Author's Note: Hola! I know it's been a while, but I recently saw "Spelling Bee" again and I figured I owed it to you guys to update this with it's last chapter/drabble type thing. I hope you enjoy. Happy R-E-A-D-I-N-G!

Olive Ostrovsky

Elanguescence: noun; the soul's gradual loss of its powers.

Olive wasn't disappointed that she lost the bee. At least, not as disappointed as she thought she would be. Of course, as soon as she got home, she had looked up "elanguescence" in her dictionary. She had giggled at the fact that she had lost the bee on a word about loss.

"Besides," Olive had told herself, "You made a friend." And she had. She and William had been studying for nationals together, and it was great fun. They would laugh over the sillier words, or even sillier mistakes.

Olive knew that she had it much better than some of the other losers of the bee. She had heard rumors of things that had happened to them. Chip Tolentino, for example, had become obsessed with his losing word- tittup- and studied it constantly. However, aside from this, Olive couldn't think of a non-dirty reason for a fourteen year old boy to be obsessed with that word. Or, Miss Marcy Park, whose parents had taken her to bunches of doctors after she had blown "camouflage".

Olive's life had only really changed for the better. Her father continued to ignore her, focusing more on his job. Sometimes, late at night, Olive would lay awake and wonder what the outcome of the bee would have been had her father come to see her. But, she'd always tell herself that it didn't matter. She was fairly happy now. She had William and the others, so what did any of it matter?

Elanguescence: noun; the soul's gradual loss of its powers.