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Capitol Planet

Dick's POV

Ever since I saw the other contestants at the ceremony, I knew that I at least needed some information on each and every one of them to have a chance in this game. And what better way to get that info than watch them all train!

That's pretty much the only reason why I was glad to be in a room filled with people who look like they want to stomp my skull into the ground. Seriously, people were glaring at me so hard, I'm pretty sure they thought that if they tried hard enough lasers would shoot out of their eyes and kill me on the spot.

I mean, I could handle it! It's not like it's the Batglare, but when 22 people are giving you the death stare, you tend to get a bit creeped out. So I was not as traught as I'd like to be.

Actually, the only person who wasn't glaring at me was the little girl that stowed away on the ship. What was her name again? Lola?...Lilly?...Lilith! Yeah that was it. She was the 9 year old that had to take her brother's place in representing district 13. I still think that was a sick think to do on Narko's part. I tried to keep an eye on her as much as possible. That wasn't really a problem since every time she thought I wasn't looking, she would steadily get closer to me.

Nothing really happened after the ceremony. All of the chariots went back into the tunnel to meet up with their stylists and trainers. Merica was the first to greet me. She gave me a big hug and told me I did a great job.

Targo patted me on the back and said, and I quote, "Not dead yet I see. Crap, I thought this would be over sooner. I guess this could be a good thing though. Dammit, Narko, where's the suite, I'm too sober for this!" and then he stumbled off.

Narko just went on and on about how I gave a fantastic performance but now there was still a lot to be done and blah blah blah, I zoned out. Then he took my arm and dragged me back to the hotel suite.

This morning Narko gave me a training outfit. It kind of reminded me of my work out clothes. The only differences were the colors being grey and orange instead of blue, white, and black; and the shirt being a tight t-shirt instead of a leotard. I dressed after having another enjoyable (and by that I mean headache inducing) breakfast with Targo and Narko and then Narko handed me over to a group of people who took me to the training area.

So now I was stuck in a room filled with various stations and people dressed in the exact same outfits as me who are also waiting for the instructors to come in.

Finally, about half an hour later, the instructors came in. There were about 35 of them, but two really stood out. One was a man, the other a woman. Both had dark green skin with short brown hair and black eyes. They had this tough military vibe and I got this "do exactly as we say and you won't get hurt", feeling about them.

The ones behind the 2 started to disperse, some to a station and others just stood near a wall with their backs as straight as rods like prison guards.

When the military man and woman stood directly in front of us there was no one left behind them. They just stood there for the longest time sizing us up one by one. All we did was stare back.

The awkward, uncomfortable and tension filled silence was broken by the woman in a voice that made everyone jump.

"What the hell are you standing there for?! Get in a freakin' line NOW!"

Everyone scrambled off in confusion as they heard the man say in the background, "In order by districts, dammit! GO GO GO GO GO!"

It wasn't hard to find my spot in line since I was last, so I watched others bump into people and looking at the back of their shirts where our district numbers were sewn in.

After some time everyone was in line with the two instructors glaring at the person that got in their spot last.

"You're all too slow," the man barked, "that's what gets you killed out there."

The woman looked us over again and said, "My name is Annik."

"My name is Shrock." the man followed, "We don't need to ask your name because-"

"Most of you will be dead in a few days." Annik interrupted.

An eerie silence descended upon everyone. Some started to shake. I was fine, but the thing was, she was looking directly at me when she said it.

After the "lovely" introduction Annik and Shrock took turns explaining what would happen in the next 3 days.

There were many different stations in the room and each station had an expert in that specific skill. During the course of the 3 days we were allowed to travel from station to station as we pleased while following our trainer's instructions given beforehand. In the area you choose you could either learn survival skills or fighting techniques.

The extra people standing near the walls were assistants always on hand to spar with someone if they wish to practice with a partner. However, we are forbidden to engage in combat with another tribute. Doing so would lead to consequences that I know would not be worth the risk by the way Annik purred out the word.

