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Harry's Mindscape

Harry opened his eyes slowly groaning a bit. As he was getting up, he tried remembering what had happened before he found himself unconscious. Suddenly images of the Great Hall, Su, Draco and the sorting hat came to mind. Now after having remembered why he was here, he decided to look around.

After a moment, he realized that he was in his mindscape seeing that there were familiar building structures as well as the protective barrier that was created to protect the city.

He was momentarily surprised at the Sorting Hats' capacity to do more than what most people considered was its only function, which was mainly to sort people into their houses. Despite all of the studying he had done over the years, including the time he spent going through Riddle's memories. He never would have even considered it possible for the sorting hat to be able to forcibly draw someone into their own mindscape.

Curious as to the Hat's reasoning however, he decided to wait and try to locate where exactly would the Hat intend to meet with him.

Placing his left hand on one of the walls of the alleyway, he closed his eyes and focused. He visualized any foreign entity within his city and tried to determine the exact location of where he may find the Hat.

It took him not longer than several seconds to sense a being's signature a couple of alleyways further down the pathway in front of him. He was surprised, when he realized that the pathway he currently was on, led to a particular location only he should have been aware of.

After several minutes of walking, he finally reached a massive skyscraper-like-building with several entrances to choose from. As he approached one of the entrances to the building, he quickly headed for a closet at a nearby vicinity.

After he reached the closet, he then went ahead to open it. Grasping the only object that could be found within, he then made an effort by pulling the broom by the handle face down towards him. Once the broom had touched the floor, a rumbling could be felt beneath his feet.

Backing away slightly from the closet, the stone tiles that were on the floor began to shift away from each other. Within moments a path was beginning to be visibly seen once the stones had completely vanished.

Once the dust had settled, he walked forward and slowly entered the opening that headed into darkness. Once he disappeared into the staircase, the stones began re-shifting back into a normal closet. The broom along with the closet door also returned to their prior positioning, leaving not a trace that a person had even been there.

Dumbeldore's Office

Several hours before the Sorting had even begun in the Great Hall, Dumbeldore could be found thinking quite seriously with profoundly deep frown markings creasing his forehead. The reason for this was that he had found himself in quite a predicament.

He had tried everything to solve his current dilemma, but the fear and the utter disgust that caused the formation of bile to rise up his throat prevented him from doing what he savored and worshiped the most. He cursed whomever gave him those potion laced lemon drops.

Ever since he swore off any and all forms of lemon drops while in his diarrhea induced haze, he didn't realize that his magic had actually recognized that as a type of magical promise.

He was thankful that it was only something like a promise and not a vow, because no matter how sacred lemon drops were, it was not worth his life or magic to risk either for simply a quick treat.

The apparent symptoms that he was currently suffering from when he had attempted to guzzle down at least three of his pretty little lemons, was a severely upset stomach and a feeling of disgust growing within him whenever he even bothered to think of lemon drops or worse yet, when he bothered to touch them.

He detested that out of every piece of candy, the one that was most sacred had to be the one that was kept from him and out of his reach. Feeling a growing frustration within himself, he just wanted to cry and ball like a child again.

It just wasn't fair. He was Dumbeldore! The reincarnation of Merlin or at least that's what he kept rationalizing to himself due to some of the legends' similarities to himself that he had heard and researched over the years.

How dare his magic work against him in his time of need! How dare his body not overcome this horrendous injustice to his person, and revert back to when he could continue enjoying the lemony goodness of his scared candy!

He tried to keep calm because he was the Great Dumbeldore. It just wouldn't do for a God amongst humanity to act like an immature brat. Though just to vent at least a little, he did allow himself to release a few pitiful tears from his eyes.

After his little internal monologue had finished regarding his depressive woes. He dabbed his eyes with a simple handkerchief and contemplated. He had a few hours before the feast began. Perhaps he had enough time to go out and purchase several pieces of candy in the muggle world. Normally he would simply task this to a house elf, considering that, that was all they were good for.

Though when he considered how possibly dreadful their choices might be, when they purchase some candy for him due to their lack of understanding the sacred knowledge that was only bestowed to the most devout to the House of Candy. He decided that only someone with the in-depth knowledge on how to determine the inherent deliciousness of the scared should go, which was someone like him.

Nodding to himself and satisfied with his current path to rectifying an unfortunate crime, he placed some floo powder into his fireplace and vanished with a creepy giggle-chuckle that was released from his lips due to his excitement.

