Title: Shadow of Death

Word Count: 100

Era: Pre-Prequel

On Sojourn, the two sit together before a massive transparisteel window, gazing in at the creature writhing on the floor.

Palpatine is fascinated. "Do the symptoms come all at once, Master, or is it progressive?"

Plagueis turns a keen eye on his young apprentice. "Progressive and water-borne, Lord Sidious, and considered to be completely fatal to any species that encounters it. Candoria certainly supports that hypothesis."

Palpatine continues to stare into the sealed room long after Plagueis moves on and the body stops moving, and he muses softly, "Can you imagine the potential of this virus if it were airborne?"


Title: Rumors

Word Count: 100

Era: AU Prequel

When the Jedi reject the boy – he's too old, the green wretch insists– his efforts pay off easily. The Holonet and his adoring public follow the story with enthusiasm.

Did you hear?

The Supreme Chancellor adopted that little orphan boy who saved Naboo!

He's an orphan? They thought he had a mother, at least.

Who really cares? He singlehandedly saved the queen!

He was nowhere near the queen on Naboo, some argue, but nobody is entirely serious, and the general consensus is admiration for their leader, sacrificing his own time and money to help a poor, pitiful Outer Rim child.


Title: Sink or Swim

Word Count: 100

Era: AU Pre-Prequel

"Master?" he asks, his pale blue eyes fixed on the cold shadow of his guide.

"You've been neglecting your exercises again, boy," comes the answering growl.

A shifting of small, booted feet. "I've been… I've seen things."

"Have you?" He presses the child closer to the cavernous gap in the icy chamber.


"And have you seen this?" Without ceremony, the master tosses the fragile body over the edge, watches it plunge under the icy surface and waits.

The eyes are golden when he resurfaces, shiny with hatred and determination.

This one will make a fine Sith, if he survives.


I enjoy writing drabble challenges. They give me a chance to temporarily ward off plot bunnies. ;) Restricting a story to 100 words is difficult but entertaining. The first references the Blue Shadow Virus revealed during the Clone Wars. The second is an AU, which we will see much more of before too long. :) The third one is AU, but maybe not, since Disney made the Darth Plagueis novel non-canon…*growl* At least it gives me the opportunity to play around with Palpatine's past.