Chapter 2

Ty P.O.V.

They loaded me up into an ambulance were they kept telling me to calm down. How the hell could they tell me to calm down. I just saw my best friend on the ground and they wanted me to calm down!

"LET ME GO NOW! I WANT TO BE WITH DEUCE!" I kept crying out

"sir please calm down or we'll sedate you" the female paramedic said


"ok get out the sedatives." she said

I started juking around trying to avoid the needle. But I failed. They stuck me in my right arm with the needle and I slowly started to fall asleep. I try desperately to stay awake.


(Travel skip Chicago General Hospital)

I slowly opened my eyes only to find my self in a small white room. It smelled weird and I really felt uncomfortable. I then saw I was hooked up to an I.v.e unit. The more I started moving around the more I started to felt so much pain. My ribs hurt like a bitch. Then It just came back to me. Every horrible part of this day came back to me. I'll I wanted to know is. Wheres deuce?

"ahh damn it!" I said from the pain in my chest.

"oh my god Ty! Your awake!"

I turn to see rocky sitting down in a chair next to me. Her eyes were blood shot red. She had looked like she's been crying for days.

"r-rocky wh-what happened? Wh-wheres deuce" I asked

Her breathing shanked when I said deuce. She looked like she was about to cry again. She held it in and started talking.

"um you guys were driving threw a green light when a drunk driver ran a red light. He rammed into the passenger side. Your car went upside down and the other car slammed into a tree. The drunk guy died instantly." she said tears rolling down here cheek.

"ok but b-but what happened to deuce?" I asked again

She closed her eyes and covered her mouth. Tears kept running down her face and she was hyperventilating.

"rocky?" I said widening my eyes

"um deuce um deuce" rocky said trying to get it out

"ROCKY!" I yelled

"HE DIDNT MAKE IT!" rocky cried out.

All the pain I was feeling was nothing. Not Compared to the feeling of losing deuce. I couldn't feel anything anymore. Like a part of me just died. I could feel tears coming down my face but I still had a blank expression on my face.

"t-t-Ty ?" I heard rocky say

"no no your lying!" I said

"what? Ty why would I lie about something like that?"

"I don't know but I know you are! You half to be" I said in denial. But I knew she wasn't lying.

"Ty I -" rocky began

"it's my fault. Its all my fault!" I said covering my eyes with my hands

"no it not its the drunk bastards fault not yours."

"if you were me you wouldnt think that" I said

"do you wana know deuces last words?"

"w-what?" I said shocked.

"deuces parents told me what his last words where and they told my to make sure you heard them." rocks said

"w-what were they?"

"they were...I'm sorry I broke my promise" rocky stated

My eyes grew wide. Deuce still remembered the promise we made to eachother.

(Flashback/Chicago park/Ty Age 6/Deuce Age5)

"hey what's wrong raccoon face you Gona cry like a little baby? Huh?" an whole bunch of kid said makeing fun of deuce eye brows

"n-no leave me alone" a teary eyed five year old deuce said

"Oh I know I hererd raccoons love garbage! Let's throw him in the garbage can!" a random kid suggested

"huh? What? No!" deuce said in terror.

"Ya let's get him!"

Soon a mob of kid started chasing deuce. Deuce tried to run as fast as he could but he was short for his age. Soon he tripped and fell scraping his knee

"OW... Please stop leave me alone please!"

" trash can trash can trash can!" the mob of kid kept chanting

The were getting closer to deuce and were about to grab him. Then someone said.

"STOP! LEAVE HIM ALONE!" a small Ty blue yelled.

"oh no its ty blue. Let's get out of here!" a random boy said

Soon the mob scatters and soon Ty and deuce were the only ones left there. Ty knelt down and said

"are you ok?" Ty asked

"n-no my knee hurt." deuce answered.

"Oh I know how to take care of a booboo" Ty said smiling

Ty took out a bandaid and covered deuces scrap. Then he kiss His knee.

"dare all better? My mommy says to make a booboo go away you put a bandaid on it then kiss the booboo." Ty said with a smile

"Y-ya it feel much bedder" deuce said

"so how come they were chasing you?" Ty asked

"well they were gana throw me in da garbage cause they said I look like a raccoon." deuce said with a sad face.

"ha ha hey there right you do look like a raccoon!" Ty laughed

Deuce just sat there with a sad look on his face.

"but thats ok I like raccoon I think there cute" Ty stated

"huh really!" deuce said with smile on his face.

"ya! hey I have an idea! You and I can be best friends!" Ty said with a smile.

"really with me?" deuce said confused

"ya! Here pinky swear. I Promise we'll be best friends and i will protect you and you'll be next to me forever and ever." Ty proclaimed

With out hesitation deuce lock his pinky with Ty's and said

"I promise forever and ever!"

(End Of Flash Back"

"deuce why did you apologize. I'm the one who broke my promise to you. I'm so sorry... So sorry"

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