As he disappeared a fiery bird who had watched the entire ordeal of silent plotting being conducted sweat dropped. Sometimes he honestly questioned himself if whether his current bonded was evil or simply very immature to the point of childishness.

Though after considering how that boy Mr. Potter had been poorly handled as some sort of half-brained scheme, he simply settled for both. Closing his eyes, he decided a nap was needed.

Harry's Mindscape

As Harry finally reached the door way that was located at the bottom of the endlessly seeming staircase, he placed both of his hands on the double door entrance and closed his eyes. After focusing a bit, a creaking sound could be heard before the doors themselves opened up of their own accord.

As he slowly entered, he looked around for anything that looked like a hat construct within the library. There were several book shelves throughout the vicinity and he honestly wondered as to what reason did that Hat have to go here, where he kept most of his academic knowledge.

As he walked through the path between two of his book cases, he heard a sound of pages? More specifically of pages flipping. Even more determined, he walked faster.

As he reached the end of the length of the bookcases, he turned to his left and found a man sitting on a chair with a stack of books in front of him on the desk. Curious, he slowly approached the person in which he assumed was the Hat.

The hat's features surprised him a little. He had dark brown curly locks that went down to his shoulders. Deep blue eyes, that seem to hold great wisdom with a hint of amusement. Large shoulders, forearms, and hands, though not too bulky.

Also he seemed to be wearing armor, like one of the Founders would back in their day. Though in his case, he lacked any of the colorings that could be found in the houses. In fact, what was strange was that his armor was a pure grey.

"So are you just going to stand there gaping all day? Or are you going to talk Mr. Potter?" The Man/Hat spoke first without looking away from his book.

Gathering his thoughts. "Well in my defense, I was simply curious as to why you of all magical beings would have brought someone like me into their own mindscape?" he responded.

Smirking a little, he put the book down. "True, though I do have good reason for having brought you here." The hat spoke. "Please come sit" he gestured to the chair opposite from him. After Harry followed as instructed and sat down, he waited for the Hat to continue.

Deciding to speak "First let me explain certain important pieces of information first before I continue with my reasons for having taken the time to drag you here into your mindscape. To give you a significant, but brief overview of what I need you to know before I continue further to how to prepare from here. Let me give you a piece of history that is no longer well known in today's Wizarding society. Historical information that relates to a time where it holds a meaningful significance as to why so much corruption, greed, and evil still exists today. It may take a while for me to explain it all but regardless here is the information. A few hundred years ago the people that had walked through these walls weren't as corrupt, underhanded, and cowardly as the majority of the wizarding populace seems to be nowadays." He said.

Noticing the curious frown that had begun to form on the young boys face he decided to further elaborate. "I'm not saying that there was no such thing as corruption or that everyone in this day and age is particularly evil. All I'm trying to say is that back in the day, even with political influence and attempted bribery that were still being conducted even back then. It would simply be impossible for a person to have gotten away with breaking the law the way most purebloods actually do nowadays." He said.

"Then how exactly did it go from being a magical society that at least had the purebloods tied to the Government law system just about as much as anyone else regardless of their status, compared to the one today?" Harry asked more than a little curious about this lost part of history.

Slightly releasing a sigh, the man spoke further. "Well in actuality these changes were the indirect cause of the muggle world. Specifically during the time where the U.S. colonies were already warring with Great Britain in order to obtain their freedom. Muggleborns that were born in that era were usually influenced at least by part of what they had heard of how the colonists had fought against the mother land for their own beliefs. This type of revelation wasn't so obvious to most of the wizarding part of Britain, especially the purebloods. Though with how unprogressive and bias a number of witches and wizards in that day had existed. It wasn't really surprising when many muggleborns, as well as a varying number of both half-bloods and purebloods began a new ideology of sorts. This ideology stemmed from the corruption and bigotry that existed within Great Britain and a desire to change it all. This radical ideology had actually begun making a lot of purebloods actually quite nervous you can imagine." He told the boy.

Continuing. "It was slow, but believers of this new utopia of understanding and equality for all began growing in number. It didn't help the Pureblood faction who believed in the status quo, when some of their own numbers began converting to these new ways of thinking. In direct result of this expanding belief, a good number of purebloods began taking active roles in fighting against this new wave of change. They refused to let this blasphemous ideology change the way that their ancestors had built their hierarchy in which it ensured that Purebloods were always superior in status and position. That was when many of them started banding together and through their plotting began thinking up of many ways on how they might be able to turn their situation around. It just so happened that one of them had ownership of a newspaper company that no longer exists today. It was ironically renamed the Enlightened Truth during that time period. The owner had brought up the idea of using the media, in order to slowly bring doubt to this new ideology." He paused, noticing a question beginning to form after observing how the lad was taking it all in.

