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WARNING: Shouen Ai= Boy love and murder scene. This chapter contains DarkXDai at the end.



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"Where am I?" I looked around, being aware my surroundings; I found a man; at age of 20 or so'…Kakeru Hoshina?'

The man had dirty blonde haired that was of course dyed that way, and he had hazel eyes which makes you fall in the trance.

He was known for good looks, being quiet famous too; he's a street singer'-hell, he make the average salary of a celebrity!'

"Your Akane's son is I right?" the dirty blonde looked at me in disgust.

'…I don't like him...'

"Tell Akane I'll pay her extra if she comes over tonight." Kakeru smirked at the 9-year-old me.

'Who tells a kid this, even if it's passing on a message, what client tells a 9 year old about paying extra-just to sleep with your mother? Disgusting.'

I nodded at the man as he looked at me as if I was the most horrid thing in the world- 'maybe I am the most horrid thing in Japan, but not the world.'

Kakeru walked away from me and I started to run back home.

Then, I started to write what Kakeru had told me on a napkin with a sharpie...

'Am I a mute or do I just chose not to talk?'

"Oh, Dai-Chan! How are you?" Akane asked the young Daisuke as he gave a thumb up as he passed Akane the napkin. Akane frowned as she read the last words...

"I'm sorry you had to hear that, Dai-Chan." Akane said in an angered tone.

'Yeah, me too,'

Akane hugged her son and laughed at his bewilder expression. They soon both ate happily, and then they went to bed.


Akane got up as she slammed her fist down at the annoying device. She got dressed and went to check up on mini-me; he was cuddling with a teddy bear.

The bear that had only one eye, a black bandana was covering the other; like an eye patch. The bear was losing stuffing's; he was patched multiple times. Also, the bear has my name-Daisuke-'s name sewn into it.

'What happened to the poor bear?'

Akane smiled at her young son and kissed his forehead as she wished him to be only having good, sweet dreams. Then, she left. Daisuke's eyes snapped open; almost automatically. He got up and pushed his mattress up; revealing many knives.


Daisuke got his trusty switch blade and stuffed it in his pocket of his black sweatshirt; that had holes in the back because of his wings; that were not out yet


(NOTE: Horror and colorful language.)

-Normal POV-

"STUPID BITCH! CAN'T YOU LISTEN CORRECTLY FOR ONCE?!" Kakeru yelped as he punched Akane in her stomach, the young mother coughed up blood as she fell to ground faster than her tears.

"ANSWER ME!" he kicked Akane in the stomach and knocked the red head out as she whimpered.

"WHAT, WHAT WAS THAT?" Kakeru was about to hit Akane again only to find his fist being held back. Kakeru looked back at an insanely pissed off Daisuke who had his bangs cover his face.

"O-OH! It's that brat from earlier today!" Kakeru sneered...but, knowing deep inside, he was afraid.

"That's Right." Daisuke said in an icy tone that sent shivers down Kakeru's back.

"What are you doing here?!" Kakeru asked, raising the wry tension. He was getting on Daisuke's nerves...

Daisuke put his arm around his mother and supported her back; he dragged her to the living room's couch and settled her there, he then went back to Kakeru's room which he had been beforehand.

"I'm here to kill you." Daisuke said as he flipped out his switch blade and revealed his crimson wings.

Kakeru's tumbled onto the floor in fear...

"You're no different than Mikage." Daisuke said as if he was bored out of his mind.

"M-Mikage S-S-Stones? The man who was killed a week ago?!" Kakeru said in horror as he was backed up against the wall.

"Ne...Kakeru Hoshina, how do you prefer being killed...by hand or by due to a weapon's damage?" Daisuke asked as he traced the blade around the shell of Kakeru's ear. Kakeru, thinking Daisuke was bluffing, said; "By hand."

Daisuke smirked, "Interesting...Hoshina..."

Daisuke then cut his wrist with the switch blade, creating a long scythe to form. He threw the switch blade to the floor and raised his hand to hold the weapon high, which had lunged for Kakeru's neck- then it stopped.

"Any last words?"

Kakeru then realized...Daisuke Niwa- the brat who was 9 year old, killed many men for Akane's Sake...Mikage...Ruka...Natsuko...and many others he did know...

Daisuke Niwa was not kidding about murder. Not now. Not ever.

"D-Daisuke...?" Kakeru took in a deep breath but only ended up shaking wildly, he was scared...

"Hmm?" the young Niwa looked to the pale figure also identified as Kakeru Hoshina.

"I-I'm sorry." Kakeru admitted, hoping Daisuke would let him go.

"Yeah, me too," Daisuke swung his scythe, which was on Kakeru's neck... blood stained the black scythe as it ripped through his stomach constantly; like how it beaten up Akane...Daisuke made sure to damage Kakeru's ribs.

Daisuke raised the scythe one last time and de-hearted the 20 year-old-man... the blood oozed out and the veins were ripped maliciously.

Daisuke settled down a black rose in the victim's hole; were the heart is supposed to be. He then left with Akane and brought her home safely. He got rid of all the evidence of his intentions and cured the beaten up women...smiling at her. Not thinking about Kakeru or blood. All he needed was Akane Niwa.


Daisuke rose from his bed too quickly that he earned a black out and a...sigh? Daisuke looked over to see Dark who was giving the teen a worried look.

"Dark! What are you doing here?!" Daisuke asked rather surprised at Dark's appearance.

"I was really bored...Decided to see you..." Dark said as he seated next to Daisuke while petting a Kyuu-ing Wiz.

"At...-looks at clock- 5 am? Are you crazy!?" Daisuke yelped and Dark covered his mouth.

Dark smirked and said: "Only if you want me to be,"

Dark uncovered Daisuke's mouth. Dark leaned forward and Daisuke felt something soft on his lips... Daisuke's eyes widened at the 99.9% chance that that soft thing on his lips were Dark's lips. Daisuke face burned in a pink color which made Dark chuckle.

"Daisu-Oh My Lord!"

Dark's and Daisuke's heads snapped to the room's door only to find-

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