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*Daisuke's Pov*

I'm pretty sure you'll remember my name, after all- I'm Japan's 2nd most wanted criminal: Daisuke Niwa. The boy how has turned himself in at age 12 and has a terrifying look in his eyes.

I looked out of the window in "my" hospital room and watched as 3 people exited out of the car.

One had blue hair, one had blonde and the last had purple hair. They all looked pretty healthy to me and plus they're probably around my age. Why are they here? Wait- that was a stupid question, it's obvious that they are here to interview me.

I've been in this hospital room for the past 2 years and I haven't spoken to anybody except Emiko: my therapist, Daiki; he would visit his daughter, Emiko at times, and there is Kosuke; Emiko's husband and my doctor- yet, they're the only ones who actually treat me human. Also the twins of the hospital and Towa but, they seem less close to me than Emiko, Daiki, and Kosuke; people who I consider family.

I opened my window and sat on the window; having my feet dangle out the window as I clutched Wiz to my chest. The small rabbit noticed my action and snuggled closer to me, I smiled at the soft and gentle fur ball; it's so god-damn cute.

"Daisuke-Cha-OH MY GOD!" my nurse named Towa or something, yelled as she saw that my legs are facing the outside part of the window looking like I was escaping.

One thing, if I wanted to escape then why would I turn myself in the first place? Plus I could've run away beforehand without delay. I got off the window and closed it as I heard Towa sigh in relief, she said she'll be right back and left to get the "visitors" I saw earlier.

I got really bored by waiting and decided to get out my sketch book with my pencil that was inside the page of one of my unfinished drawings.

As I opened my book I kinda went through my sketch book; flowers, Wiz, Kosuke, Daiki, Emiko, her, and what filled over half of my sketch book- Akane, my mother.

The page that I didn't finish was of my hospital room with an open window, symbolizing: the day I'll get out. I'm not the kind of person to be really eager for freedom. But, it starts to get to ya when you've been here for 2 years and you're not even allowed to go outside.

I started to go to detail and put shading in on a shadow of myself on the window reflecting off from the floor.

As I was about to put on my signature I found myself wondering about the footsteps coming closer...It called 'Doppler effect', no?

The door that was once closed was now opened to see the purple, blue, silver, 2 auburns, and a blonde to be at the entrance of my hospital room. The silver head was Towa and the 2 auburn heads were Risa and Riku. How do I know these twins? Risa volunteered as a nurse, she brought up my food at times and Riku got an injury from lacrosse, she'd eat with me in the café downstairs: I wasn't allowed to go outside but, they never said about being outside of my room. The violet, blonde, and bluenette are the only ones I didn't know.

I slammed my sketch book closed and Wiz sat on my lap, making the girls whisper to each other about how cute we are. I'm a fucking murder, yet I'm called cute…What a messed up world we live in.

"Hello, I'm Satoshi Hikari." the bluenette spoke up, obviously introducing himself.

"Yo, I'm Dark Mousey!" the purple headed teen said with a smirk covering over half of his gorgeous-Wait...what?

"Hey, I'm Krad Mousey." the blonde said.

"Hi, Daisuke/Niwa-kun!" the twins spoke at the same time.

"What do you need?" I said softly as I stroked Wiz and dared to look up to make eye contact.

"-DAISUKE!" Towa yelled at my rudeness and pouted at me.

"Okay. We all just wanted to get along. Is that a crime?" Krad angrily asked. "According to law: it's quite possible…" I said, earing another scold from Towa.

"Isn't it a law to say the truth? I'm pretty sure the people want the truth, Towa."

I found myself taking back to her as I stood up and laid Wiz on my hospital bed. A visible vein popped from my nurse's head and she clenched her teeth and her fist.

I heard a chuckle come from Dark as he came closer and extended his hand, expecting me to shake it.

I looked at his had blankly and he asked: "No hard feeling?"

"You're saying in other words: you guys want to be my friends?"

The "visitors" all nodded, I smiled at time and in a quick motion I slapped Dark's hand and sat at the edge of my bed to see their expressions from another different angle. I started to snicker and I found 6 pairs of eyes looking at me in unusualness. I once again-stood up, walked to Dark and kindly put on a smile which to my extent; went onto changing into smirk.

"No hard feelings." I said as I shook his hand, receiving a surprised look from Towa, I haven't laughed or smiled at a person as much as I did just now, it's no wonder that she's looking so surprised.

"So what do you like to do?" Satoshi asked as he leaned on the wall with Krad.

"I like to sketch and paint…" I responded as I looked at sketch book which was under Wiz.

"Who's the little guy?" Krad pointed at Wiz.

"He's names Wiz, he's my rabbit. I got him 3 months ago." I said as I picked up Wiz.

"Mind if we see your paintings?" Satoshi and Dark said in sync, they glared at each other in return.

I saw Krad roll his eyes than he stood up from leaning on the wall and followed me as I walked out to my art room/therapy room but, Emiko should be at a meeting today, either way she wouldn't yell at me just to do art. She even told me that she loved to watch me do my paintings or my sketches in her sight.

I walked over to the stand where I had my most accomplished painting and I took off the sheet of white cloth off the painting.

Showing a girl with a bright smile; she had black hair that had been in a ponytail held by a white ribbon. (Her hair is elbow length) Her eyes were a piercing Dark Blue/Green, if you look close enough; you can see the pupil in a diamond shape, it oddly looks like the eyes belong to a cat. The girl was wearing an all-black T-shirt.

"Who's she?" Dark asked in curiosity.

"She's… Nox Tsukiko… she was my first love…" I said as a sad smile appeared on my face.

"Was?" Krad said in an interested tone

"She died of murder; she was my childhood friend…"

"Oh… Sorry for your loss." Krad said in a soft voice.

"Yeah, me too...After all, I witnessed the entire thing."


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