"I had never actually considered that at one point in history, people were actually trying to change the way the system worked the way I intend to. If this is the case and people in power are simply going to stop me on the way there. Would you recommend that I also use the methods that the Purebloods seemed to have use? It looks like by utilizing the media, they were able to not only stem the creation of Government and societal reform, but they were also able to 'snip it in the bud' so to speak before they were able to gain any ground on possible change." Harry spoke.

Smirking slightly out how insightful and intelligent this young lad was being and the manner in which he came to those interesting conclusions, he decided to answer the boy's question. "You are somewhat correct in what they used to combat against these ideologies. But it is unfortunately more complicated than that. Though I would still recommend that you should still look into the media bit if you honestly still plan on fighting against the Ministry, Harry. Better yet, I'd implore you to go as far as to purchase as many as you can in order to legally control what type of information would be available to the public's eyes. That would significantly aid you if you do. I'd also recommend that any business ventures should be done in secret, so you should also try looking into hiring a solicitor to handle any of your future business transactions." He told the boy.

"Thank you for the advice. I'll make sure to send a few letters to a few friends of mine after I gain a better understanding on what I will be needing to do for my ambition." The boy said to the Hat.

"Do whatever you feel you need to do Harry. Now, to continue on with the story. You can imagine that with their patients and cunning they were eventually able to curtail this growing interest in Equality for all within the populace. Though it took them at least several years before they eventually succeeded. This was where things get a little bit more interesting." He said while pausing for a bit.

"After they had gained control of almost every media source and blackmailed or sometimes even threatened the rest to keep them quiet. The Pureblood groups began a multiple campaign that eventually spread throughout Europe. The information that they began spreading, had listed down many qualities of muggles that perceived them as an entirely different species lower to them which of course they posted under an alias. This ended up causing quite the scandal, and on many fronts outrage to those who were either muggleborns or half-bloods. Though the purebloods never faltered and in their next course of actions, they had actually begun listing down many pieces of factual evidences which provided proof of how barbaric muggles had been noted in the past. They listed down various historical pieces of evidence in great detail such as the Salem Witch Hunts in the 1600s in America, the slavery of fellow muggles (African slaves that were sent to many different countries and colonies), the indentured servants in Ireland that suffered from being separated from their families and sent to distant lands across the seas, and finally the religious crimes that were committed to justify different sects' of religious actions against those of a different belief. These four points were the most important and significant for those who wanted to keep the status quo. Various people began having doubts about this so called revolution of a new age. Others began questioning on whether it was even worth it. Though unfortunately for the purebloods a large majority still believed in changing the way society was structured. That was when Purebloods had finally begun to lose their patience on the matter. Deciding on an alternate course of action after 30 years of trying to do things subtly. They began hiring those witches and wizards of unsavory quality. Those that were unable to even think on a moral level and were more likely to kill you than spare you on a whim. They hired such people to begin various kidnappings and murders of relatives or friends who were related to their political enemies. Of those who were more vocal about their ideals that acted like a plague to the populous were also not spared and sometimes even killed. Finding someone dead within a home began to be more commonplace as time went on. And in the end, they ended up pinning this on the very purebloods who had sided with the people who believed in the ideals of equality, causing distrust and arguments to begin spreading within the ranks of the Equality Rights Factions. This bitterness amongst the populous slowly grew and it only helped the purebloods when they added more things to fan the flame. That was when the Revolution per se ended." He finished.

With a quite focused and slightly saddened expression on his face, Harry decided to ask. "What happened to those who still believed in change but survived?" he asked. "I mean they couldn't have all of died, so naturally something should have happened during that period in which it brought them attention from the Pure Blood Faction?" He continued.

Smiling sadly the Hat spoke. "Well to be honest the survivors of that so called "Revolution" realized that they had been tricked and purposely mislead in order to cause disarray and eventually destruction within their own ranks. Angered but realizing that more than likely nothing will ever actually change even if they attempted to campaign again. They decided that they too like many of their muggle counterparts will head on over to the colonies in hopes of greener pastures. That is where the beginning of the American Witches and Wizards Society of Equality eventually began. That is why to this day the Wizarding policies in America are more Liberal and open-minded. Their only intolerance seems to be towards people and ideologies that are intolerant of others or their beliefs to signify a bit of irony in there." The Hat spoke.

