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The fox,the Valkyrie and the king

Chapter 1

A storm rages over a battle field body's and weapons line the ground as the rain came chasing down 3 warriors slowly walked to middle of the field.

The 1st wear a silver arm with birds father (think lighting armour from final fantasy XIII-2 with aqua helmet) the next one to walk by her was a man wearing an orange armour (think van from KH armour but orange with fox like ear on the helmet) they look around and saw their leader walking their way.

Their leader wear a golden armour with big crown (think terra armour from KH but with a crown on the helmet) the leader walk to the two warriors and nodded as all tree look in front of them. Walking toward them was a man about 5 foot 12 with silver-white hair that go down to his neck his eyes was blood red with a golden lining he was wearing a black armour (think archer from fate/zero) in his hand he was holding a long black sword with a eye in the middle (think ichigo sword but with an eye) the leader of the warriors summon 2 swords both jet-black with the Japanese character for light on them and started to run at the man the other two warriors summon their swords (just think lighting sword from FF13-2 because I can't think of any more swords).

"Their battle scar time itself but they never knew that someday they fight will be replayed in are times" said a young woman voice.

"My name is Claire Farron and am the reincarnation of the warrior Valkyrie from the past time war my friend Naruto Uzumaki is the reincarnation of the fox knight of the past world this is our story of how our life change forever when we meet him it all start 2 years after I came back from Valhalla and Naruto came back from his world"


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