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If you are lost on the story, here's how everything began. When cocoon fell, Naruto, Sasuke, Vanille and Fang became the crystal pillars. Naruto and Sasuke got send home from within the pillar. When Sarah and Noel was looking for Lighting, they somehow ended up in Naruto world. However they managed to connect to their world from through a time paradox. Sarah and Noel helped Naruto with the time paradox since it eating away at his world, but to close the time paradox Sasuke had to lock it from within. However this would cause Naruto to be sent back to the pillar. He awake soon after the time line was fixed. When Sarah fixed the timeline she set upon finding Naruto with Lighting. when She found him she also found Fang and Vanille as well as a 3 year old child in her arms outside the pillars. That what happen before my fan-fiction. The poll still up and if your wondering how Naruto and Sasuke ended up on cocoon, there will be flash backs in later chapter.