A few moments had passed before Harry finally decided to speak. "Now that I have a better understanding of what had happened in the past, can you please explain your reasoning for having brought me here?" he asked.

"Mr. Potter, you may not be aware of this, but there is a greater more in-depth role into being the chosen/natural descendant of the four founders within Hogwarts. Being the person that you are, gives you the rights to claim Hogwarts on the very same day that you can claim your lordship, which is on the day you reach the age of 14." The Hat spoke.

Frowning at this new piece of information he was curious as to why it would be important to own a school. "Why are you telling me this? I'm well aware of how valuable Hogwarts is as a center of education, but I don't really understand why you seem to make it more important than it is?" he asked.

The hat looked at him, and frowned. He realized that no matter how mature Mr. Potter is for his age, he wouldn't see the importance of gaining Hogwarts as a property.

Mr. Potter, you may not know this, but Hogwarts including the land that it is on is within its own jurisdiction. The Ministry of Magic for instance has no legal say aside from the children's enrollment and safety as to how its run. If, for example you take over and claim your ownership on the day you turn 14, you can basically remove Dumbeldore as well as anyone else you'd like from the castle's lands and the castle will comply with your desire. Of course until you reach the age of 17, you cannot be Headmaster, due to the Hogwarts Bylaws, but you are still within your rights to choose your own staff and curriculum." The Hat spoke with a smile as he watched the gears in the boy's head begin to shift in contemplation.

Harry actually was surprised by this large piece of vital information. He knew he would have to deal with Dumbeldore one day, but he didn't realize that something that was of this great of a magnitude would simply fall onto his lap. Best part, all he had to do was wait 4 more years before he could literally begin his plan of action against the old lemon drop sucker.

After some thought on the matter, they spoke for a few more hours before the hat decided to end things there, and send Harry on his merry way.

Greeat Hall, Hogwart's Castle

Awakening moments later, Harry noticed that the crowd in the Great Hall were still looking at him. Though before he could think further on the current situation, the Hat suddenly shouted. "Ravenclaw" interrupting his thought process and bringing into attention that he better get going. Before he got off the chair however, a voice in his mind spoke to him.

"Remember Mister Potter of what we discussed in your mental mindscape." The hat spoke. "Hogwarts will always protect its own, but keep in mind to always be wary of those within its halls." The hat finished.

"Thank you and I will" he whispered as the hat was removed from his head. Getting up off the chair, he walked towards where the Ravenclaw table was currently situated. Making eye contact with Su, he couldn't help but feel the growing sense of joy that he and his friend would be in the same house together. When he reached the seat left open for him by Su on her left side, he gladly took it.

Grabbing his hand to get his attention while blushing slightly, Su spoke. "I'm glad we're in the same house Harry." She spoke softly before letting go.

Fighting with himself to not blush for being caught off-guard, he felt disappointment when Su had detracted her hand with his but shook it off. "Same here Su" he told her with a small but happy smile.

They conversed a little for some time while looking at who was getting sorted. Though it didn't take long however for their moment of friendly conversation to be broken when a person decided to greet the Boy-who-lived not long after the sorting finally ended with their dinner almost finished.

"Hello there Harry" a giggling girl said, which caused him to turn around and see who was speaking to him.

Looking at the person who greeted him. He noticed that she was not surprisingly, British in origin. He couldn't help but feel wary of the girl however, in how she seemed to have a negative feeling coming off of her. It only intensified when he saw her give a quick look towards Su, before quickly being all sparkly and giggly again. He tried to swallow his disgust in order to quickly come up with a response, but the glitter in the air was getting to him. "Hello" he said quickly not wanting to accidently take too long and possibly breathe the questionable sparkling air or aura surrounding the giggling girl.

While she was busy giggling again at what she might have thought of his getting embarrassed of talking with her. He subtly stuck each of his hands into his pockets and activated his specialized gloves to immediately shimmer over his hand so direct hand contact was made impossible. Sighing in relief when just in the niche of time, she focused on him once more before sticking out her hand so that he could shake it.

"I'm Marietta Edgecombe" she said fluttering her eyelashes in what was an obviously failed attempt in flirting with him to anyone who may have been watching the interaction.

If she kept this up, he might actually throw up at how disgusting the glitter in the air seemed to actually increase in potency the more she tried to batter her eyes lashes at him like that.