After Shrock and Annik named off the stations, they released us to find places to start at.

This morning during breakfast Targo (surprisingly sober but definitely hung over) said that I was not allowed to show my skills to the other tributes. So I have to avoid stations that involve my skills.

Unfortunately, Targo and everyone else knows me as Dick Grayson, ward of billionaire Bruce Wayne and was raised in a circus. When Targo asked me what skills I had I said acrobatics and throwing knives (I couldn't exactly say birdarangs, now could I?). Both totally passed off as something related to the circus, so that would keep my identity safe. I would use Robin's skills in the actual arena, but right now there were too many people around.

And just to be on the safe side, I avoided hand to hand combat too. If Targo questions me on it later I'll just say that Bruce signed me up for a couple self-defense classes.

The stations where I mainly hung out at were survival skills. There were more than a handful of times where I didn't have my utility belt and of course Batman trained me how to survive without it, but the more tricks you know, the better!

The second day was the same as the first. We ate breakfast at our suites, trained, ate lunch at the training area, and then continued training until you went back to your suite to eat dinner and rest. Some Gamemakers came in to watch us for a bit. I felt a few eyes on me. Our trainers were there to talk to them and to get them on our good side for when they cast our score's on T.V.

This training was not just for the arena. On the third day tributes would have private sessions with the Gamemakers to show off their skills. The Gamemakers would rate you on a scale of 1 to 12 and then broadcast it on live television. The larger your number, the better you did. The better you did, the more sponsors take an interest in you.

This could literally make or break you.

Actually I'd have to say (even though it physically hurts) that it looked like Targo was doing a good job at it.

While Targo was doing that I was studying the other tributes.

It seemed the districts that had lower numbers were the wealthiest and also the strongest.

What actually shocked me was how some of these tributes reminded me of my teammates.

A girl in district 6 reminded me of M'gann. She was a really confusing person. She would help the littler kids out and encourage them, making her seem like a sweet person. But when one of the older tributes starts to pick on the younger ones or start to vandalize a station someone else was at, she would turn into such a terrifying woman. And whenever she was focused on her own skills at a station, she would go stony faced. This let me know she could be helpful and caring, but at the same time she knows when it's time to get serious.

A boy in district 5 acted a lot like Connor. He had brute strength and sometimes didn't even notice he was showing it off. His downside was his temper. Whenever another tribute tried to start a fight, he would come so close to crushing that person. However, every time he comes close to doing so, an assistant would come over and calm him down. He seemed to have a sweet spot for the girl in district 6. I also saw the girl sneak in a few glances at him.

Another girl in district 4 was a lot like Artemis. She was great with a bow and arrow. Whenever someone insulted or questioned her ability, she would throw right back with an aggressive or witty remark. She would confront any station with confidence while giving off this kill or be killed aura. When I looked closer I could see this protective bubble she put herself in since she tried to keep to herself. Although she did seem to bicker with two guys in particular.

One of those guys was from district 3 and he had a cloned personality of Roy. He was also skilled with a bow and arrow. He had a very fiery and short-temper. He also kept to himself but even with that, he always managed to get in a fight. He didn't like to be called a lot of things. A sacrifice was one of them. He often got in challenges with the girl from district 4 even though he states she isn't worth his time. Another guy also tended to annoy him.

The district 2 tribute was definitely like Kaldur. He was always calm and cool-headed. He was the voice of reason when fights started to break out. He talked to anyone with respect and always thought things through before taking action. He was a naturally born leader from what I could tell and already he had some people following him.

The last boy is what pained me the most. District 1's tribute reminded me too much of Wally. He was, without a doubt, fast and agile. He was also a bit cocky. He would joke around despite being in this serious situation and he would flirt with some of the girl tributes. Specifically district 6 and 4, but after district 4 shot him down he just picked on her and they bickered. He also enjoyed annoying district 3 and somewhat of district 5. He was also a science nerd and proved that many times while in some survival skills stations. However, just like in district 6, he knew when to get serious.

