Chapter 7

(two days later)

I was on my way to met deuce by my locker to see if he wanted to go to a party Gina was throwing. I know what your thinking."but Ty you love deuce not Gina. Dump her ass" well to tell you the truth I like Gina. Not the same way I feel about deuce. That's completely different. I mean she's more of a friend that I happen to go out with. I know it's not fair to her but well? Deuce has Dina so? I don't know, leave me alone! I see deuce leaning his back on my locker looking at the sealing, thinking real hard.

"uh hey deuce you wana go to a party at Gina's on Friday?"I asked

"huh? Oh ya ya sure" deuce said still thinking.

"um dude? You ok ? what are you thinking about so hard?"I asked

"just what to do with my life. I mean realistically I can't be a con-artist for the rest of my life. Ms jones can only bail me out of jail so many times. And I mean I'm not good at much."

"hey that's not true your-your-um?" I said thinking

"see you can't think of anything ether! Your lucky you know what you wana do. And so do rocky and cece. Everyone does but me!" he said raising his voice

"ok-ok calm down well figure something out."

He exhaled and we started walking to our next class. As we walked I noticed a the Bulletin bored. It had a bunch of flyers for activities and classes. One stood out. It was a colorful flyer that had in big bold letters "free acting classes. Novice to expert in months." I then thought this would be perfect for deuce!

"hey wait. Here" I said while taring off the flyer and handing it to deuce.

"acting classes?" he questioned.

"yea this could be your talent! And who knows you could be the next big thing!" I said excitedly

"eh well it's worth a shot." he said still unsure."

(Timeskip friday night 8:00pm)

Deuce And I were headed to Gina's party. Dina was at Gina's house so she could help her set up her house. On our way I asked deuce about his acting classes he's been taking.

"so deuce how's the acting lessons goin?"

"oh dude its totally awesome! My teacher says I'm a natural!" he said smiling

"wow and you've only been going for two days. That's pretty impressive."

"ya he even wants me to apply to a professional acting school, but I don't think I'm gana apply. It's all the way in-"

"dude! That's amazing you have to apply!" I said be before he could finish.

"but it all the way in-"

"who cares! Promise me you'll apply!" I said exitedly


"promise me!" I said with a stern face

"o-ok I promise I'll apply" he said with a smile.

(At the party)

We had arrived at Gina's place. It was packed. It looked like one of those clubs you see on the jersey shore. It was so bad I got separated from deuce. I assumed he went to go and find Dina. So I decided to go find Gina.

(Two hours later)

After two hours I finally found Gina.

"HEY GINA!" I yelled because it was the only way she could hear me

"H-HEY T-TY HOW'S IT GOIN?" she said looking kinda nervous


"YA WELL I TRY!" she said smiling



"HUH?" I said

Then I realized what she was pointing at. Well rather who she was pointing at. It was deuce on top of a table, shirtless swinging his shirt around yelling out "IM KING OF THE WORLD." I maneuver threw the crowed over to deuce and yell out.


"NOTHIN JUST P-PUNCH HAHAAH!" deuce yelled out laughing

I went over to the punch boll and tastes it. Someone had spiked it with alcohol! God knows how many glasses of punch he had.



I grabbed on to his waist and picked him up and set him down on the ground. After that I lead him through the crowd and brought him outside.

"hehe woo wow my legs stop working heheh hahahah" deuce said falling to the floor laughing uncontrollably.

"ok deuce up you go" I said while lifting him on my back piggy back style.

"he wow mister you sure are strong hehe"

"deuce it me Ty" I said

"no your not...but now that you mention it you look exactly like Ty hehehee"

I just ignored him because there's no use talking to someone when the drunk. I started to feel something moist on my ear. Then I realized what it was. Deuce was sucking on my ear.

"mmm yummy yummy yummy hehehe" deuce said while he still had my ear in his mouth.

I decide not to say anything. I mean it's not like he'll remember this tomorrow. And plus it kinda felt...well good. I decided to bring him to my place to crash on my bed because if I had tookin him to his place his folk would've gotin super pissed. So i figured it was the right call.

(Ty's room 10:57pm)

Rocky and my parents were all asleep by the time we got back. Deuce had fallen asleep on my back so I just tiptoed towards my room. I walked in and I gently laid deuce on my bed. I then pulled out my phone and decided to call deuces folks.

"hello?" answers deuces mother

"hey missis Martinez."

"oh hello Ty how are you and deuce?" she asked

"oh I'm we'll thats what I'm calling about. You see-" I started

"oh no what happened now? Are you two ok!" she said starting to panic

"oh no no we're fine. We left the party early and decided to come back to my place. But the he feel asleep. So do you want me to wake him or?"

"oh no if he's at your house then that's fine. Thank you for calling. Oh! and thank you for getting him to do those acting classes. The last time I saw him this excited was was well? Was when he meet you come to think of it." she said

"oh well always to help out my best friend. Well I have to go I'm getting tired my self."

"ok then goodnight dear."

"good night misses Martinez."

After that I covers deuce up with a blanket. Then I was about to leave when deuce jumped up and grabbed my hand

"don't go. Can you stay here?" deuce said quietly

"um ok scoot over I guess." I said puzzled

Deuce scooted over real fast. Like he was anxious.

I sat down on the bed and deuce started giggling.


"what?what so funny?"

"oh n-nothing" deuce said still giggling

"oh come on tell me"

"oh um I have a crush on some one" he said smiling.

"oh really who?" I said kinda bummed that it's another girl.

"ya promise you won't tell Ty hehehe"

Oh oh god he's in love with Gina. Well you know what he can! Well? He can pretty have here. Oh god that sounded terrible.

"ok I won't tell him" I said playing along

"ok I heh it's...his name is Ty blue heheh"he said gigling

My eyes grew wide. Wider then wide. Did deuce like me that way?

"what! O crap" I heard someone say.

I also heard a thump.I got up and walked over to the door and saw rocky on the floor.

"what the hell rocky? Were you spying on me?" I asked her

"no I was just listening without you knowing. Rocky said getting up and crossing her arms

"well how much did you hear?" I asked.

"all of it. Wow I can't believe deuce likes you! How are you going to let him down?" rocky asked

"um well I you see-" I said trying to come up with something

"huuuuuuh u like him too!" rocky said smiling

"oh well?"

"omg how long have you liked him?" she asked

"um well I guess I always have but ever since the car crash I realized it"
I confessed

"well you have to tell him. Oh and you have to break up with Gina"

"wait why do i have to break up with Gina?" I asked

"Ty come on its not fair to her"

"but...I ya ya your right. I'll do it I'll do it" I agreed

"ok now I'm tired good night" she said

She gave me a hug and went off to bed. I went to do the same. When I went back to my room only to find deuce asleep. I smiled and crawled into bed next to him. I can't believe he likes me too. Or does he? I mean he is wasted. I don't know what to think. I kept contemplating these thoughts as I quick fell asleep.

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