"It's nice to meet you Marietta" he forced out a lie wanting this situating to be over with.

To his growing horror, it didn't seem the case. She actually gushed and beamed at him for that one comment he had immediately regretted making.

"Oh Harry, I knew it. We are destined soul mates." She said grabbing his left hand and rubbing it with her right hand softly, at least by her standards.

Almost recoiling in terror, he was saved when Marietta's panties slowly began to fall down, before dropping quickly to the ground. Not noticing anything out of the ordinary, she continued to rub his hand and didn't seem to be letting go anytime soon.

He however noticed the slightly traumatizing scene. Suddenly seeing a way to perhaps end this horrible trial. He decided the honorable thing to do was to point it out to her. "Um, Ms. Edgecombe" he tentatively spoke drawing her unwanted but necessary attention.

Eyes sparkling "call me Marietta" she said.

"Um well, your panties just fell down now." He bluntly said while completely ignoring her request which caused her to blankly stare at him for a moment before dawning horror flickered across her face.

"Oh Merlin, no!" She screamed out in fear and embarrassment to the immediately laughter of the people in the hall who saw the entire interaction, while gaining more curious viewers in the process. Pulling up her panties, she didn't even care about how or why it happened. She took out her wand and irrationally pointed it at Su Li. "It was you wasn't it?" she screamed in slight fury.

Su just looked at her blankly not responding, which infuriated her further.

"Dam you, you hasbin bint. You're responsible for this aren't you?" She screamed almost frothing at the mouth at the lack of response.

Su gave another blank stare, but this time Harry blocked her view of Su and pointed out his on wand, but this one was towards Marietta.

She looked up surprised that harry would block her from teaching the quiet freak from getting what she deserved. "Harry darling" she said. "What are you doing, we're soul mates?" She questioned hesitantly.

Harry looked at her with visible anger, " I don't care what delusions your obviously sick mind has concocted in that underdeveloped brain of yours, but no one, I repeat no one pulls their wand on any friend of mine if they know what's good for them." He said quietly, but the sudden silence in the hall allowed it so that everyone could hear what he had just said.

"Mr. Potter! Ms. Edgecombe! You will both put your wands down this instant!" Mrs. McGonagall shouted where the teachers' tables were situated.

Edgecombe in shock at all of what happened weakly spoke a "but, but" to no avail.

"Now! Both of you!" the teacher said in a reprimanding tone as she walked towards the duo.

Edgecombe sighed resignedly and put her wand away. When Harry saw Edgecombe put her wand down and stash it, he lowered his and did the same.

"Since it has seemed that you two are not quite aware of the ruling system that goes on here at Hogwarts. I will have no choice but to both assign the two of you detention with me in order to educate you for your benefit." She spoke authoritatively as she was now facing both of them directly.

"Since Harry here is a first year, I shall be lenient and allow the two of you to come to my office hours anytime this week which would be anywhere between 6 and 8 in the evenings. When you arrive that is when your detention shall commence. Do you find the terms agreeable? She asked the two. Seeing as the two shook their heads in the positive. "Good" she said. As she turned around "I'll be expecting you two at my office sometime this week." She spoke, and then she walked off back to her seat in the faculty tables.

When the professor left, Marietta was planning to go and glare at Su, but immediately recoiled when she made eye contact with Harry and noticed him glaring at her.

Before she could speak not being able to take her love's angry gaze. "Listen Ms. Edgecombe" Harry spoke quietly in a tone that made her whine internally in her failure to convince him of their destiny together. "I'm not entirely sure why you would even think that I would simply fall into your arms and be your supposed lover, but I can tell you one thing. After today and how you treated my friend, that's more than likely not going to happen, nor will it ever." He stated simply.

She burst into pitiful tears scattering the floating sparkles in the air and causing some students who weren't fast enough to not breathe it in begin to tear up while coughing. "But, Harry I love you. We're destined to marry and have lots and lots of children like I always imagined it would be." She said while sniffling.

That was when Su decided to speak. "I'm sorry to intrude onto such a heartfelt confession" She spoke softly with a complete straight face not revealing anything to what she was truly feeling. "But I wasn't aware that Harry was betrothed to you? If I may, may I see the legal documentation so that we can further investigate your claims?" she finished.

Harry just stared at Su yet again feeling something that he couldn't quite discern, but decided to think on these mysterious feelings later. He quickly looked back at Edgecombe and didn't like the expression that was forming on her face.

