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Current Location, Local Park

Harry was running away as frantically as possible as Dudley and his gang chased after him at the local park near Privet Drive. Having been already used to this type of treatment for the last 3 years, Harry was quite fast when it came to running away. Not wanting to have to get beaten up again, Harry forced his tired and sore legs to continuously run no matter how tired he got. As he ran around the park ducking and evading against the bullies as well as the playground structures, he eventually found that he was unable to run further as one of Dudder's gang members blocked out his path. They finally surrounded him, and closing his eyes for the upcoming pain. His last thought before the supposed inevitable was that he was tired of all the pain and suffering that his family caused him, so he honestly wished it would be best if he just could die.

Though he didn't realize it, when he thought of and truly desired death, something inside of Harry's magic activated. His magic flared, and all those within radius experienced hallucinating visions of Death himself visiting their door steps and claiming their lives. They screamed in terror at the visions they were seeing. Most of Dudley's Gang began trying to run away in a poor attempt to escape those horrendous visions. Even Dudley was too scared and too preoccupied with his own terrifying visions to notice that Harry was not even affected to say the least. In fact the only thing that was happening to him was that he was slowly being enveloped by darkness and within moments after the darkness dispersed, he had vanished.

Meanwhile at Hogwart's

Back at the Headmaster's office, all of his instruments which were designed to keep track of Harry and his living status, went haywire and then melted away till it was a puddle of various forms of liquid metal. This completely caught off guard the manipulative old bastard, seeing as his instruments quickly melted and disintegrated into something practically not salvageable. Frightened that his tool…I mean boy might have been killed off by death eaters or worse…his relatives. He ran out of his office to apparate to Privet Drive. A few hours later, he was shocked and completely baffled at what he had discovered.

No sign of Harry's Magic resided anywhere near Privet Drive. It was as if his very own existence was completely erased. Aside from the fact that the Dursley's still remembered him and that there were dried blood stains within the cupboard, it could be seen as the boy had never even lived there by the living arrangements the boy was under. Now how was the prophesy supposed to be fulfilled? As well as his plans for more great Fame, Power, and his plans to acquire the Potter's vast fortunes? Being the manipulative, controlling, selfish old wrinkly man that he was, posing as a great leader for the light; for the first time in a very long time, he didn't know what to do.

Back with Harry

Harry awoke suddenly sweating and panting to the nightmare he had just had. His nightmare was about a beating he once experienced but this one was far worse. In his nightmare, he was being brutally beaten by Dudley's group, and then in his near death state, his uncle somehow came into the picture and stabbed his body with a lengthy knife. The uncle seemed to enjoy alternating between kicking his nephew's wounds in the stomach and stabbing him in those same places. It was a terrible nightmare, and fortunately the stabbing never happened, though the kicking part definitely did. Realizing that it was only nightmare, he slowed his breathing and focused on clearing his mind. Around 10 minutes later, he decided to look where he currently was. Something felt odd about the place he was currently located. Then realization finally dawned on him.

Not only were the sky and the surrounding areas a mixture of grey and black, but the Sun was a bright white. Before he even managed to freak out and panic, a soft voice from behind him spoke. "you have nothing to fear here Harry Potter; you're in no danger in my domain." Turning around he saw a blonde boy around his age, with pure black eyes, smile at him." I suppose you'd wish for me to explain to you why you're here?" He simply asked Harry. Still to stunned to form any coherent sentence,

Harry could only nod. "Well first I'll explain to you what you are exactly, then afterwards me. Will that do for now Harry Potter? The blond boy asked. Finally finding some courage within him, Harry spoke. "Please call me Harry, adding Potter every time you say my name must be a mouthful." He said politely, hoping he didn't insult his apparent savior. The Blonde boy smiled. Ignotus Peverell did well in having such a gentle and apparently kind spirited descendant.

Once the introductions were over, the blonde boy began explaining everything to Harry about what exactly Harry was, who he was, and where they were exactly. Over the course of what Harry assumed was a week, Harry had learned that not only was he a wizard, but apparently he was the savior of the magical world. Also that both his parent were killed by Tom Riddle also known as Voldermort, his godfather framed and put in a prison called Azkaban, and that a 148 year old wizard called Albus( insert other names here) Dumbeldore has been manipulating and taking advantage of people since the late 1800s and was responsible for all of his current losses.

