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Also Shiloh's face is Avril Lavigne, with pink streaks and Jett's face is Josh Ramsay with blue streaks. I'll post who every one's faces are in the next chapter.


"Shiloh! Don't skateboard in the palace" princess Jaden said to her older rebellious cousin. Shiloh rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out. The older princess wore a pair of pink aviator sunglasses, a white tank top with black sweatpants and pink skateboarding sneakers. The pink streaked rebel stuck her hair up in ponytail and fixed her nose ring. "Why not dear Jade?" She smirked at the 15 year old princess. Soon Jaden's eyes widened as Jett entered looking all fancy. "What now?" Shiloh snapped at her boyfriend knowing what his plan was.

Jett began the lesson with Jaden standing beside him.
"Now remember, No nagging, bragging, sweating, fretting, slipping, tripping, Slurping, burping, twittering or frittering allowed. Stay Present, stay pleasant, stay proud." He said before singing "
To be a princess Is to know which spoon to use"
Shiloh smirked and skateboarded around him "What Spoon do I use?"

"To be a princess Is to own a thousand pairs of shoes" He sang to the Rebel skateboarding circles around him. "To maintain a regal gaze Leave the parsley on your plate"

Shiloh took the oppitunity to interrupt him again "What's parsley?"

"And be charming but detached And yet amused, To be a princess Is to never be confused" Jett continued and trying to disregard his girlfriend's comments. But he got a "Im confused!" from the Rebellious teen. "Do a pliƩ and never fall"
"I fell!" Shiloh snickered.

"Don't ever stray from protocol. All through the day, There's just one way You must behave."
"I Don't Behave for anyone." Shiloh retorted.

"Do keep a grip and never crack"
"I cracked!" Shiloh laughed

"Stiff upper lip and arch the back, Bend from above And always wear your gloves

And wave" Jett sang as Jaden demonstrated. "Shoulders back and Tummy in and Pinky out and Lift the chin and Slowly turn the head from side to side" He continued as Shiloh did the opposite of what he had intstructed.

"I see now" Jaden sang trying to help the taller boy beside her.

"Breathing gently, Stepping lightly, Smile brightly, Nod politely, Never show a thing you feel inside

Glide! To be a princess Is to always look your best" Jett Sang as Shiloh stuck her tongue out at him.

"To be a princess Is to never get to rest" Shiloh snored continuing to annoy her instructors.

"Sit for a portrait, never squirm"
Shiloh jumped off the board and danced around "Im squirming!"

"Sleep on a mattress extra firm"
:NO." Shiloh said stopping.

"Speak and be clever, Never at a loss for words"
"B-B-B-B-B-But" Shiloh stuttered

"Curtsy to every count and lord"
"Neverah!" Shiloh laughed.

Learn how to play the harpsichord
"Nope, I know how to play drums, guitar and piano." Shiloh smirked

"Sing lullabies and always harmonize in thirds" Jett sang. "Thirds, thirds" Jett and Jaden sang together before Jett turned to look at a picture of Shiloh on the wall that was taken by Sam. "And She has beautiful eyes, Your spirits rise When she walks in the room" Shiloh lowered her sunglasses and blushed as he sang. Jaden smirked at the older Princess's blushing and sang "I see"

"Doors close, And the chemistry grows. She's like a rose, That's forever in bloom" Jett's voice cracked on the last note making Shiloh snickered.
"Do a pliƩ and don't (Ever ever ever fall)" Jett and Jaden began to sing together. "Never show dismay(And be there when people call) Be prepared whatever royal life will bring Do keep a grip and don't (Ever ever ever crack) Take a dainty sip (Never ever turn your back) There's a time and place and way for everything"

"To be a princess Is to never make your bed"
"Sounds good to me." Shiloh said nodding.

"To be a princess Is to always use your head"
"Nah.." Shiloh said smirking as she skateboarded away.

"Well that went well." Jaden said sighing. "Tell me about it." Jett responded.

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