"How dare you insult me you Chinese freak! Your nothing compared to me and Harry knows this! If I had my way I'd have my mom send you and your family packing back to the Orient!" She stated loud enough for the two and some other students to hear but not loud enough to for the teachers to notice. Hearing what she said however caused some students to gasp in shock while others more of the "pure" blooded sort couldn't help but somewhat agree.

Before Harry could retaliate in anger, he felt Su grab his hand and gave it a quick squeeze to indicate that she had the situation under control.

Su still maintaining the still impassive persona decided to continue. "So I take your answer as a no?" She spoke again in a questioning manor.

Marietta was getting frustrated. This Chinese foreign trash was making a mockery of her. She just wanted to take her wand and show that strumpet a thing or two if the situation wasn't already as dire as it currently was. Deciding to cut her losses she screamed in frustration. Ahh! Dam you! You better watch yourself from now on Li! Cause mark my words, I'll have my way one of these days." She turned around and was about to storm off angrily before she heard Su speak up again.

"Pity" Su said with a tone of disappointment. "I was actually hoping that we could become friends considering that we're from the same house, but I guess it isn't to be." She spoke to the increasing ire of Edgecombe as she stormed off further up the table back to her seat.

When she finally left Su sighed and dropped her shoulders in relief. When she turned back to face Harry she noticed that a number of people were looking at her in amazement. That surprised her because she honestly didn't know why they would be looking at her in a mixture of astonishment and amazement like that for. She was even more surprised when she turned to Harry and made eye contact. He was staring at her with some sort of emotion she couldn't identify swimming in those two deep pools of liquid green.

Noticing that she had forgotten to let go of Harry's hand since she last squeezed it, she almost let out an 'eep', before stopping herself and slowly retracting her hand away from Harry's to the sudden feeling of emptiness.

She was about to contemplate these strange feelings before Harry interrupted her. To her surprise Harry hugged her and a sudden feeling of elated happiness came not long after. "That was amazing Su! I can't believe you just did that. Thank you!" he whispered in her ear before pulling away making that pleasant feeling go away again.

She frowned momentarily before deciding to respond. "No need to thank me Harry. She insulted me remember, and besides you're my friend so naturally I had to protect you." She quietly stated.

"Yes but you didn't have to Su, that's why I'm thanking you." He responded as if that was reason enough to be in the right.

She smiled deciding not to further comment, glad she could make such a friend on her first day of school.

Suddenly a worried expression flitted through Harry's face but before he could bring it up Dumbles Appeared from the doors of the Great Hall drawing everyone's attention slightly panting.

"Good evening everyone, I apologize for my late arrival, though in my defense earlier today I had intended to come early in order to greet you all before the sorting. But alas, in my haste, I had realized that I had forgotten something vital for me to accomplish with the utmost importance. So my early leave had unfortunately taken time in order to successfully complete" He said in a manner that caused some of the students to gulp nervously in anticipation.

Taking out a bag which immediately caused some to wonder where he pulled that bag out of. "This bag contains my treasures, but I had happened to run out, so I had to go forth quickly and fetch some more in order to rectify a possibly grave error." He told them quite seriously.

Some students were now getting excited at the word "treasure" and wondered what was in that bag. As he finished walking to the faculty table, he pulled something red and long from the bag and to the students curious gazes began chewing on it. When he finished the twizzler he sighed in contentment.

"Um, professor Dumbeldore?" a student questioned arrogantly. Dumbeldore getting his mental faculties back in order, came back from his candy high. "Yes?" he addressed the student.

"Well you told us that treasure was in that bag…. But all you pulled out was muggle candy?" The first year questioned.

Dumbeldore almost chuckled at how naïve the boy was. Candy wasn't simply candy. It was food even more worthy compared to Merlin himself. "And what may your name be Mr.?" he asked.

"Corner" the boy said. "Ah so Mr. Corner, I'm afraid I have to disagree." He spoke. "Each person has a "treasure" you can say that they value above all else. This treasure for me just so happens to be candy which to my disappointment most people aren't as fond of as I." he finished with some sadness, causing some people to sweat drop at their headmaster.

"Oh, I see" Michael said lamely not knowing what else to say in such an odd situation.

"Now seeing as things seem to be settled and that everyone is now full as well as sorted. I feel that we shall all now be going on to bed. As it is, there is a big day tomorrow and as students especially for the first years, you all need your rest." He spoke.

