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'Dark! What are you doing here?!" Daisuke asked rather surprised at Dark's appearance.

"I was really bored...Decided to see you..." Dark said as he seated next to Daisuke while petting a Kyuu-ing Wiz.

"At...-looks at clock- 5 am? Are you crazy!?" Daisuke yelped and Dark covered his mouth.

Dark smirked and said: "Only if you want me to be,"

Dark uncovered Daisuke's mouth. Dark leaned forward and Daisuke felt something soft on his lips... Daisuke's eyes widened at the 99.9% chance that that soft thing on his lips were Dark's lips. Daisuke face burned in a pink color which made Dark chuckle.

"Daisu-Oh My Lord!"

Dark's and Daisuke's heads snapped to the room's door only to find-

"Towa-Chan?!" Daisuke cried in surprise...this was his nurse they were talking about!...The same nurse that is friends with Emiko!

"You're Towa?" Dark asked as he got up from his previous position only to make contact with Towa's eyes; violet eyes meet emerald eyed...

"Y-yes..." Towa spurred as her face turned into a fuchsia color, Daisuke didn't blame her; Dark was handsome after all.

"You'll keep this a secret if I kiss you, won't you?" Towa nodded slowly...Daisuke felt the urge to separate them, there was no way that he'd let Dark kiss his nurse!

Dark leaned closer to Towa, Daisuke was about cut in but, Wiz had beaten it to him...

Dark was holding Wiz up to Towa's lips. It's a good thing that she had her eyes shut. Dark then removed Wiz from Towa and passed him on to Daisuke whom was trying to hold in his giggles.

"That was...um, interesting?" Towa stated in a questioning tone as she left muttering something about it tasting like strawberries...

"WIZ, how many times did I tell you not to eat the strawberries that Emiko picked?! She's going to kill me!" Daisuke plopped onto his hospital bed and sighed as he watched the clock tick.

"Hey, Dai-Chan...Do you mind if I go with you to your therapy session today?" Dark asked the exhausted boy.

"No, I don't mind, today we're painting. You should try it; it helps with keeping your emotions in check, at least according to Emiko." Daisuke explained as he stretched and would look at Dark once in a while.

"I'm going to be the shitty version of Picasso..." Daisuke snorted at Dark's comment.

They both got up and head toward Emiko's office.

=In the Therapy Room=

"Hello Daisuke! Who's this?" Emiko said in her usual bubbly tone.

"Oh! I haven't introduced myself to you, have I? I'm Dark Mousy, nice to meet you!" Dark bowed in respect as Emiko repeated the action.

"I'm Emiko Niwa, call me Emiko if you'd like,"

"Alright, Emiko," Dark said with a smile.

"Would alright if Dark paints with us?" Daisuke asked as he titled his head.

"Oh course! I wouldn't mind if your boyfriend comes! Let's go!" Emiko said with a full on smile as she rushed to the room across her office.

"But, he's not my boyfriend..." Daisuke muttered as Dark ruffled his hair, a blush was spreading throughout his body.

"Ah, Nox-San looks as pretty as always..." Emiko commented in a light voice that made the room all silent and awkward.

It wasn't too late until they started, Daisuke made a flower; it was on a lily pad and it was floating in the water so the white flower had a small reflected rainbow on it.

Emiko painted a stick figure with wild hair; 'Wait is that…Kosuke...?'

Daisuke laughed at the painting earning a glare from Emiko, he then shuttered up until he saw Dark's...

Daisuke couldn't tell what it was but, it was a type of…human being with red hair...wait...red...

'I have red hair...' Daisuke thought as he looked at the image that was skinny as a pencil yet, the hair was a BUNCH of squiggles and lines... Dark was finger painting...

Daisuke fell off of his chair and cried in laughter earning weird looks from Emiko and Dark. Emiko then looked at Dark's painting and fell out her chair and like Daisuke; she was crying too. Dark pouted and grabbed a white sheet to cover up his "master piece".

"Picasso must've gone through this stage too..." Dark said out loud and heard more laughs come from the auburn and red heads.

"Shut Up!" Dark yelled while blushing; today was not his day...


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