He had cried that night at that discovery; though in the next upcoming days, he resolved within himself that he would learn about everything he was ignorant about. Aside from him being a wizard, the blonde boy finally admitted that he wasn't truly a young boy, but actually death himself. He only took that form as to not scare Harry right away. Harry was shocked at first and somewhat a little scared, but eventually he calmed down and decided to look past all that. Death then smiled again, this boy only continued to surprise him in his level of maturity. Death then began explaining a general overview of what he was and what his connection to Harry was. He explained of his creations of the Deathly Hollows and of how he gave those items to Harry's ancestors.

When the week was finally over, Death decided to ask harry a few questions. "So what are your thoughts on this Harry?" Harry already having fully absorbed all of this newfound information, he didn't really need to take his time in thinking up an answer. "First, I whole heartedly believe you, so that's not really a problem now. Second, I wish to live for the sake of changing the world for the better. The world is apparently very corrupt as it is.

Third, I deeply desire to learn all I can to avenge my parents as well as make them proud. And lastly, I wish to thank you Death for everything you have done for and told me. If not for you I'd still be an ignorant child who was still being abused, hurt, and neglected. So again I thank you." Death smiled yet again, though this time Harry couldn't see it as death was currently in his natural form, while covered in his cloak. Death decided to give Harry a few more parting gifts as well as abilities. "Harry, please come here." Harry with a curious look on his face simply complied. Placing his ghostly looking yet solid finger on the boy's head, he spoke. "I will leave you with a few parting gifts before I send you back though I will inform you it will hurt quite a bit." Death said. Seeing as Harry nodded his head in understanding. With the use of his own special braing of magic, he removed the hocrux from within Harry, but left Harry the memories of Tom Riddle's soul, and of his Parselmouth abilities.

Then he removed the blocks on Harry's magical core and on his metamorphogus and animagus abilities. Harry suddenly screamed in pain while clutching his head, as not only was his head being over flooded with foreign memories, but his magical core was bursting forth as if a dam had broken down completely. Watching the young boy scream in pain saddened death a bit, but they both knew it was necessary. "Harry can you hear me?" he spoke to the boy. Harry nodded weakly. "I also took the liberty of retrieving your father's cloak as well as the Maruader's Map to take with you." He stated calmly." Remember to go to Gringott's as soon as possible to discuss your inheritance and Harry, last but not least stay safe." He then took the boy and warped him back to Harry's dimension. Having transported Harry on the outskirts of Riddle Manor, he looked at the boy one last time. "This is goodbye Harry Potter. Good luck, make Ignatus proud. Then he vanished, leaving a quivering boy in pain on his own again, though this time he had a chance at making a difference in his life.

Current Location Riddle Manor

A few weeks of recuperating did wonders for Harry and his magic. Having been transported near Riddle manor, Harry having just recently obtained his memories from Riddle's hocrux, had apparated near the foot of the manor. After having dragged himself inside, he put up a special type of body ward over the house so that no one could find him. At least for now that is, since the ward was only temporary and would most likely last a week at best. During the 5 days to follow, he simply slept most of the time, ate once or twice a day(from the various canned goods within the household), and sorted through his memories that had come from Riddle. A lot of those memories he had seen, were simply terrifying and horrifying gruesome, though young Harry persevered and refused to back down.

On the 6th day, Harry decided to take a break from watching and integrating Riddle's memories within himself and decided to create stronger wards around the manor. This at least would give him a month or so to hide and think of his next plan of action. Now that he didn't really have to worry right now about being discovered, he decided to begin his magical as well as his physical training regime. He found a vacant part of riddle manor, then after having spelled the area and having it tied to his wards around the house. Its purpose was so that whenever he sent a spell, it would be absorbed into the specialized barrier he made and then end up strengthening his wards so that it would last longer.