"Though before we finish here, let me warn you all again except for the first years since this is there first time being enrolled into our school. It is not allowed without the expressed permission and someone to accompany you to go into the Forbidden Forest. There are many creatures lurking there that is dangerous, so if for example a student did go there. The scenario of being a possible meal to some sort of dark creature that lives there wouldn't be out of the realm of possible situations to occur." He said with a smile slightly unnerving some of the students and scaring some of the others.

Seeing that he now had all of the students at least paying attention he decided to continue. "As for further instructions, this year I highly recommend that no one. I repeat no one is allowed or even should be found on the third floor corridor. It is forbidden and if found the person shall be immediately sent off to Mr. Filch who is in charge of the rules and regulations of Hogwarts in terms of breaking the rules or improper conduct. He also has a list of rules if anyone is interested in finding out. Well seeing as my introduction for the evening has been shared. Goodnight everyone and see you all tomorrow" He finished before turning around and walking out.

When the prefects decided to begin gathering all of the first years to be prepared and ready to head out towards their common rooms. Harry and Su soon stood up and followed the other first years out of the Great hall to be led to their common room without ever noticing two pairs of eyes following their image until it vanished out of the Hall.

Somewhere else in Hogwarts moments later.

Snape's Secret Room

Two people silently headed towards the Dungeons. It didn't take long for the two people to reach and then enter the room. As soon as the door was locked one of them pressed a brick on the wall and stood back as a secret chamber opened. When they both entered it closed up.

The male then took out his wand (not that wand you perverts!) and fired a small spell to light the candles within the room.

Then once the two occupants were comfortably seated onto their individual recliners they decided to begin.

"Minerva, what were your thoughts on this year's sorting?" Severus decided to ask first.

She thought for a brief moment and then spoke. "It was quite peculiar. Especially since Albus was late. That almost never happens which confuses me as to why he would lie like that?" she responded.

Severus actually sweat dropped. "Well I know you still have some faith in our Headmaster's diligent work ethic and good intentions towards our students Minerva, but I actually believe he was being serious." He spoke with a deadpan.

"Preposterous!" she spoke with an underlying denial tone in her voice.

Sighing. "It is to my understanding that Albus really does love his candy. It was why earlier in the summer, he was caught by a potion that was laced on his lemon drops that I am still analyzing since he had only confronted me with this till recently." He told her.

"What? How did that even happen?" she said surprised.

"Well from what he has told me. It seemed that he had apparently fallen for a type of prank in which two separate bags of lemon drops were both given to him. These candies were laced with more than 3 variant potions that do not seem to interfere with each other, in terms of effects. Which infuriates me because it makes it more difficult to analyze especially since most of the candies are gone." He told her.

"Though why would there not be more pieces of lemon drops, if as you say, there is two bags available?" she questioned.

Sighing in frustration. "From what I could identify from the bags, I manage to at least discover that there was a type of liquid compulsion induced potion within the candies that "convinced" our Headmaster to continue eating the pieces." Continuing from where he left off. "Luckily one of the house elves noticed the bags and took them away before the Headmaster could finish eating them all." He explained.

"So what else happened to Albus?" she asked him.

"To be blunt, he almost died from the potion induced diarrhea he suffered from as a result of having eaten all of those candies." He told her.

She gasped. "He almost died." She whispered. "Do you think that the person who gave them those candies may have intended for his death?" She asked him somewhat shaking.

"To be honest, I'm not quite sure. From what I can discern, there was no harmful properties within the candies. It was mainly due to the Headmasters old age that the candies seemed to have such adverse effects." He said.

"Is there any evidence to pinpoint the suspect?" she asked.

Sighing again. " No there isn't, which was the main reason why Albus hadn't told me anything until now due to his pride being hurt at his inability to do so." He paused then continued. "This person or perhaps a group of people hid their trail well. I could not trace even an ounce of magic on the candies as well as the bag. Ingenious you might say since the bags were forged by Goblins, indicating that this person was intelligent enough not to spell the bag himself." He told her.

"I know that until I had discovered what had truly happened to Harry and how he was treated by those monsters, that I had the utmost faith in Albus. Though now, I can sadly say that I'm more wary of him now and I've also begun to question if he is as truly as light as he has claimed in the past. Has he truly fallen so far Severus? Has my old friend really become so dark and manipulative?" she asked him.

"Minerva, you must understand that due to my vow I cannot reveal what Albus has told me. But from what I can gather from what I have learned of him and also from what I know I can hint to you without suffering from the vow. If someone does desire revenge against him, they are highly likely in the right despite what society might have to say about this. Remember of what we had read in the papers of Mr. Potter?" He asked her.

