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I rolled over in bed, My braid flipping back and forth as I tossed and turned. Soon my Alarm clock went off and I opened my blue eyes, the sun shone through the window and I saw the picture of my Dad holding me in his arms when I was a baby on my nightstand. It's been 8 years since my parents Split. Well They are still married but They had to move apart. I live in Devon, Alberta (that's in Canada!) with my Mother Quinn. Dad still lives in England because of his job, I havent seen him since I was 8 years old. But Im going to stay with him this summer, tomorrow Im going to England for two months. My name is Shiloh Mairi Evans, I was born on June 11th. I'm Epileptic and I have memory issues. "Shi! Breakfast!" my mother calls, I get up and walk down to the kitchen. "Morning Mom." I say walking down the stairs in my Snoopy pyjamas. "good morning Shi." Mom says giving me a hug. "Im all packed." I say hugging her back, it's hard to believe that im seeing my father Sam Evans for the first time in 8 years tomorrow. " Emily is sick today so You have to work until 9 tonight at the Restaurant." Mom says handing me my breakfast. I work at Florida Pizza as a Waitress, my best friend Claire's family owns the restaurant. I've worked there for about 2 years now. "Okay, I'll get ready soon for work" I say finishing my cereal. Afterwards I head back up to my room and get changed into a green T-shirt that said 'kiss me im Irish" and skinny jeans. At the restaurant there is no uniform just an apron and a nametag uniform wise. Soon Im ready and I grab my bag containing my laptop, cellphone and wallet. "I'll see you after work Mom, I'll say hi to Clara and Robert for you." I say closing the door and setting off for work.

It's a 25 minute walk to work from my house on imperial court. I put my headphones in and walk to the Chevon Gas station to grab a snack for along the way. Soon I arrive at Florida pizza and I head to the kitchen. "Morning Claire!" I say hugging my best friend and then getting my nametag on. "Morning Shi, Are you excited for tomorrow?" She asks. " yup!" I beamed heading out to the dining area. "Morning Miss Shiloh!" a little voice says clinging to my leg. I look down, and see Charlie smiling at me. "Hey Kiddo! Im gonna miss you went go away for the summer" I say picking her up. Charlie or Charlotte is Claire's little sister and our "Kid" specialist. "Promise me you wont leave today?" Charlie asks, I shake my head "Im sorry charlie but My Daddy misses me." I say picking her up and putting her on my back. "Wanna help me wait on tables?" I smile, Charlie beams "Yeah!" So Charlie and I worked together to wait tables until Clara came to collect her energetic 4 year old to put her down for bed.

"See ya Shiloh, I'll miss ya. Skype me will ya?" Claire says as her dad drives me home from work. "I will Claire, don't you worry! Besides I'll be like 7 hours ahead of you." I said giving her a hug and getting out. I waved good bye to them and unlocked the front door, entering I saw my mom watching a sappy movie, I think it's the notebook. "Hey. They threw me a going away party. i got a cupcake that Claire made and Charlie decorated. " I say putting my bag down. "That's good, you packed for your Dad's tomorrow?" She asked as I went into our kitchen to take my anti seizure meds. "Yeah, what was dad like anyway?" I say taking a seat beside her on the couch. "Your father was a gentlemen, which is what your grandparents raised him to be. He was very sweet, talked in a adorable British accent, and he loved you very much. He had a hard time letting you go as you got older, and when it came down to our decision about where you would live we came up with our current arrangement. I raise you here until you were 16, then you would go see your Dad." Mom said wrapping and arm around me.

"Good night mom, I'll see you in the morning I guess." I say hugging her before I headed upstairs to my room. I opened up my laptop and saw that My boyfriend Jett was on Skype.
I video called him, and he smirked when he saw me.
"Hey Shi."
"Hey Jett"
"You ready for England?"
"Yeah, wish I could sneak you in my suitcase."
"Me too, it's going to be extremely boring without me eh?"
"It will be, eh."
"Don't let those Brits take away your pretty Canadian accent of yours."
"I won't. I love you."
"I love you more."
"I love you most."

After we finished talking, I plugged my laptop in and went to sleep.

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