Now with that out of the way, he began attempting to practice a large number of the spells that he managed to learn through Riddle's memories. It wasn't long before that month past. In that span of time, Harry also used many dark considered rituals that only required blood and hair samples. The abilities he gained ranged from increased senses, to regenerative abilities, to improved memory function and accelerating thinking, and last but not least the ability to incorporate other's DNA to his body to gain whatever benefits that specific creature or person had into his body and DNA. This was the most advantageous of his abilities, though at the same time highly dangerous and permanently life changing if he wasn't too careful. (It did take some time however to gather all the necessary ingredients, but fortunately Riddle had a secret potion storage in a distant part of Great Britain where he could get them from)

For example, if he decided to take blood from a vampire and it was a large quantity, then he would become one. Though if it were just a small amount, like a drop of blood, he may benefit and not turn into one at all. It just relied mainly on knowing how certain genes worked, careful precision, and chance. He had learned all these rituals from Voldermort's memories, though Tom was against that blood ability one because he put so much pride in being Salazar's descendant that he didn't want to taint his genetics. Harry was ten by the time he finished, almost about to turn eleven, which was actually 3 weeks from now. Having lived in Riddle Manor for more than 2 years now, Harry felt that it was now time for him to go out into the real world.

Current location, Diagon Alley

After apparating away, he appeared near the entrance of Diagon Alley, then immediately as to not draw any attention to himself, his features morphed into that of a similar looking blond haired boy with black eyes(though not pure black). Now in his new disguise, he walked through the entrance of Diagon Alley and decided that he'd first head to Grigotts. When he entered, he remembered coming here in Tom Riddles Memories, and what were the proper ways of treating a goblin. Walking up to one of the teller's at front, he decided to speak.

"Excuse me sir?" Harry said politely. Startled by the polite way this wizard had spoken, the goblin said. "Well what can Gringotts do for you this morning, Mr…? "Hoping that the boy would make things easier for him by finishing the question, "Potter sir" the boy replied. The Goblin's eyes widened at that piece of info. Keeping his cool as to not scare away the boy-who-lived, he waited for a reply. "Mr.…" Harry said. 'Griphhook" said the Goblin. "Yes, Mr. Griphook" he said." I unfortunately don't have my vault key, though I was still wondering if it would be possible to see my vault as well as see what exactly are my assets that I had received after my parents passing"? The goblin nodded. "Yes Mr. Potter that would be possible.

If you would be so kind as to follow me, we will simply have a drop of your blood tested and you shall receive a new key" Said the goblin. They walked for some time, deep into the bank. Eventually Griphook led Harry to an ancient looking room, where a decrepit, old looking goblin was there waiting for them. Harry was surprised that such a room existed, but then again after having gone through Riddle's memories. It shouldn't have surprised him since this was the same method Tom found he was a descendant of Salazar Slytherin.

Griphook then approached the old goblin, and then began speaking. From where he was standing, Harry could tell that they were speaking in their native language. Not long after, they ceased their conversations and turned so that they were both facing the young boy. "Mr. Potter if you would grab the ritual knife and pierce a little cut on your arm, we could begin confirming if you are truly a descendant of the Noble House of Potter and possibly even discover if you have any other titles that had died out long ago, for us to reopen. The reason why we are doing this is because there may be some inheritance that you inherited due to the past two wars that had ravaged and eliminated many wizarding families. Also with your parents recent passing, we weren't able to confirm beforehand since they had gone into hiding. Seeing the boy nod, they motioned for him to come forth. Harry stepped up and took the knife after having nodded his head. Making a cut on his arm, the old Goblin began chanting in their native tongue again, while the cut began to heal with a little smoke coming from it.

The blood on the knife as well as what was left on his arm began to float and come together, fusing with the knife before them all. Once the blood seemed to have covered the entire knife, the Ritual goblin took the knife and plunge it into the uniquely carved black stone in front of them, with intricate and complex runes carved into it. The stone then glowed briefly and then began absorbing all of the blood off the knife. Harry was surprised that the stone began changing different various colors, because in Riddle's memories, it only changed into 2 or 3 different colors. After having seen that the stone changed into at least 5 different colors. The stone stopped glowing, and on the wall behind them, a form of family tree began to form onto the wall. All three parties were shocked at what they had seen once all the branches on the tree stopped forming. For the Goblins, they have seen most of these branch lines when Harry's Great- Great- Grandfather had performed the ritual. Though with the two wars that had occurred since then, the other names Harry inherited were staggering in number. It had seemed that Ignotus wasn't the only powerful ancestor Harry had, in his roots; Amounting to the shock of meeting death (no pun intended) and learning of a brief glimpse of one of his ancestors. Also, for the staggering weight of his apparent inheritance; a young little 10 years old could only handle so much…. So it shouldn't really be that surprising when he faints with his last thoughts being. "That was unexpected".