"Y-yes… that poor boy suffered because of the Headmasters' foolishness and my coward-ness in pushing the matter further." She spoke starting to tear up. "If it wasn't for the sightings of the boy in the Profit and having received the confirmation letter to attend Hogwarts. I would have seriously considered blasting Dumbeldore with my wand consequences be dammed." She stated angrily before being saddened again by the thought of what might have gone wrong with her old friend.

Severus hearing this lowered his eyes in regret and sadness. "I know. We both have failed the boy, but thankfully he escaped. I just hope that Sirius takes care of him since he is now Harry's official Guardian." He said.

Minerva actually chuckled. "I can't believe that Sirius is actually Harry's current Guardian. Thinking back to the days when you were all still young boys, I can't say I expected him to take up such a huge responsibility." She said.

Severus frowned momentarily when he heard that. Though when he remembered his promise to Lily and the pain her son suffered due to his stupidity, he decided to withhold his judgment of the mutt until he could talk to Harry about it. Perhaps even confront Sirius about how he plans to take care of Harry.

"I do wonder however, who did take care of Harry after his escape from those wretched people" Minerva spoke breaking Severus out of his thoughts.

"I'm too wondering who this so called savior is, but if considering the results of Harry's freedom. I can't really argue of the positive outcome of whoever this person is." Severus stated.

"I can't help but share a similar opinion on the matter. I mean did you see how loyal, happy, and headstrong he was in defending Ms. Li when it came to someone questioning their friendship?" She said.

Severus actually smiled wistfully at what he remembered from earlier. He and Lily were similar in a way, though back then he wasn't as brave to defend his friendship with her the way the boy had done so earlier.

"Too true" he spoke. "He actually one-ups his father in my honest opinion since he was sorted into Ravenclaw." He said with a smile. "The house for the studious and intelligent." He stated.

Minerva actually sighed at that. "I know, though I can't say I'm not disappointed at being unable to have Lily's and James' son in my house." She said before she smiled. "I'm happy that he seems to have grown into a good boy with an innate moral compass to guide him. Despite giving him detention, I'm proud that he'd defend his friend like that. Even though I think it was a bit excessive to pull out a wand on a fellow student. Especially since that student was one year his elder." She said.

The two chuckled. They continued talking some more about their speculations and opinions on the matter. Chuckling every so often whenever Harry and Ms. Li was brought into the conversation.

Ravenclaw Dorm

As Harry and Su entered the room, they along with the other firsties were led up a lengthy spiraling set of staircases. After reaching the end of the staircase they were amazed to see a very large common room. There were several couches and desks all scattered around the area along with three separate book cases that were very large in their own right. There were at least 4 windows each with curtains that held the House colors of blue and bronze. Some of the first years were even excited and others amused when they saw actual beanbag chairs within the common room. Many could tell that their future years of pursuing an educational path may not be as uncomfortable after all, when considering how soft and tempting those beanbag chairs were looking right now.

When Harry looked at Su, he couldn't help the thought of how cute she looked when he saw a little bit of drool dribbling down her chin. Silently conjuring a hand cloth into existence he began removing the drool from her face, after closing her gaping mouth with his hand.

Su actually swiveled her head so fast towards Harry he actually thought he heard something pop. She looked at him, beat red, and mumbled a thank you. He just smiled and told her no prob.

That was when Professor Flius Flitwick who was also their head of house began to speak.

(Skip scene because I think we all know the Hogwarts regulations when concerning the dorms. If I am considering adding anything else, I'll make sure to add it into future chapter.)

When they were all told to go on up to sleep so that they can prepare for their first day of schooling, they all began heading on up one by one after the Professor left. As Su was about to head on up she turned around and was a bit surprised when Harry had also seemed to have turned around at the same time she did.

"I… good night Harry" she said feeling flustered with these strange emotions that have started to assault her ever since she first met harry.

He smiled at that, "good night Su, see you tomorrow" he said.

"See you tomorrow Harry" she responded before turning around and rushing up the stairs feeling extremely flustered.

Harry actually thought that her embarrassment was really cute. He may not have reached puberty yet and saw girls in a sexual light, but he knew that somehow, someway him and Su had formed some sort of magical bond. All he had to do now was find out what kind, but with what he knew of her despite it only being a day, it felt too right for him to actually fear whatever type it could be. Looking forward towards the future and feeling excited for his ambitions, he walked up the stairs ready to go to bed.

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