It pained me to see these people knowing they have to kill me and I…..have to kill them.

The third day started off the same as the others, but at lunch was when people started their private sessions with the Gamemakers.

Since I was representing the last district, I was the last to go. Talk about nerve racking.

I kept my cool though and looked overly confident with myself. I received a couple glares with that, but it was no problem.

Finally after seeing 23 people go into the training room for an hour, a robot voice called my district number to walk inside the training room for my session.

I stood up and took a deep breath. This was no time to get overwhelmed. It was time to get just whelmed.

When I walked in the room I saw a both high up on one wall looking over the entire training area. Inside the both were the Gamemakers and what I was already suspecting was correct. The Gamemakers were completely bored and not even paying attention anymore.

I stood in front of the booth for about 5 minutes waiting for them to stop chatting and look at me.

Finally, I just cleared my throat loudly. That did the trick. All conversations stopped and I had 20 or so men and women's eyes on me. Some gave me a look saying I was the rude one, but it didn't matter as long as I had their attention.

"Dick Grayson representing district 24." I said loud and clear.

I got a few nods from people so I took that as a sign to start.

I looked around the room for the things I needed. I've already planned out what I was going to show them, I just needed to make sure everything was in its place.

There was a different type of rock wall on one of the sides of the room. However, instead of artificial rocks and gouges, there were bars sticking out. The bars were randomly placed but spread out from each other, the shortest distance being about 2 meters apart. The object of it was to climb up using acrobatics, ring a bell, and then come back down.

Right across from the rock wall was the target area for long distance weapons. Five targets were lined up.

My plan was to combine the 2 stations.

I looked at the rack of weapons displayed to me and took a belt that had 12 throwing knives attached to it.

I clipped the belt on and walked halfway to the rock wall.

I stood still for a minute.

Then I took off running and fell into a round off back hand-spring layout. When I knew I was close to the wall, I did a back tuck and latched onto one of the bars.

With the momentum I gained, I quickly spun onto the next bar I could reach. I continued zig-zagging across the wall going up and then back down with flips, tucks, twists, and spins.

When I could see the first out of the five targets across the room come into my side view. I took out one of the knives and threw it.

It hit dead center.

I heard a few claps coming from the booth.

I did the same thing with the next 3 targets and gained the same results. Now I just had one more.

My body was starting to sweat as I was gaining on the last target. The bars were also becoming more spread out, but I kept pushing through.

The last target was in my sight and my hand was on the knife. I took aim and was about to throw,…..

But my hand slipped from one of the bars.

I stumbled while throwing the knife causing it to go past the target.

I heard the disappointed groans of the Gamemakers as they saw me miss the target and slip off the next bar.

As I was falling, I did my quadruple flip and landed on the ground with the perfect dismount.

I quickly looked over to the Gamemakers to see if that made up for the last target only to find 3 lightly clapping and the rest ignoring me for the food being carted in.

I saw red. I became furious. This was a chance to save my life, to go home safely, and they couldn't find the decency to pay attention. Apparently a roasted pig was more important than my life.

With a scowl on my face I gave them the Batglare. It didn't get the effect I wanted because they were still not looking at me, but I saw a few shiver. That wasn't enough though.

I couldn't do anything now. It's not like I could go up and talk to them about it. I'm pretty sure they were in a booth high on the wall for a reason.

I turned around to go, but then a saw a bare wall across the room from the booth. I felt for the eight remaining knives on the belt and looked back at the Gamemakers and saw eight bottles of champagne being brought in. I had an idea.

With all the speed I've ever known to have (thank you Uncle Barry and Wally!), I ran across the room and up the wall. When I was eye level with the booth, I pushed off the wall, did my flips, and threw the eight knives at the booth.

Each one hit a champagne bottle.

I heard some surprised screams as I landed. While walking back to the booth I gave a smirk to their speechless faces.

"I hope you're feeling the aster now."

I turned around and walked out with my signature cackle echoing around the room.

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