Title: Eyes

Word Count: 100

Era: Pre-prequels

When Cosinga Palpatine beheld his eldest son for the first time, he was startled by the serious eyes studying him in return.

Sickly yellow, they gleamed in the washed-out lighting of the medical center.

Jaundice, they told him, briskly whipping the small shape away on a bassinet. Many human infants encounter it. It will dissipate with time.

Puzzled, they brought the creature back to him days later, apologizing: Not jaundice; he's healthy.

The eyes still glowed.

True, with time, the gaze cooled to a frigid pale blue – following his every step – but the amber truth lingered endlessly in his nightmares.

This is a place for me to put all my little drabbles and plot bunnies about Palpatine and Friends that aren't long enough for one-shots. It's also a chance to be creative. Enjoy!