This is filled with Fabevans and yes I added some good luck Charlie and big bang theory references :P

"Shiloh, wake up... Shiloh... SHILOH!" Sam was trying to wake up Shiloh, he swore the girl could sleep through anything. "Shiloh, Jaden broke your skateboard." he's said and saw Shiloh's ocean blue eyes open as she shot up in bed. "WHAT?" she exclaimed, Sam chuckled at her reaction. " I'm kidding, today is the carnival and we decided you needed a change of scenery. " Shiloh grinned and got out of bed " can I wear what ever I want?" she asked hoping her grandmother intended not to make Her wear fancy clothing. "yes but be appropriate" Sam replied as the teenager jumped onto his back.

It was now August and the teenage princess had officially moved into the palace. she was registered. to start classes at the high school where her father attended. She was still with Jett and started to remember who she was before the accident/seizure. Queen Mary had became more of a gentle grandmother than the queen of the commonwealth to her grand daughters.

Shiloh got off of her dad's back and slid down the railing to the bottom of the staircase. "Morning Gran!" she grinned as Mary chuckled at her oldest Grandchild's antics. " morning Shiloh, did you sleep well?" she asked as Shiloh hugged her. "kinda, I'm still having nightmares about the accident. Jett crawled into bed with me to keep the bad dreams away" Shiloh said as the queen kissed the young teenage princess on the cheek. "We surely hope your dreams and sleep will improve. Any Auras lately?" she asked as Shiloh pulled away. "just a few severe ones, no major seizures so far. " she reported to Mary, as they walked to the living room together. "hey guys!" Shiloh greeted her family, Jett kissed her on the cheek. "morning beautiful, how are you feeling?" he asked as he held her tightly in a hug. "Better now that my prince is here." she smiled. "ah young love." Quinn smiled as Sam wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "remember when we were in College?" he asked her. "do I ever" Quinn laughed. Shiloh smiled at her family, they all seemed happy to be reunited with the Crown princess Quinn and princess Shiloh. Brittany hugged her niece, Shiloh smiled at her aunt. "hey aunt britt" she grinned. " hey Shi, How are you?" Brittany said as Shiloh pulled away. "good, tired." she replied, her pink hair in her face. "Shiloh, we are leaving tomorrow for our royal tour of the commonwealth. So pack your luggage, you too Jett. " Sam said to the pink streaked girl and the blue streaked boy. "let's go kids!" king dwright said to his children, son and daughter in law, and his wife. " whoo hoo" Shiloh, Jett and Jaden grinned.

The teenagers packed small backpacks for the park. Shiloh packed her Ipad 3, a water bottle and her cell phone along with her wallet. "I'm ready! Bazinga. " she grinned, As they all got into separate vehicles. Sam, shiloh, Jett, and Quinn in Sam's SUV. Brittany, Artie, and Jaden in Brittany's car. Stevie, mary, Stacie, and Dwright in Stacie's car. They all arrived at the SuperAdventureLand amusement park, Shiloh smiled widely. Sam went to the ticket booth, "11 bracelets please." he said taking out his bank card. The girl in the booth took his card and put the bracelets on everyone's arms. The girl gave Sam's card back and the kids took off running. " to the roller coaster! " Shiloh said as the adults and kids went to the roller croaster. they all boarded it and went with their either love or an adult. Stacie rode with her youngest niece, Stevie was alone, Shiloh with Jett, Sam with Quinn, Dwright with Mary, and Artie with Brittany. Shiloh loved the roller croaster, she was laughing and enjoying herself. Sam kissed Quinn as the went up on a hill, they looked at each other. "crown prince Samuel Evans, I Crown Princess Quinn Rosalie Evans love you with my heart. I gave you an heir, a beautiful 16 year old daughter who loves you." Quinn said as Sam did the move (wrapped his arm around shoulder) . "I, Crown Prince Samuel Dwright Evans of England love you Crown Princess Quinn Evans of England. You gave me a beautiful daughter, who is like you. you are my Farm girl, who I met in university. You are the perfect girl for me. " he said to his wife, as she kissed his cheek.

Jett smiled at his girlfriend who was enjoying the ride. "I, Princess Shiloh Mairi Evans of England love you Jetterson Christopher Hudson." she said as she laid her head on his the roller croaster, all of the teens along with Stevie and Stacie went on the swings while the adults went on the ferris wheel. Sam and Quinn were kissing when they reached the top of the ferris wheel. "baby Night let's leave the world behind, and spend some time on cloud number 9" Sam sang to Quinn. She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder. "you are the best thing that's ever been mine." she said nibbling on his ear, Sam grinned " Lor menari" he had told her that in the first class they were in together. Human biology. She wanted to be a neurologist and he wanted to disguise himself. "awh Sam. I love your ocean blue eyes, they make me giggle like a little girl. " Quinn said as they got off, Shiloh and the others were there waiting for them.

"enjoy your ride Lovebirds?" Stacie laughed. "oh be quiet Stace, we all know that you would be Snogging Harry on there." Brittany said to her younger sister. Stacie stuck her tongue out until she noticed their parents getting off. "well I haven't done anything this fun since we were young Dwright." Mary grinned for the first time in a while.

They all returned back to the palace later on that day and spent the rest of the day watching movies.