lot of my writing when I'm home sick. Wierd. Anyways, this is just something I came up with after seeing Spelling Bee. I was thinking a lot about what Chip might've been thinking after he got eliminated, well, aside from the 'It's not fair, I won last year!' that we all know. It spiraled into the other characters thinking about their reasons for eliminations. It probably isn't very good, but I thought it was worth a try. Enjoy, happy R-E-A-D-I-N-G!


Chip Tolentino

Tittup: noun; an exaggerated prancing, bouncing movement or manner of moving.

Chip studied that word nightly, reviewing it over and over in his head. It was such an easy word. Such a simple word. And yet, he had been eliminated for misspelling it. So he reviewed, and reviewed it until he had the definition memorized by heart. If anyone had ever gone up to Chip and asked him what tittup meant, he could simply recite the exact dictionary definition, because he obsessed over it. Because he had lost over it.

He hadn't lost because he didn't know the word. He knew the word. He had just been distracted. The fact that he had been distracted bothered him but the thing that had distracted him didn't bother him at all. The thing that had distracted him was beautiful and lovely and...he couldn't find the words. The thing that had distracted him wasn't a thing, it was a she.

Marigold Coneybear.


Leaf Coneybear. The name that caused Chip's fists to clench. If Leaf hadn't been there, Marigold wouldn't have been there and Chip wouldn't have gotten distracted. If he hadn't gotten distracted, he would've spelled tittup correctly. If he had spelled tittup correctly, he might've won. If had had won, he would've been able to go to nationals in DC. If he had made it to nationals, he might've won. If he had won, he'd be a national champion.

But, Leaf had shown up and Marigold had shown up with him. Marigold, the prettiest girl in the world. Reddish ringlets-similar to the color of Leaf's hair- crowned her head, framing her pale, porcelain like face. Her eyes, a warm brown, sparkled when she smiled. Chip was entranced, dazed by her beauty. And it was all he could focus on, much to his dismay. Well, it was much to his dismay once it was his turn to spell, before that, he was more than happy to fantasize about her.

It wasn't Leaf's fault he had a pretty sister, Chip had decided after toying with the idea that Leaf brought her along as sabotage, she was just his older sister, that was all. Leaf probably didn't even notice her beauty. He barely noticed the world outside his arm span, so it was unlikely that he saw Marigold for what she was.

Chip did.


And so, he studied tittup nightly, hoping to drill it into his brain so that no matter how distracted his was or what distacted him, he'd be able to spell it.

Tittup-noun; an exaggerated prancing, bouncing movement or manner of moving.